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US Military Personnel Rail Against Netflix VPN Block

Netflix has faced a furious backlash from users since it initiated its new program to prevent users from accessing geoblocked content using VPNs. Amongst this, one the ...

2 weeks ago
Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen Sales Surpass 180K During First Week on Steam

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen is an enthralling action packed RPG set in a thrilling open world environment. Furthermore, the game was directed by Hideaki Itsuno, and ...

2 weeks ago

Control Your IoT Devices with WiFithing

A new open source Wi-Fi and ISM device from a UK startup hopes to centralise all your home IoT requirements in one simple hub. WiFithing is a simple smart device ...

2 weeks ago
The Division

Ubisoft Massive Proclaims: “PC Is Incredibly Important To Us”

Ubisoft is guilty of making disparaging comments about the PC platform including remarks which brandish the audience as pirates. Not only that, Ubisoft has consistently ...

2 weeks ago

Exquisite Eggshell Carving Artwork Is No Yolk

Artists are always finding exciting and fresh ways to promote their artwork; this is, well, no exception, after the China Youth Network recently reported concerning a ...

2 weeks ago
AMD R9 Gemini FuryX2 FijiX2 GPU

AMD Showcases R9 Fury X2 During VRLA

AMD's Fiji architecture launched just over 7 months ago and looked set to revolutionize the GPU market due to the advent of high-speed HBM memory with a 4096-bit bus. ...

2 weeks ago

Court Records Unveil $1 Billion Agreement between Google and Apple

There has been quite a bit of speculation based on this particular subject over the years, but now we actually have some reliable sources stating that Google and Apple had ...

2 weeks ago

Nerf’s Fully Automatic Blasters Fire at 30MPH!

Nerf are well-known toys for both grown-ups and children alike. From a fun play around in the back garden to all out warfare (without the bruises) Nerf are the go to for ...

2 weeks ago

NSA Director Defends Their Pro-Encryption Stance

Encryption is currently under threat, some countries already requiring backdoors and other compromising measures to be put in place. The debate on the effects of allowing ...

2 weeks ago
arcade hotel amsterdam (2)

Amsterdam’s Arcade Hotel is a Gamer’s Dream Come True

There are plenty of themed hotels around the world, whether we're talking about establishments with automotive themes, sci-fi themes, or suites dedicated to superheroes ...

2 weeks ago
nvidia gtx 980mx 970mx

Nvidia Will Not Release the GeForce GTX 980MX and 970MX

Lately, there have been some rumors going around that Nvidia is gearing up to release the official successors of the GeForce GTX 980M and 970M graphics cards. Apparently, ...

2 weeks ago
RCPS3 Naruto

Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations Running on RPCS3 DX12 Powered Emulator!

Emulation of the PlayStation 3 is quickly becoming a reality, it seems not a week goes by until we hear that yet another commercially available game is up and running on ...

2 weeks ago

Brutal Doom Developer Now Working on Brutal Doom 64!

Brutal Doom is quite possibly one of the greatest game modification projects we've ever seen. If you haven't heard of it, it's the same Doom we knew and loved from the ...

2 weeks ago
Tom Clancy The Division Leaked

Fives Minutes of PC Footage from The Division Leaked

The hype for Tom Clancy's The Division has been building with some impressive pace over the last few weeks, and today, it's about to kick up another notch. The latest leak ...

2 weeks ago

Garmin Unveils The “Quatix 3” Luxury Watch

The humble watch is seen as somewhat old-fashioned compared to the digital life that nearly all consumers live these days, tech companies on the other hand, have been ...

2 weeks ago

Could Hypersonic Air Travel Become a Reality?

Air travel has become the norm within today's fast past society, from the extremely affordable ticket prices coupled with the package holiday’s that have become part of ...

2 weeks ago
nes30 pro controller

NES30 Pro – The Retro-Looking Bluetooth Controller by 8bitdo

Those of you who can appreciate the unique looks of a retro-styled peripheral will definitely want to get your hands on this particular game controller, as it looks and ...

2 weeks ago

Apple Preparing 4-Inch iPhone 5se With Curved Edges

Yesterday, a video supposedly showcasing Apple's upcoming 4-inch handset based on the iPhone 6s design went viral and raised people's expectations that a flagship small ...

2 weeks ago

Atari to Launch Classic Game Compilation on Steam

Atari is one of the most iconic names in video game history and popularized the concept of interchangeable cartridges on a home console. Way back in 1977, Atari launched ...

2 weeks ago

Apple Hires Top Virtual Reality Expert

Virtual reality is one of the big developments in recent years, with much hype surrounding Facebook's soon-to-be-released Oculus Rift. Alongside this, other companies ...

2 weeks ago

WRC 5 eSports Competition Hidden Behind DLC Paywall

Italian developer, Milestone produced a number of officially licensed world rally games which left racing aficionados disappointed due to the sub-par graphics, synthetic ...

2 weeks ago

The Human Brain Capable of Holding 1 Petabyte of Data

A new study suggests that the human brain may be capable of storing as much as 1 petabyte of data, and yes that is a lot; it's even ten times more information that was ...

2 weeks ago

Nitero Promises Wireless VR in 2016

One of the big features in 2016 will be virtual reality or VR. Virtual reality is the idea of becoming so immersed into an experience that it seems like you are actually ...

2 weeks ago

Self Driving Baby Stroller – What Could Go Right!?

I've got two children, they're amazing kids and I love putting them in the buggy and pushing them around and racing it through the supermarket; my kids love that too. ...

2 weeks ago

Star Wars: Episode VIII Causes Avatar 2 Delay

It's a tough time to be a fan of James Cameron's Avatar movies, although it for those who followed the release of the first movie in the series, it's always been somewhat ...

2 weeks ago