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Angry birds to hit Xbox 360 and other consoles

/ 6 years ago

The developers of the successful game “Angry Birds” Rovio have announced that they are looking to spread the game to consoles. They have already worked with Microsoft to bring it to the Windows phone 7 and now they are looking to work with Microsoft to bring it to Xbox 360 although Microsoft chose not to comment.

Rovio has not yet figured out how to bring it to the console but has stated it will be a good opportunity to improve the graphics, physics and maybe even extend the story line of the game if they can successfully bring it to the console. As well as the Xbox 360 they are also targeting handhelds such as Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS and Wii.

Rovio said this about Angry Birds “We’re looking at all the consoles, We haven’t announced any particular titles for any console, but we are looking at every console at the moment.”

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  • Pala Tinka

    angry birds is already available on the PSP and the PS3 for a long time. ^^

  • ryanmartin

    my bad on the ps3 😛

  • gaetan

    Well, I don't really see myself playing angry birds on the xbox to be honest