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HIS’s IceQ X² version of the HD 7970 pictured

/ 5 years ago

HIS is currently working on a new IceQ edition, this time around for the HD 7970 with an X² version.

The X² edition seems to indicate the two fans, a first in the IceQ family. The card is designed to be within the dimensions of two expansion slots yet offering superior cooling while having only the height slightly increased. Overall, the card is set to go up against the competition of other AIB-designed twin-fan cooling solutions such as MSI’s TwinFrozr III, PowerColor’s PCS+ and Sapphire’s Dual-Fan.

The cooling section is made out of an aluminium fin array to which the heat is dissipated by three 6 mm and two 8 mm nickel-plated copper heat pipes, some making direct contact with the GPU die. The whole array is fed with a constant airflow by the two large 112 mm fans sporting high-airflow blades. This new design results in 17 °C lower temperatures and 15 dB quieter operation compared to the AMD reference cooler.

Power-wise, the card uses a 6-phase PWM power design. Other details are on their way, stay tuned.

Source: TechPowerUp