Alpenfohn Sella 92mm Fan CPU Cooler Review

/ 1 year ago

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  • Wayne

    Although I’ve known about them for some time Alpenfohn doesn’t seem to be a bad brand at all even though I’m yet to come across them. I should make make inquiries and see if I can’t lay my mitts on some.

    • Ryan Martin

      I’m not sure what their regional operation is like. I’ve barely seen them in North America or Asia. I think they mainly have European focus and distributors – probably why their global reach is “limited” at best.

  • Songo Style

    Just few deegres of difference beetwen this small CPU cooler and CNPS10X Optima? ;)

  • marty1408

    The DeepCool 400 FS still seems like a better buy in this segment. It has better mounting, rubber coated silent fan and does give you extra clips for Push pull. All for the same amount of money.