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Computex: Noctua Developing 200mm, 90mm and 80mm A Series Fans

/ 4 years ago


Noctua’s A-Series fans are known for their excellent cooling performance and trademark Noctua acoustic performance and they include the NF-A15 PWMNF-A14 PWMNF-A14 FLXNF-A14 ULNNF-A9x14 PWMNF-A6x25 FLX and the NF-A4x10 FLX. At Computex Noctua have revealed plans to extend the A-Series to three new sizes; 80mm, 90mm and 200mm.

All three fans feature the same key features of the Noctua A-Series such as the Flow Acceleration Channels, AAO-Frame, inner surface microstructures, stepped inlet design, integrated anti-vibration pads and the high quality SS02 fan motor bearing.

As far as I am aware the yellow “colour” is just because these are prototype designs that have yet to be finished so I am sure they will still come in the trademark Noctua brown and beige. Noctua didn’t announce availability but hopefully they will be arriving by the end of the year.

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Image(s) courtesy of Noctua

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  • Wayne

    It looks like Noctua have been busy little bees lately.

  • d6bmg

    200mm fan. Great move by Noctua.

  • mrcapncaveman

    Finally a new color from Noctua!

    • It’s not a new colour. The fan is in prototype stage and will have the usual colour when it comes to retail.

  • Joe B

    200mm Noctua fans…about time! Now if they could just get rid of their ugly color scheme.