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Cooltek Reveal Gorgeous UMX1 plus mITX Case

/ 2 years ago

Cooltek 2

Cooltek have revealed the in my opinion absolutely gorgeous UMX1 Plus premium mini-ITX case, available in both a standard and windowed version as well as both in black and silver. The 2mm thick brushed aluminium gives the case a superb finish while the interior is made from 0.8 to 1mm thick SGCC steel.


This tiny case can hold a standard ATX power supply up to 160mm length next to the mITX motherboard. There is support for graphics cards up to 270mm and CPU coolers up to 130mm, and the UMX1 Plus can take one 3.5-inch and tow 2.5-inch drives inside. Airflow is generated by the 120mm top and 80mm rear exhaust as well as passive intake from the bottom.

The was no word on pricing or availability yet for this tiny 160 x 300 x 345 mm chassis with a weight of 3.2kg.


Thanks to TechPowerUp for providing us with this information

Images courtesy of TechPowerUp

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