First Look at Microsoft’s ‘Spartan’ Browser for Windows 10

/ 2 years ago

microsoft-spartan 1

Tech website BGR has been given a sneak-peak of Microsoft’s new web browser, codenamed ‘Spartan’, that will replace Internet Explorer in the forthcoming Windows 10. The screenshot above – an older iteration of the in-development browser – shows that the aptly-named ‘Spartan’ is stripped-down and minimalistic, with only a smattering of basic icons on display.

In spite of its appearance, though, reports suggest that ‘Spartan’ will boast some impressive new features, such as integrated voice commands and the ability to run different browsers inside it, which would be especially hand for web developers.

BGR’s source confirms that ‘Spartan’ is still only a codename, but they refused to be drawn on what its actual name might be.

Source: BGR


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  • Don’t particularly like those bookmark icons covering the top part of the page, but other than that it looks okay. The performance of the latest IE browsers have been pretty good, so hopefully they’ll compete with Firefox and Chrome/Chromium (and not have any stupid web standards that we developers have to comply to).

  • Fer

    And it’s fake

  • D Anoidz

    why don’t you call it Leonidas, after all the same thing will happen to this, it will die in the end

  • Since there starting anew (new name only i know) they better not mess it up


    OH Look more space down each side for those ever so ” interesting ” adverts we covet so much