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You Can Now Download North Korea’s Operating System

/ 2 years ago


Remember that North Korean OS we wrote about recently? Well now you can download and install the latest version – RedStar 3.0. ‘Slipstream’ of Pastebin who claims to have been “pulling data out of North Korea’s ass since 2014,” has shared the OS alongside a guide on how to install it.

That guide is needed too, as it appears tricky to install according to Motherboard. Even so, it’s poorly built – when it asks users for a serial number upon installation, any sequence of numbers apparently unlocks it.

As we said previously, their OS obviously isn’t going to be anything built by Microsoft, Apple or Google or any other Western company, so they’ve built their own. Well, sort of their own, because it bears a startling resemblance to Apple’s OS X.

From log in screen to the iconic dock and menu bar, it’s a complete rip-off of what appears to be OS X 10.5 Leopard. This image of file manager could easily be mistaken for an old version of Apple’s Finder.

While it’s probably easier to install on a PC, I wouldn’t recommend this as a ‘Hackintosh’ alternative. You can get your copy of Communist computer goodness here.

Source: Motherboard

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  • D Anoidz

    probably a virus