NGD Launches Industry-Leading 24TB Catalina SSD

/ 3 weeks ago

NGD Launches Industry-Leading 24TB Catalina SSD

Data storage hardware manufacturer NGD Systems has unveiled a new, industry-leading 24TB PCIe solid state drive (SSD). The NGD Catalina features Micron’s 3D TLC NAND memory, a proprietary controller, and boasts low power consumption. The main card, which is PCIe 3.0 x4, features 12 M.2 modules. The Catalina is not the fastest SSD out there – read/write is limited to 3.9GB/s – but is designed for data centre storage of 4K video and large metadata sets.

“The Catalina is the industry’s highest capacity PCIe NVMe SSD, designed and optimized for applications requiring consistent and low latency mass storage,” Nader Salessi, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of NGD Systems. said. “We are setting a new metric for energy and storage density to meet a key concern within data center and cold storage applications alike.”

NGD boasts of the Catalina’s low power consumption as a particular selling point for the SSD, which is said to be the most efficient watt-per-terabyte drive on the market.

“At less than 0.65 watts per terabyte, the new benchmark of the Catalina SSD achieved by using NGD System’s patented Elastic FTL (Flash Translation Layer) algorithm, and the incorporation of its advanced error correction capabilities, which enables 3D TLC NAND flash in enterprise applications,” NGD says. “Not only is this watt per terabyte ratio more efficient than that of any other SSD currently shipping, it is also better than the highest capacity Enterprise HDD currently shipping. Optimized for read intensive applications, the Catalina SSD is ideal for use in Content Delivery Networks (CDN), Just a Bunch of Flash drives (JBOFs), and media severs.”

NGD has not disclosed a recommended retail price for the Catalina, since its drives are distributed by various OEMs which set their own prices depending on configuration.

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