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Buffalo introduces their new 1TB external hard drive

/ 5 years ago

Buffalo Japan has recently added a new product in its MiniStation lineup; the HD-PCT1TU2-BWJ.

HD-PCT1TU2-BWJ is just a code name to indicate their new all-white external hard drive. It offer 1TB of storage space with a USB 2.0 interface.

The glossy finish will add a lot to the white of the drive, making it a prime accessory to all those looking for style and practicality.

Additionally, the drive feature a power saving mode that can cut the overall consumption by up to 20%.

The drive itself measures 77 x 17 x 114 mm and weights 210 grams.

Set to become available early next month in Japan (other markets will get it later), it comes along with a one-year warranty for the price of ¥16,800, approximately $215.