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North Korea’s State Operating System Looks Like OS X

/ 2 years ago


We’ve all been captivated recently by the massive hack upon Sony Pictures that was supposedly carried out by North Korea. However, not many of us know what using a computer is like in the ‘self-reliant’ hermit kingdom.

Well now we do. Ex-Google employee Will Scott previously visited one of the country’s top universities and bought a copy of the operating system they were using while he was there. He somehow managed to sneak that back to the states and provided screenshots for us all to see.

Now, obviously their OS isn’t going to be anything built by Microsoft, Apple or Google or any other Western company, so they’ve built their own. Well, sort of their own, because it bears a startling resemblance to Apple’s OS X.

From log in screen to the iconic dock and menu bar, it’s a complete rip-off of what appears to be OS X 10.5 Leopard. This image of file manager could easily be mistaken for an old version of Apple’s Finder.


Take a look at the browser – a modded Firefox perhaps?


You can see more of the OS at the source link.

Source: Business Insider Images: Will Scott

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