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GTA V To Include Torture, Drug Use, Sex, Offensive Language And More

/ 4 years ago


If you were hoping that Grand Theft Auto V was going to be a clean and friendly game then you were wrong, and probably stupid for ever thinking such a thing could happen in the first place. Grand Theft Auto V will come back with a bang later on this year and what better way to spice things up than to add in some torture, drug use, sex and offensive language to really make GTA V a controversial hit.

Grand Theft Auto’s ERSB states that:

“Players use pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles, and explosives to kill various enemies…Blood-splatter effects occur frequently, and the game contains rare depictions of dismemberment…players are directed to use various instruments and means to extract information from a character; the sequence is intense and prolonged, and it involves some player interaction…The game includes depictions of sexual material/activity: implied fellatio and masturbation; various sex acts that the player’s character procures from a prostitute…nudity is present, however, primarily in two settings: a topless lap dance in a strip club and a location that includes male cult members with exposed genitalia in a non-sexual context…TV programs and radio ads contain instances of mature humor…Some sequences within the larger game allow players to use narcotics”

The full ESRB gives much more detail but I guess it isn’t surprising to see that GTA V will have all the traditional hallmarks of a GTA game, I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to play it!

Image courtesy of Rockstar Games

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  • Chris

    Still not good if they don’t bring it to PC.

  • d6bmg

    I’m expecting a PC version..

    • Me too :P, if it doesn’t come i’ll be disappointed but I’ve seen enough evidence to assume it is coming

      • Wayne

        If it doesn’t I may have to consider suicide because there’s absolutely no way I’m buying a console. 🙂

        • d6bmg

          And sadly there are simulator for PC.

  • Howard Harper

    Here here – no PC version means I won’t get to play this game at all :'( Sad times…

  • Wayne

    I’d grieve if it didn’t have all that stuff in it.

  • Loren Black

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