AMD Debunks Recent Negative Rumours

/ 3 years ago

AMD Debunks Recent Negative Rumours

Since the reveal of NVIDIA’s latest enthusiast graphics range, there have been numerous negative articles surrounding AMD which stems from unverified sources. We’ve reported on some of these in a similar vein to other media outlets but it’s always important to adopt a sceptical approach whenever information is leaked. As a result, the coverage we previously posted was incorrect and we’ve received clarification from AMD’s Northern Europe PR and Community Manager, Joe Cowell about a number of recent criticisms. Firstly, AMD will be attending Computex and this was never in doubt. It’s important to remember that AMD always lists their attendance for trade shows in a clear and transparent manner. Secondly, there are no production issues whatsoever with Polaris and it’s on schedule. ย This means our report suggesting AIB partners were unhappy with AMD is completely false and based on incorrect sources. Therefore, we were wrong in disclosing this information and wish to clarify the real truth after receiving an official word from AMD.

So what does this all mean? Well, AMD isn’t struggling to produce quick driver updates, the Polaris architecture or failing to attend Computex. Also, their Q1 financial results were actually better than most analysts predicted. Therefore, any claims predicting their future demise are completely inaccurate. Of course, the Q1 financials are going to be poor when they’re preparing product launches later in the year for both the graphics and CPU segments. Hopefully, this clarification helped to quash the rumours being published right now, and we openly admit our original articles were wrong.

Honestly, I’m excited to see what AMD has in store and looking forward to testing more DirectX 12 games to see if their strong performance continues.

Do you think AMD has been treated unfairly by media outlets? If so, let us know your views in the comments section below.

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105 Responses to “AMD Debunks Recent Negative Rumours”
  1. DeathMade says:

    May I ask if you could cite exactly what he said?

    It would be helpful ๐Ÿ™‚

    • John Williamson says:

      It’s pretty much been paraphrased and said in a colloquial manner and quoting it wouldn’t really add insightful information as it’s from excerpts. If you wish, I can do this. The basic argument is the Computex comments were rubbish, same with Polaris delays ๐Ÿ™‚

    • John Williamson says:

      Itโ€™s pretty much been paraphrased and said in a colloquial manner and quoting it wouldnโ€™t really add insightful information as itโ€™s from excerpts. If you wish, I can do this. The basic argument is the Computex comments were rubbish, same with Polaris delays

      • DeathMade says:

        Ahh I see. Thank you for reaching to AMD

        These rumors needed to be cleaned up already. I hope all goes good for polaris then ๐Ÿ™‚

        • John Williamson says:

          You’re welcome! I’m glad we managed to get some official word and allow AMD to respond to the rumors which have been published all around the internet!

          • DeathMade says:

            Yeah. It is stunning that this bad info from ONE FORUM MEMBER can generate so much fud

          • WasNvidiaSwitchingToAMD says:

            And then people like you pass it on to others. You were also part of the problem. You need to calm down with what you say.
            You wouldn’t stop talking about it as if it was true in wccftech.

          • DeathMade says:

            Yeah because I totally passed this rumor to others right?

            Being sceptical about something != spreading fud.

            You need to know how to lower your fanboy trigger levels ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • WasNvidiaSwitchingToAMD says:

            That’s exactly what you did you blind fool.
            Don’t be so naive little boy.

          • DeathMade says:

            My opinion about something != spreading fud claiming i have an insider source

            Learn to differentiate. Not even Chizow spreads fud. He is just extremely biased to Nvidia ๐Ÿ™‚

          • WasNvidiaSwitchingToAMD says:

            Just stfu instead of spreading rumours.

            I know that won’t sink in as you don’t understand how rumours are spread, even though you assisted in it this time.

          • DeathMade says:

            Oh im literally h!tler I dared to say something bad about AMD on some random forum nobody gives a damn about

            Shame on me

            I guess you should also stop posting bcs you are also spreading rumors ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Chaos says:

            But remember, Chizow got to strut around saying he was “right” again…

            That guy makes so many claims one is bound to be true (tho this one isn’t it apparently).

          • DeathMade says:

            What would you expect from people on Nvidia’s paycheck ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Ole says:

    That’s just how media is. I must admit that I prefer Nvidia cards, but I think everyone should be cheering for AMD. We need good competition both in price, performance and power consumption.

    • Paul S says:

      And therein lies the problem, maybe you should just stop preferring Nvidia and start to give AMD some serious consideration

    • Riley Labrecque says:

      Why do you prefer either card?

      • Ole says:

        I’ve had a ton of different problems with AMD cards. Never had any problems with Nvidia. Nvidia has also given me more performance for my money at the time I’ve bought a new card. I have had AMD cards in recent time, but after many RMA’s I just couldn’t be arsed anymore.

        • Moravid says:

          Mate that’s in the past, GCN cards run smooth as butter and we’ve received many driver updates. Your hardware problems are due to DOA or warranty issues and do not reflect normal behavior of the cards

        • humb says:

          lol nvidia worker in prevention ……

          i have 2 laptops burned by crapppy nvidia driver
          i got 2 crads burned by GREAT nvidia drivers
          and same time with crappy ati/amd drivers zero null none
          same time nvidia lie and lie and lie to ppl to buy “better” gpu’s with “better” ms cert drivers
          by nvidia 9xx card is cca 50% faster over 7xx card is faster like 50% over 6xx
          and using best drivers numbers say 980 is faster from 6xx 50% and only 20% of 7xx
          so who make problems to users ??

          even now i dont use crappy gpu in laptop (only intel integrated in cpu) cause best driver in whole world …. what a bull

        • Han Solo says:

          Oh WOW, we are almost in the same situation…! My ATI card in 1999 once called me stupid in front of other people. I only buy NVIDIA since then.

        • JohnGR says:

          Why is it that since 2000, the only card I had a problem with was an Nvidia one? Maybe you should get a good quality PSU?

        • Speely says:

          I had the exact opposite experience. I used Nvidia exclusively from my first dGPU, a GeForce 2 Ti, to my last NV one, an 8800GT. They were ALL pains in the butt. Tons of problems. Tons of driver crashes. My first AMD/ATi card was an HD7850, and after a few months I added a second one for CF. They eventually got replaced with an R9-290. I can count on one hand the number of problems I’ve encountered, with fingers to spare. I never had as good an experience with NV as I have with AMD cards.

          If AMD’s new stuff winds up being a disappointment, no big deal. I’ll hang onto my 290 until I find myself dissatisfied with my gaming experience (which is how I’ve always decided when it’s time to upgrade) and we’ll see what’s available when that happens. I wouldn’t have a problem with trying Nvidia again.

    • yourma2000 says:

      “People should buy AMD because I’m not willing to”

      There needs to be a fine for anyone that says “we need competition” when referring to the CPU and GPU market, it’s been said about a billion times and is almost as drole as talking about the weather.

      • Ole says:

        Ok. “People should not buy AMD cards. It would be better if the whole company went bankrupt.”

        Guess that’s what you’d like to hear.

        • yourma2000 says:

          Preferably neither.

        • Han Solo says:

          Actually, both these extreme kinds of comments are just annoying. The second is just dumb fanboyism, and the first is like: “I hope AMD gets more competitive, because I wanna pay less for my NVIDIA cards.” that’s very ingenious

    • humb says:

      lol nvidia pay media like intel apple etc
      so you get payd to heat up ppl on still fabed gpu with crap numbers ,and they write great story

  3. e92m3 says:

    I will be surprised when AMD isn’t wantonly handed negative assumptions based on forum posts with no sources.
    At this point, I expect it.
    Credits to John Williamson for taking initiative.


    thanks for clearing this up, alot of people were saying stuff but i guess the dust has settled

  5. Throneless King says:

    medias are just a pain in the ass. they relay everything they find to make views and copy each other without any control on their sources. those rumors about AMD where posted on a german forum by an user an relayed without any verifications by many websites and based on speculations, this can have a dramatic impact on a companys image. NVIDIA is much better treated than AMD by the press. the best example is the announcement of the incomming 1080.

    • John Pombrio says:

      NVidia has had its share. There was the “yield problem for Pascal” and the “Pascal will be delayed due to design issues.” Then “no Pascal demos” was taken to mean that NVidia was not even close to being able to launch. Now that has been settled by not only launching but coming up with a pretty spectacular card, AMD is now “it”.

      • SpamMeister says:

        The 1080 will be good the 1070 not so much

        • Luke Tomaneng says:

          What makes you doubt the GTX 1070?

          • humb says:

            it’s crippled like 970 and it’s nvidia maxwell ,, soo

          • Luke Tomaneng says:

            I’m pretty sure it’s Pascal and I’ve heard nothing about it being “crippled.” Do you have a link, perhaps?

          • SpamMeister says:

            I dont doubt the 1070 will be a good product, I am just skeptical about dx 12 perfomance

        • humb says:

          1080 will be only cca 20 % faster with in speed vs 980ti (and that is just clock)
          they use same crappy maxwell cuda cores ,and gp100 is still in works (bloddy hbm2 ๐Ÿ˜‰ )
          and they dont have yet any 100% working gp100
          still waiting 7-8 month batch to x finger work

      • humb says:

        and all are true ,even now nvidia dont have full production ,only small batch of crap they call 2x faster
        with 980 using early drivers vs gimped drivers for 1070
        like 980 vs 780
        suddenly all 7xx loose 10-20 fps in banchs after 980 pop out ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. John Pombrio says:

    The only reason why AMD made a better Q1 than predicted was due to AMD basically selling 11% of its workforce to the Chinese for a $51 million upfront payment that it booked in Q1. If you take that away, AMD’s Q1 numbers would have been a disaster.

    • Astartes says:

      Your comments are adding about 11% of this comment section’s space atm, and about 0% of usefulness. If you never posted them – they wouldn’t be a disaster.

      • Kefka says:

        Dear god he’s an Nvidia investor that posts shit about AMD on every tech website. He was really salty that he didn’t get to ride the 50% hike on AMD. Thats about it.

      • Neilius Maximus Hepburnius says:

        He’s a typical Nvidia troll/shill. Nobody listens to him..hence his zero upvotes to your 12…. just ignore him.

    • Jigar says:

      The transaction was approved after the results were announced. Are you always high like this ?

    • Han Solo says:

      I have bad news: this is not WCCFtech… you can’t just spread totally senseless crap and get away with it… go figure :p

  7. foobario2 says:

    I don’t care if AMD sent some interns to stand in a booth, where are the Polaris cards that ought to be close to launch by next month?

    As for AMD saying that their AIB board partners are happy, that’s like when a wife beater claims nothing’s wrong in a relationship: AMD’s pronouncements don’t count for anything.

  8. foobario2 says:

    As for the sources of negative rumors, if they turn out to be false I’d point the finger right back to AMD as the source. They intentionally spread gloom & doom rumors to make an otherwise mediocre product launch look miraculous.

    It’s easy. Spread the rumor that Polaris won’t launch until October. Then when it launches in July or August, run around acting like you cured cancer and ebola single handedly while ending world hunger. It’s a cheap fakeout move from Roy Taylor.

  9. Jimster480 says:

    I’m glad it will be on schedule. I hope they come out next month, even if its the Polaris 11 cards.
    I want one badly for my HTPC.

  10. Mageoftheyear says:

    “Do you think AMD has been treated unfairly by media outlets?”

    Besides this kerfuffle? No, not really. Not recently at least. In fact most of the coverage I’ve seen on Polaris, 10-bit HDR, Crimson, GPUOpen and the Radeon Technologies Group in general has been… if anything; enthusiastic.
    I do expect the press to keep praising Nvidia once their cards are out and to ignore the fact that Polaris isn’t meant to target the high-end. Price is often overlooked in these comparisons – and I’m talking about the REAL price, not some hopeful MSRP.

    Who I am continually disappointed in is boutique system builders. Despite the public acclaim the R9 390 received “THE” go-to recommendation for Rift and Vive VR Ready pre-builts has been the GTX 970 – despite the fact that it has less RAM, an equal or higher price, doesn’t meet Oculus’ guidelines for sub 20ms latency (25ms is the lowest Maxwell 2.0 can go, whereas R9 390 can reach under 10ms) and is more powerful for regular gaming.

    It’s a bit ridiculous.

    You should give this a watch

    • John Williamson says:

      I certainly agree with you with the system builders and haven’t received many with AMD cards but loads with GTX 970s.

      • renz says:

        i think nvidia have better relation with boutique builder. they got program like Battlebox for it. i still remember when one of boutique builder end up stop offering gpu because they were angry when AMD did not give them the access to 290X while some other have the access and showed their system on 290X launch.

    • JohnGR says:

      “Do you think AMD has been treated unfairly by media outlets?”
      Yes. It is not just this case. We have seen many reviews of GPUs completely filled with Nvidia-friendly titles, even a case or two where (some years ago) different settings were used.

    • NightStorm1000 says:

      The R9 390 is SO much faster in VR than the GTX 970. I have the R9 390 and an I7 6700K im my System wich is Stationary at my Desk. There I play seated or standing VR with my Vive. My other System in my Roomscale Place is a Small MiniATX Case wich Houses an I7-6700K and a GTX 970. Frametimes and Frame Rates are so much Better on my AMD System.

  11. abundantcores says:

    There are also a lot of other rumours being reported on without any substantiation. This sort of corrosive rumour milling always seems to surround AMD, never Intel or Nvidia, with Nvidia launching product just before AMD, literally weeks before you have to ask where all these rumours are coming from, as a competitor its in Nvidia’s interest to whip up as much negativity toward AMD’s competition as possible,
    Its up to tech journalists to verify the integrity of the rumour, if it cannot be verified it should be reported on as an unsubstantiated rumour (with a statement like this from AMD) if reported on at all…

  12. Pec says:

    Just release an enthusiast GPU with GDDR5X or HBM2 already

  13. Shades Of Red says:

    AMD has a terrible marketing PR that’s all i have to say.
    Nvidia is like the E3 showcase, will raise the hype with artificial stuff, and make the internet talk.

  14. nem says:

    GTX 1080 20% faster than 980ti
    – Faster than sli 980 on vr
    – Gamming 30% faster than 980 , 20% faster than 980ti

    • JohnGR says:

      We don’t care.

      • nem says:

        ok who cares ^^

        • JohnGR says:

          Dude, this is an article about AMD and the rumors that circulate. The performance of 1080 is completely irrelevant to this article, out of topic. Also, wait for reviews.

          If you don’t mind spending a [email protected] of money on a GPU, go for the 1080.

          But most people, who have a limited budget, wait for Polaris.

    • faster than their own gimped cards as always

    • cursedblue says:

      Failed product with amazing marketing strategy and cover up their issue perfectly (FE F*cked Edition because there’s very limited quantity (not ready at all or panic mode) at the beginning, core clocked as much as they could to surpass their previous gen). Meanwhile, the media with fully nvidia backed up will soon spreading FUD and BS. Come on. We are not that stupid.

    • Buble Guber says:

      Now test it on directx12 (ATM Paragon don’t have directx12 support)

  15. 12John34 says:

    Someone realized that he could be out of luck getting a Polaris card for review. Well, this mild apology is much better than what other sites do. Hopping to see a review here.

  16. To be or blah says:

    NVidia schills working overtime over underwhelming products from NVidia, nothing new.

  17. AS118 says:

    Yes, there’s a lot of Nvidia bias due to fanboys and also just the media’s tendency to chase controversy in general.

  18. Calvin Casey says:

    Sure they are. If doubt can be sowed about a companies future it will hurt sales. Who wants to buy a product from a tech firm when they may not be around to produce drivers for it? Look how Amd’s Cpu’s were and are still villified as massive energy sucking heat producing monstrosities. Dire warnings of overwehelming utility bills from powering on these beasts. And there was simply no truth to it in extreme cases 5 extra dollars of a utility bill over several years. but it was enough to disuade many potential buyers.

    Look at the graphics card nonsense. Amd cards are so power hungry your utility bills will skyrocket. They can heat your home nonsense. Again it’s silly but it is whats peddled. Any negative comment made and then repeated is enough to cost them a customer here and a customer there. And add it all up the world over and they have lost millions based on lies and misinformation. Oldest trick in the book is to sow seeds of doubt.

    It is nigh impossible to find non biased reporting from any genre of news any more. the best that can be done is to get news from multiple sources and even then take it with a grain of salt.

  19. Embedded_Journalist says:

    Of course they have been treated unfairly by media and the industry. They’ve been reportedly going out of business for 15 years and I’ve been enjoying their wonderful products at a substantial discount and bargain vs Intel. My latest upgrade just a month ago is a great 3.8GHz 6 core FX Black processor that I overclock to 4.3 GHz. Total cost with the motherboard and 16G of quality ddr3 RAM was less than $260.

    I support AMD because I their value and performance offered. I also don’t like the idea of an intel Monopoly. That would be disastrous to the industry and us as customers. I also don’t like their business/employee practices. A friend of mine from high school has worked for intel over 25 yrs and is a senior SAP analyst. She returned from vacation to find her division veteran employee staff decimated. They were forced into retirement with gag orders attached to severance offers that conditioned them to stay mum on the young employees brought in to replace them from India on H2B Visas. They diverted the 20 and 30 yr. service employees into big conference rooms when they reported to work to keep them away from the employees replacing them at their desks and offices.

  20. Cain Marko says:

    LOLZ, i am gonna call the AIB manufacturers that are currently under NDA to get stuff/news about Polaris, your kidding right?

  21. Red Bull says:

    Nvdia always lied on the performance of their GPU’s. We have seen enough from GX 970 3.5GB vram and the 120fps DOOM fps performance in a 1080p resolution. Jung claimed its running 200 fps but it is not!!

    We also see alot of claims that their maxwell can do DX12 and has async. But in reality when tested it has non at all. Its all lies.

  22. Red Bull says:

    Yes they have been mistreated for years and until now. We have seen left and right wrong reporting and unethical business competition. It is so unfair that consumers are the once affected.

  23. Shahnewaz Ahmed says:

    Owning upto your own mistakes; this is true journalistic integrity.
    Much respect to eTeknix and @disqus_0ziHiUsmBs:disqus. :^)

  24. Abram Carroll says:

    The press kisses AMD hind quarters.

  25. shernjr says:

    there’s tonnes of negativity for AMD. Don’t know why but massive stigma stick to them.

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