Corsair 570X Tempered Glass RGB Mid-Tower Chassis Review

/ 2 months ago

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Corsair Crystal 570X Tempered Glass Mid-Tower RGB Chassis

The trend for high-end tempered glass chassis is booming right now, and while it’s a trend that has been in motion for a few years now, there are some great designs hitting the market at much more competitive prices than we saw a few years ago, where the words “tempered glass” were often joined with astronomical price tags. The latest from Corsair isn’t cheap, but it’s still within the reach of most consumers and high-end system builders without too much cause for your wallet to run and hide. What’s really special about the latest from Corsair, however, is that is has tempered glass on four sides, as well as their new RGB-lit fans, so it’s sure to look pretty special.

With room for an ATX motherboard, water cooling, high-end expansion cards, plenty of storage drives, and with added bonus features like lift-out dust filters, RGB lighting, fan control hub, PSU shroud and more, it’s sure to tick all the right boxes for a great looking and performing system build, so let’s get it out of the box and take a closer look at what it has to offer.

The first thing you’ll see is that this chassis has lots of protective film on it, which is under the screws, so it takes a time a little while to unwrap, but if it means a nice and shiny scratch free chassis out of the box, I’m happy.


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