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Nokia Tease New Project, Looks Like Apple TV

/ 2 years ago

Nokia secret

Nokia has been quiet since selling its phone division to Microsoft – which has swiftly removed the Nokia name from its Lumia range – back in April 2014, but it teased the imminent reveal of a new project on its official Twitter account on Monday. The company posted a photo of a nondescript black box, along with the suggestive line, “We’re up to something”:

Nokia tweet

Nokia’s new hardware looks as though it could be a set-top box, for streaming content to home televisions. In which case, it would be entering a market being hotly contested by the likes of Apple, Amazon, and Roku, Google’s Chromecast dongle, plus the three major consoles, the Wii U, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

The photo suggests that more information will be revealed about Nokia’s mysterious new project on Tuesday, 18th November.

Source: Mashable

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