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Apple Unaware of Users Affected by Masque Attack

Apple has responded to the claims iOS and OS X are susceptible to a vulnerability called Masque Attack. They say that they’ve not been aware of anyone affected by the ...

1 week ago

ASUS With All New White PCB Motherboard

ASUS have announced their new iteration of the white, Sabertooth series. Containing a white PCB and named the Sabertooth Mk S, this hot piece of tech is created on the Z97 ...

1 week ago

Sony Announces PlayStation Vue Cloud TV Service

Sony has finally unveiled details of it’s TV service it announced at CES this year. PlayStation Vue is Sony’s plan to take over cable and satellite subscriptions ...

1 week ago

Noctua Presents Three New 92mm CPU Coolers

Noctua has announced three new 92mm premium class CPU coolers. The new NH-U9S and NH-D9L are retail models while the NH-D9DX i4 3U targets Intel Xeon LGA2011 based ...

1 week ago

Kingston Upgrades Their SD Cards

Memory cards aren’t just memory cards and there can be a huge difference between them, just the same way that a USB device doesn’t have to be fast just cause it ...

1 week ago
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Samsung’s Answer to Apple’s ‘Continuity’

Samsung has a developer conference going on this week, in-case you didn’t know, and they’ve just announced ‘Flow’, a hand-off/continuity feature to ...

1 week ago
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Microsoft Edges Closer to 10 million Xbox One Sales

Microsoft has announced that they’ve sold 10 million of their Xbox One consoles. The Xbox One was released just over a year ago now after initially a slower start to ...

1 week ago

Fungus Drone Completes First Flight

A NASA drone made out of fungus, yes fungus, has completed it’s first flight. The drone consists largely of material made from mushrooms, specifically mycelium, a ...

1 week ago
Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 10.16.32

Apple Set to Break Market Cap Record

Apple is set to break their all-time record for market capitalisation. Apple’s stock hit the $111.25 mark at the closing bell on Wednesday, with total market cap at $652 ...

1 week ago

Skyrim Finished in Under 40 Minutes, Setting a New World Record

Speedrunner DrTChops has finished creating himself a new world record for beating Skyrim’s story, taking just 39:32. There’s a lot of running involved, as you can ...

1 week ago

Glose: The Ebook Reader for Social Networkers

Have you ever wanted to turn your love of books into a social experience? Now you can with Glose, the new ebook reader and store. Glose allows users to discuss quotes and ...

1 week ago

Ubisoft PR Blames AMD CPUs and GPUs for Crap Performance in Assassin’s Creed: Unity

In what is turning into an even bigger mess, Ubisoft PR has come out blaming AMD for the bad performance in the just-released Assassin’s Creed: Unity. The news is coming ...

1 week ago

SanDisk to Release Lightning Drive for iOS Devices

SanDisk have revealed a new USB drive compatible with iOS devices. The SanDisk iXpand comes included with a Lightning connector – in addition to the standard USB plug – ...

1 week ago

20TB HDDs? They’re On Their Way, Thanks to HAMR Development

If you thought those 6TB and 8TB HDDs were big, just you wait until we start seeing double-digit HDDs hitting the market. Paul Alcorn, one of our friends over at TweakTown is ...

1 week ago

BlackBerry Classic Launch Date Announced

BlackBerry’s forthcoming Classic handset is set for release on 17th December, according to CEO John Chen. Chen made the announcement at Thursday’s BlackBerry ...

1 week ago

Microsoft Plans Windows 10 Update For Windows 8 Lumia Phones

Microsoft has announced that its existing Lumia handsets running Windows 8 will update to Windows 10 when it becomes available. It made the pledge on its official Twitter ...

1 week ago

NVIDIA GRID Event Coverage

Several days ago, we at eTeknix were invited to a special event held by Nvidia in the Hilton Hotel in Reading, near to their UK offices. Only a select amount of media were ...

1 week ago

Confusing Assassin’s Creed: Unity GPU Recommendations and Optimising Issues

As we’re inundated with comments about Assassins Creed: Unity barely performing above 50 FPS on low settings throughout higher end graphic card offerings from NVIDIA and ...

1 week ago

[Update] Spotify has Paid $2B to Artists, Taylor Swift Would Have Made $6M

The music industry was in the spotlight earlier this month when Taylor Swift pulled her hot new album release from Spotify’s digital streaming service. Claims were made ...

1 week ago

SMART Modular Announces M.2 SATA with SafeDATA

SMART Modular Technologies announced its new M.2 SATA XR+ product family equipped with SafeDATA power loss protection technology. These new SATA3 solid state drives (SSDs) are ...

1 week ago

Intel Expands DC S3500 SSD Lineup

Intel introduced the DC S3500 Series of solid state drives to us last year and now that lineup got a refresh in the form of more capacities. Intel has added two more 2.5-inch ...

1 week ago

Amazon Posts Delivery Drone Jobs in the UK

Look out! Amazon’s drones are out to get yo.. deliver things to you! According to a job posting on Amazon’s website, they are seeking a “Flight Operations ...

1 week ago
Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 11.16.09

Samsung Reviews its Own Watch, Says its “Awesome”

It appears that Samsung is trying out some more of their outlandish marketing techniques. The “most average editor” writing a review of the Gear S smart watch for ...

1 week ago

Tor Announces Partnership with Mozilla

On Monday we reported Facebook’s announcement that they would be officially supporting users of the Tor browser. Now yet another web giant, this time an open source ...

1 week ago
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GiffGaff Goes 4G from £12 per Month

UK mobile virtual network operator GiffGaff is now offering 4G data at a very low £12 per month. They’ve joined the 4G crowd a year later than the other UK networks, ...

1 week ago