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Freshtech Solutions Project 7 GTX 1080 Gaming PC Review

Introduction Whenever a new piece of hardware is released, it provides systems integrators with the opportunity to conjure up innovative builds which have a ...

2 weeks ago

Netflix to Introduce Offline Viewing by the End of the Year

In an effort to compete with Amazon Prime Video on Comcast’s online video service, Netflix is expected to introduce an option to download videos for offline viewing ...

2 weeks ago

Skyblivion is Rebuilding Oblivion in the Skyrim Engine

Looks like Morrowind isn’t the only Elder Scrolls game being remade in the Skyrim engine: fan favourite Oblivion is also getting the Skyrim treatment. The upgrade, ...

2 weeks ago
ps4 pro

Sony Adds SATA3 Support on the PS4 Pro

The PS4 Pro is Sony's attempt to try and discourage console owners from moving to the PC platform mid-cycle. Unfortunately, the message thus far has been really confusing ...

2 weeks ago

Capture the Night Sky Better with This Actively Cooled Camera!

Those of you who know a thing or two about snapping a great pic are well-aware of the advantages of long exposure, but even though this technique can result in some truly ...

2 weeks ago

NVIDIA is Giving Away Shadow Warrior 2 Codes to GeForce Experience 3.0 Users

NVIDIA has been overhauling the GeForce Experience software for a considerable amount of time and version 3.0 exited the Beta stage after a lengthy testing period. Of ...

2 weeks ago

AeroCool Announces New Project 7 Chassis – P7-C1

The new range of Aerocool is finally coming! As the Project 7 chassis, the P7-C1 is revealed. The new mid-tower offers up two colour variants, available in both black or ...

2 weeks ago

MSI Removes Kaby Lake LGA1151 BIOS Updates Due to Coding Error

Not so long ago, MSI released a comprehensive set of BIOS updates for their LGA1151 motherboard range which adds Kaby Lake support. A few days after MSI set the ball ...

2 weeks ago

Gigabyte Announces The Gorgeous GTX 1080 Xtreme Gaming Waterforce

Even though there are rumours circulating about the GTX 1080Ti launching in early January, this doesn't appear to have impacted on the GTX 1080's popularity. Granted, ...

2 weeks ago
star citizen screenshots (7)

Star Citizen Backers Can Fly Any Ship They Want for Free This Week

To celebrate the success of CitizenCon and to keep the hype going for those who've invested in this epic game, which has now spent five years in development, Star Citizen ...

2 weeks ago

Nintendo Unboxes Mint Condition 1983 Famicon!

Collectors love things that are brand new and in their boxes, it's not about playing with the goods inside the box, it's about owning a piece of history, a collectible. ...

2 weeks ago

Dark Souls III Expansion Will Included 3v3 PvP Arena

After spending so long getting your ass kicked in Dark Souls 3, it's nice to take out your frustration on your friends by kicking their asses for a few hours, in the game ...

2 weeks ago

How Many People Does It Take to Stop a GTA V Plane? Let’s Find Out!

The latest Grand Theft Auto isn't far from new, but it keeps on bringing joy to its user and fan base in various forms. There are those who just play it, over and over, ...

2 weeks ago

AMD Releases Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.10.1 WHQL

The latest WHQL-signed Radeon Software Crimson Edition was released today, bring the drivers up to version 16.10.1. These are the same drivers which launched earlier this ...

2 weeks ago

Maingear Introduces New VYBE Gaming and VR-Ready PC

Maingear refreshed their VYBE Gaming PCs, allowing you to build a gaming and virtual reality ready PC starting from $999. Naturally, that price can go up and up, but the ...

2 weeks ago

Drobo Announces Drobo 5C Self-Managing USB-C Storage

Drobo is another kind of storage compared to ordinary RAID setups as you don't need to worry much about what drives you use and combine and they've now announced their ...

2 weeks ago

Linksys Launches Next Generation WRT Router with AC3200

Linksys announced the next generation of its WRT router, the WRT3200ACM, featuring Tri-Stream 160 technology and creating the fastest Dual Band router available. With ...

2 weeks ago

AMD May Cut RX 470 Prices to Combat GTX 1050 Ti

Later this month, Nvidia is set to launch two new Pascal based graphics cards, the GTX 1050 and GTX 1050 Ti. In a pre-emptive strike against Nvidia, AMD is reportedly ...

2 weeks ago
AMD RX 400 Series Naming

AMD Reportedly Woking On New Polaris GPU Revisions

When Polaris first made the news, it seemed that AMD had a real winner with dramatically improved efficiency and performance. Now that the cards have launched, we know ...

2 weeks ago

noblechairs EPIC Series Chair Review

Introduction Picking the right chair to go with your desk, so you can kick back and enjoy your games, or even just feel comfortable for those long work hours, can ...

2 weeks ago

Facebook Promoting Fake News After Firing Human Editors

A report from The Washington Post’s The Intersect claims that since Facebook revamped its news trending system – i.e. fired its human editors and tasked its own ...

2 weeks ago

Deleting Browser History to Avoid Embarrassment Isn’t Destruction of Evidence

  A Canadian judge has ruled that a defendant who deleted his browser history, while in full knowledge that his computer was set to be seized by authorities, was ...

2 weeks ago

Driveclub VR is Vomit-Inducing

A number of gaming sites have had some trouble reviewing Driveclub VR, Evolution Studios’ new virtual reality racing game for PlayStation VR. It seems the game, released ...

2 weeks ago

Scientists Propose Independent “Space Nation” – Become a Citizen Now

A team of scientists, lawyers, and engineers have launched a proposal for a new “space nation,” tasked with creating a new universal space law and protecting the Earth ...

2 weeks ago
galaxy note 7

Samsung Encourages Users to Give up Their Note 7s with $100 Credit

Everyone knows by now that Samsung messed up the Galaxy Note 7, and while the company has issued two worldwide recalls by now and even shut down production of this model ...

2 weeks ago