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ATI Radeon HD 5670 512MB Graphics Card Video Review

/ 7 years ago

Today we are looking at the ATI Radeon HD5670 512MB graphics card.

This particular card utilizes the latest technology from AMD, as well as sporting the newest DirectX11 platform whilst using little power and being the cheapest card in AMD’s DX11 range.


  • Mlong128ir

    You've put yourself back in the video reviews, hello there. Thanks for another nice review, I was thinking in the future maybe you could put some of the benchmark results in the accompanying article preceding the pros/cons. Overall I'm still not sold on the pricing for this card, solid piece of tech but it still seems a little too high for what it can do, maybe knock off $10 USD and it would sit better with me, but then again I'm probably not the target audience for this card.

  • aruffell

    Indeed, should have a nice Sony HD camcorder to use soon, so sorry for the lip sync issues as im using a HD webcam at the moment.Thought it would be nice to put me back in, especially now i have my t-shirt :DGot to remember that this card has dx11, ati eyefinity and ati stream technology so i think it sits well for £65-£70 :DAndy

  • Shadow1954

    Small, cheap, modest, low consumption = the best I've ever seen. It really deserves 5 stars :). Great review :p

  • ashleybeshir

    like the way your video rewiews are hd 5670 is bice budjet card for multimedya really wouldnt recomend for gaming.5star from me on your review