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AMD Catalyst 11.5b Hotfix

/ 6 years ago

AMD have today released a hotfix to their 11.5 drivers in an aim to boost performance and fix a few issues with some games. This is a second hotfix released by AMD, but its nice to know that they are releasing this minor update inbetween 11.5 and 11.6 to keep everything running smoothly.

The new hotfix includes the following:

  • Includes performance optimizations and resolves various quality issues for the upcoming release of Brink™
  • Resolves transcoding video lagging issues seen when converting multiple H.264 clips to MPEG2 Blu-ray video
  • Resolves the intermittent mouse cursor lag issue seen by some users
  • Resolves intermittent flickering issues seen in the following applications in a system using an AMD Radeon™ HD 6000 series graphics card with DDR3 memory and running in DirectX® 9 mode:
  • Civilization 5
  • Dead Rising 2
  • Fallout 3
  • Mafia 2
  • NBA 2010
  • ShenGuiChuanQi
  • Starcraft 2
  • Warcraft III
  • World of Warcraft

Support for additional Stereo 3D-capable displays:

  • Viewsonic V3D241wm-LED
  • 3D Projectors
  • Enables AMD CrossFire™ scaling for Brink
  • Enables AMD CrossFire scaling for The Witcher 2
  • Improves performance for Dirt 3

You can download the drivers for both Windows XP and Windows 7 over in our downloads area

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  • lucas4

    this reminds me just how much i need to update my drivers.i think im on like 10. something :rolleyes:havnt updated them for about 4 months lolwill the updates only boost performance with newer cards? or will older cards also see performance boost?

  • Chris

    No matter the age of the card, we always recommend using the latest drivers.

  • rrplay

    Very convenient to have the hotfix update in the downloads area . Thanks:)

  • lucas4

    BadNoddy;17985 wrote: No matter the age of the card, we always recommend using the latest drivers.

    Thanks.I have to clean install soon, so il grab the latest drivers then 🙂