• Wayne

    Only in America…

  • crescentish

    ‘muricans. So, if I send someone a malware, it’s illegal, but if they do, it’s ok? Silliest thing I heard from them so far…

  • Ben Curwen

    Like it would work anyway, there would be some sort of defence against it released within a few weeks. These are the same people that have tried to shut down the pirate bay for 7 years…

  • HeyThere
    • http://www.eteknix.com/ Ryan Martin

      Yes but that isn’t by government officials that is by people pretending to be government officials. That is essentially hackers capitalising on ransomware. What this new proposal means is that the enforcement agencies for the American entertainment industry will be able to legally develop and implement their own ransomware.

  • Moccor

    you are idiot pirates if you try to put words in their mouth . They aren’t sending anyone a virus. They’re attaching it to the media. Those that have permission to view it via purchasing is, may do so freely. Those that do not, have their pc locked down

    • http://www.eteknix.com/ Ryan Martin

      yes they can attach it to the media, either way they still need to install files into your system to lock the PC down so it is technically malware.

  • Fieryabyss

    What happens if i own the movie legally and want to make a digital backup? Just sounds like legalized cyber terrorism to me. Will have everyone scared to even do legal backups and will make people stop buying period.

    • crescentish

      All they want is money, and they will lose the money if they try to do that. What is illegal to us, should be illegal to everybody. But, I would not be surprised if this passes through, it is USA at the end of the day, the country where people with lots of money can pay off and pressure politicians to pass the laws that suit only certain companies. This should not be allowed, for private investors to influence the direction where the law is heading.

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