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Frozen Synapse sells over 300K

/ 5 years ago

The popular Indie PC Game, Frozen Synapse has sold over 300k copies, which is a “best case scenario” according to the developers “Mode 7”

Designer Paul Taylor explained that the studio had set itself a goal of selling 100,000 copies within a year of launch “without a significant marketing spend”. They managed to beat their target in 5 months.

As if the sales themselves were not enough, they also gained $135,000 in profits from the paid Beta. What’s more, is that according to the developers, the majority of the sales were at a discounted price.

With the game selling for $24.99, direct revenues via its own site so far total $300,000, before third party stores such as Steam are included.

The game cost $140,000 to make, with three full time staff members, one long-term contractor and a few freelancers.

“Frozen Synapse has been a success for Mode 7, both for us personally and for the company,” wrote Taylor.

Source: Gamesbreif