Fans Already Translated Legend of Zelda Fantasy Language

/ 3 weeks ago

Zelda E3

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has only been out for a few days and the first secrets have broken out. Fans are tearing into the game, trying to discover all the secrets within and around the newest Zelda game. One of the things already discovered and deciphered is the strange in-game Sheikah language.

A Reddit user posted the image below which shown a full translation matrix for the language, allowing you to decode the language in-game and discover possible easter eggs and hidden messages. It seems these keys can be found at different places within the game, but sparkthedarkness put them together into one helpful image that includes letters, numbers and a couple of other important symbols.

zelda language

With the above translation posted, other users have been hunting for places to use it. One of them was found on one of the boxes for the Breath of the Wild special edition which has Sheikah writing all over it. According to the Reddit user CompC, the special edition phrase translates into The Hyrule Fantasy in a repeating look. Real fans will know this, but for the rest, it is the original name used for The Legend of Zelda in Japan.

Naturally, there are a bunch of different ways to interpret that message. In all likelihood, it’s just a nod to the past and acknowledgement of where it all started. However, it was revealed at GDC that Nintendo created a 2D prototype to test out Breath of the Wild ideas. That prototype, yes you guessed it, looked an awful lot like the original The Legend of Zelda.

You can find a lot more information on the Zelda subreddit, but beware of spoilers. There is nothing like discovering secrets yourself and if you like that, you might want to stay away.

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