LiteOn Introduces ZETA Line of Consumer SSDs

/ 2 years ago


Lite-On Group mainly creates products for the OEM sector, but not exclusively. We recently saw the release of M.2 SATA OEM Modules and now Lite-On also wants to enter the consumer SSD market. The Lite-On ZETA SSD drive will come in three capacities up to 512GB capacity and speeds up to 520MB/s while reading and up to 420MB/s while writing.

While the Plextor brand also belongs to the Lite-On Group, there doesn’t seem to be any conflict of interest between the two brands as the latest Plextor drives exceed these in performance. No word on pricing or availability yet.


  • Capacity: 128, 256, 512 GB
  • Controller: Silicon Motion SM2246EN
  • NAND: SK Hynix 16nm
  • Cache LPDDR3: 128, 256, 512 MB
  • Transfer Speed: Read: 520 MB/s, Write: 150, 260, 420 MB/s
  • IOPS : 128GB: 67.5K/37.5K – 256GB: 82.5K/72.5K – 512GB: 83.5K/80K (READ-WRITE)
  • Features: TRIM, NCQ, AES 256-bit


Thanks to Expreview for providing us with this information

Images courtesy of Expreview

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