• Wayne

    My sample is a terrible overclocker. This is my opinion and my opinion only, If you’re a primarily a gamer you no doubt have a discreet graphics card and are already rocking a 2600K or 3770K there is absolutely nothing to be gained by upgrading to this chip.

  • AntDX316

    have you seen the power consumption of the 5GHz AMD 8150 vs the 4.9GHz 4770k after/before looking at their performance results?

    you will end up spending more money in 1 month of use going AMD than going with Intel and every month after spend way more than you would going with an Intel Haswell set

    electric bill is really overlooked and AMD is hoping to score with the numbers in call sign form instead of result form to stupid people

    Consoles should use Intel not AMD for their design but if the coding is like ARM and Intel is slower than AMD in a non MS OS CGI platform then AMD is the best option.

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