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HD binoculars from Sony

/ 6 years ago

Sony has recently announced the release of binoculars capable of taking pictures and recording videos in Full HD and in 3D even.

Two different models are presented: the DEV-3 and the DEV-5.

The DEV-3 only zooms 10x, while the DEV-5 zooms up to 20x and includes a GPS for the localization of the recording.

Both are Full HD (1920×1080) and 3D compatible and include an optical stabilizer “SteadyShot” for better image while zooming. The recordings can be played back on TV, whether it is HD or 3D, by simply connecting the binoculars via an HDMI cable.

Both the DEV-3 and the DEV-5 will be available around November for an approximate price of $1,400 and 2,000$ respectively.


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  • Grim_Reaper

    Nice. And very nice that these binoculars cannot sent mortar strike at selected destination 😀

  • gaetan

    or tag vehicles for air strikes :/