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AMD A10-6790K Released And Available In Retail Stores

/ 3 years ago


AMD released the A10-6790K socket FM2 APU based on 32nm Richland architecture and is available on some retail stores. The new A10-6790K is also a quad-core APU that features the same Radeon HD 8670D GPU part and boasts a 100W TDP rating.

Based on 32nm Richland architecture, the FM2 socket A10-6790K APU also has an unlocked base-clock multiplier and works at 4.0GHz base CPU clock with maximum TurboCore at 4.3GHz. This puts it at 100MHz slower than the A10-6800K and it also only features support for maximum rated DRAM speed of DDR3-1866.

On the other hand, it still features the same Radeon HD 8670D graphics part clocked at 844MHz as well as the same 100W TDP rating. The new A10-6790K should be around 15% cheaper than the A10-6800K and might be quite interesting for those that were looking at A10-6800K but want something that is a bit cheaper.

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