New Skyrim Screenshots Set Incredible New Standard

/ 3 years ago


Set your graphics cards to meltdown, because the legendary Skyrim modder Gionight (actually, I’ve never heard of him, but he’s legendary now!) has shared his latest array of screenshots after heavily modding the game.

Unfortunately Gionight hasn’t shared his settings which were used in these screenshots, and to be honest it’s easily possible that doing so could be near impossible. Skyrim has been out for a long time now and I personally have hundreds of mods big and small, many of which I have tweaked and adjusted, each will play out differently on my hardware than it would your own, so it’s very much a keep tinkering, experimenting and if you’ve got the computer hardware for it, your Skyrim can look this insanely gorgeous after a few days tinkering.

There are certainly some custom ENB mods here, as well as extensive HD retextures, in fact it looks like almost every aspect has been replaced with mods. The graphics are bordering on movie CG graphics that would make the team at Weta proud. So without further delay, enjoy the gallery bellow.

















Pro tip: if you’re serious about improving your Skyrim install with mods, ditch that SteamWorks nonsense and get over to sites like Skyrim Nexus, where all the really cool mods are happening.

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  • J_P

    Most of these screenshots have been photoshopped. As an experienced PC Skyrim modder, I know that a lot of the effects you see in these screenies are impossible to replicate in-game due to the Gamebryo engine limitations, and the Papyrus scripting limits. However, minus the effects these are some very excellent shots!

    • DABhand

      Engine as you said can work with scripting , and a few tweaks to enable specific APIs can be done, thusly the engine can be modded to do some funky stuff.

      He probably has an Nvidia card anyway, and is using Hardware Physx and CUDA effects to be shown in the screenshots.

      • Cam Rowland

        its an enb…..

    • ConcernedCitizen

      “As an experienced PC Skyrim modder”

      That’s funny that you’re supposedly experienced, yet you don’t even know that Skyrim was not built in the Gamebryo engine.

      • I’m pretty sure the Creation Engine is a modification of the Gamebryo engine

        • ConcernedCitizen

          It’s based on Gamebryo, but was almost completely re-written. A heavily modified version by no means carries the same limitations of Oblivion’s Gamebryo.

    • Nikkita Bradette

      That’s not true, actually. I am able to do this just fine. Look around for the ENB that works well enough for you and mess with the settings (shift + enter if you get the tools from They have a bokeh, noise, etc effect.

      Here, I took these last night:

      The only problem is, if you want dramatic settings you’re going to experience a huge drop in fps. Those settings are set to “high”, with certain settings turned off within the ENB so I can have a nice, cinematic look but average out at around 20 – 25 fps.

  • OverfiendUK

    Haha. If Only. I’d be fapping all day….Oh wait I already do :p

  • My question is that is there a list that I can install on vanilla Skyrim to get most from it. I just recently tried to have the female mods installed and CBBE has no physics and BBP is not as good as CBBE and most armors are for CBBE. Also XMPS (or something) is the best skeleton and I need to somehow combine all of this. And this is just for female body. There is tons of other stuff on the todo list…

    • thelonelycenturion

      Answer: UNP has tons of great clothing and armor mods.

    • Rattlesnark

      Not sure what you mean, but if you are unsatisfied with the “physics” that come with BBP for CBBE, search up HDT for Skyrim. To be frank, I can’t say for sure how much better it is than BBP/TBBP because I haven’t compared them attentively, but HDT is what I’m using at the moment. Again, installing it may very likely be quite complicated.

    • Riaya

      I completely agree with thelonelycenturion. UNP is one of the better body mods. I use the TroubleMakers UNP body make up from Nexus. There is even an upgrade to using HDT as well. Just note to use HDT you will need the specific SKSE files though. You can look it up on Nexus as well.
      Here is a almost current image of how my Skyrim looks like. [IMG][/IMG]

  • I found this via google as I’m looking for a cloak for Demonica, as with cloaks of Skyrim running her hair dissapears, which is annoying… But I digress.

    For anyone that finds this later, this *is* actually Skyrim, and the Model is Demonica, (LB V3.0, Lilith, possibly Eva) by Krista: while the images are by Gionight: This is screen archery at it’s finest. What it isn’t is playable. I’ll bet he’s getting 5-15fps if that. At a rough guess he’s using Krista’s ENB preset. Rebalance Light? Something like that. Though IMO if you want the best ENB preset that’s Phinix ENB on the Nexus:

    I get 40-60fps (vsync is the max you can get without physics breaking) with a R9 390 and 500+ mods loaded (about 250 plugins) and it looks a lot like that, (even the goblins) and Serana is using Demonica, you can get Lydia as Demonica too, (DEMcompanion.esp) what you can’t find is any decent armour, (decent for dungeon crawling/combat, full plate, etc.) The first image with the Revenant armour is about as good as it gets, it gets skimpier from there, and Krista says she will never make full coverage plate. The colours aren’t as saturated, and I don’t thave the bloom & bleed up that high, but that’s what you get when you tweak the engine for graphical fidelity not playability though you can get the skin to look like that on Deminica with the right alpha channel and some SSA tweaks to ENB, he’s probably using a 4-8k skin texture.

    So it’s not faked, but neither is it playable though that may change with time, the game is four years old now, but graphics cards keep on improving. I’m sure Skyrim will continue to have a life even after Fallout 4 and Elder Scrolls 6, such is the nature of the modding community that has truly excelled at enhancing every aspect of the game. It’s not at the same scale as the new high watermark, which is Witcher 3, but then that’s going for medieval realism, which is different stylistically, and it’s also not a true “open world” game like Skyrim. Dungeons and interiors are different cells but with the Open Cities mod, you can see and travel throught the whole of Skyrim without any load doors.

    But anyway, I have a cloak to find 🙂

    • Gary Smith

      These? I’m working on an army of DEM followers right now lol.

      • I’d be interested in seeing what you come up with, if you’re willing to share. Though yes, I know of Vlad’s work, he stepped in to fill the void after blackelf got disgusted with the community and left.