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BioStar Motherboard Competition Winners!

/ 2 years ago


It’s competition winner time! This week we’ll be picking three lucky winners for our BioStar motherboard competition! We’ve got three awesome prizes to giveaway; the Hi-Fi Z97Z7, Hi-Fi Z97WE and the Hi-Fi B85N 3D.


We’ll pick three lucky winners for this competition:


Firstly, I want to say a massive thank you to BioStar for helping us organise and give away these awesome prizes, but most of all, congratulations to our lucky winners!

 Jonathan La Follette – 1st Place, Hi-Fi Z97Z7

Timothy Babcock – 2nd Place – Hi-Fi Z97WE

Steven Kean – 3rd Place – Hi-Fi B85N 3D

Don’t feel too bad if you didn’t win this time around, we’ve got a LOT of great prizes coming to the site very soon and several other great competitions currently running which you can enter here. Keep those entries coming in and good luck to all!

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