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MSI GTX 760 Gaming Series Graphics Card Pictured

/ 4 years ago


With detailed specifications of the GTX 760 already known, as well as performance of the new graphics card, it was only a matter of time before we saw some Nvidia partner versions of the card would appear. Thanks to the first Nvidia GTX 760 to be spotted comes courtesy of MSI’s Gaming Series GTX 760 although unfortunately we have nothing more than the box to look at.

We should expect to see the third of the GTX 700 series GPUs come by the end of June as it appears Nvidia has now shipped out the bulk of GTX 760s to its AIB partners like MSI, ASUS, EVGA, Gigabyte and so on. The graphics card pictured in the above image is MSI’s GTX 760 Gaming Series variant likely to have a Twin Frozr cooler and it comes with overclocked frequencies.

If you are interested in seeing more specifications about the new GTX 760 then check that link. We expect Nvidia will probably attach a hefty price premium to the GTX 760 to the tune of around $300, while if we get a GTX 760 Ti that will probably slot in at $349 while the GTX 770 holds the $400 price point.

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