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NieR: Automata Resolution Upscaling Fixed by Modder

/ 1 month ago

NieR: Automata Resolution Upscaling Fixed by Modder

NieR: Automata hasn’t been on the market long, but it seems that the game launched with some strange issues. The built-in upscaling didn’t work very well when the game is being played in fullscreen mode. It’s a stupid issue, one that shouldn’t have been left unfixed for launch, but fear not, as talented modder Kaldaien has released a mod that fixes it, and then some.

The new mod is easy to download and install too. All you have to do is replace the dxgi.ini file in the games install folder with the modded one; told you it was easy!

The mod from Kaldaien even includes its own framerate limiter, which apparently works even better than the original one. With this new option, you can adjust the value for “LimiterTolerance” in order to increase CPU load of framerate limiter, allowing for a more consistent framerate, while also allowing you to align the framerate limiter to VBLANK.

If that wasn’t enough, Kaldaien included options for changing the game’s refresh rate, VSYNC, pre-rendered frame limit, and backbuffer. Overall, the resolution scaling problem is fixed, and the game looks and runs better than ever, what’s not to love!

Check out the mod here.

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