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Ikea Hosts Online Weddings

Where should we get married, Ikea? I wouldn’t have said Ikea was even a place that I would think of getting married in, yet the Swedish retailer has seen an ...

2 weeks ago

Amazon Fire TV Displays Information about TV shows and Movies

The Amazon Fire TV, a remarkably simple bit of tech that is packing a whopping amount of features. Amazon have now released a feature called X-Ray that they promised at ...

2 weeks ago

GTA V’s First Video from the in Built Movie Editor

Today has been a fantastic day in the Tech world, GTA V has finally been released for the PC. The game comes with some interesting new features such as the Grand Theft Auto 5 ...

2 weeks ago

Girl Writes Giant Message in Desert for Her Astronaut Father

What do you do when you want to message a member of your family? You call them, text them, perhaps drop them a message on Facebook. This is of course quite simple and thanks ...

2 weeks ago
Kelly Brook For Sketchers - Campaign Launch - Photocall

Kelly Brooks Private Pictures Hacked for the Second Time

So they are at it again, the hackers just can’t seem to leave the celebrities alone, especially when it comes to their own private images. This time, it is round two for ...

2 weeks ago

Simda Botnet Taken Down After Affecting 777,000 PC’s Worldwide

Sidma has been around for the past 6 months, causing pain to PC owners across the world. It infected 128,000 computers each month – a phenomenal rate for a botnet. The ...

2 weeks ago

New Anti-Drone Drone Developed to Combat Nosy Pilots

As much as drones are really freaking awesome, they are also incredibly problematic for those who wish to keep their airspace clear of nosy drone enthusiasts looking to get a ...

2 weeks ago

NVIDIA Release GeForce 350.12 WHQL Driver Ready for GTA V

So NVIDIA have been on the ball lately, new games released recently have been covered by a new driver to maximise compatibility with the GeForce graphics cards. Keep the trend ...

2 weeks ago

Amazing 5.5-Inch 4K Panel by Sharp Has a Pixel Density of 806ppi

Japanese multinational corporation Sharp recently unveiled an innovative piece of tech that pushes the boundaries of technology. We’re talking about the brand new ...

2 weeks ago

Hollywood Wants Exception to Net Neutrality Rules to Fight Pirates

Hollywood thinks it’s special, and can play by its own rulebook in its fight against online piracy, so the latest move by the Motion Picture Association (MPA) to bypass ...

2 weeks ago
red 8k

RED Shows Off New 8K Camera

RED, the American manufacturer of high-end, professional HD cameras, favoured by such lauded directors as Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson, loves pushing its equipment into ...

2 weeks ago

The Brand New Trailer for Terminator Genisys Is Here and It’s Awesome

Are you excited for the brand new Terminator movie? Well, you should be because it has everything it takes to become one of the most outstanding films in the science fiction ...

2 weeks ago
gtav 4

4K Grand Theft Auto V for PC an “Eye-Opener,” Says Rockstar

The long, long, long-awaited PC release of Grand Theft Auto V is nearly upon us, boasting some impressive yet demanding high-end graphical options, including 4K resolution, ...

2 weeks ago
apple watch

Nearly 1 Million US Apple Watch Pre-Orders on First Day

According to digital commerce data company Slice Intelligence, almost 1 million US consumers have pre-ordered the Apple Watch. The report, released by Slice on Sunday, ...

2 weeks ago

Apple Waves Goodbye to iPhoto

It’s come to the end of the road for apples iPhoto and Aperture apps, Apple have released a replacement called Photos that provides the functionality of both aperture ...

2 weeks ago
Lollipop Forest

Sony Continues to Update Its Smartphones to Android Lollipop

Sony announced that it will continue to roll out Android Lollipop 5.0 updates for a variety of its smartphones starting today, April 13. The company has focused on models such ...

2 weeks ago
GoT Xbox Live

Game of Thrones Première Free to US Xbox Live Members

If you haven’t already gorged yourself on the four leaked episodes already, or don’t have access to HBO, Microsoft is offering Xbox Live members – on both Xbox One and ...

2 weeks ago

Microsoft Xbox One Price Drop Now Official

Have you postponed your Xbox upgrade lately? Well, its high time to get your shopping mood on! It seems Microsoft has just lowered its Xbox One price to £299.99 on its ...

2 weeks ago

Will Microsoft Finally Buy HERE Maps?

Windows Phone users will understand the difficulty of choosing between Microsoft’s Bing Maps and Nokia’s HERE Maps when they need to use a good GPS app. While HERE ...

2 weeks ago

Sony Unveiled Portable and Durable Pro-Series HDDs With Dual Interface

Sony has unveiled their newest portable HDD for professionals, offering up to 2TB capacity and dual USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt interface. The durable drive is perfect for working ...

2 weeks ago

Console Versus Online Gaming

It’s a debate that’s been raging for a few years now. Whilst gaming has overtaken the traditional entertainment forms of music and film as the dominant source of ...

2 weeks ago
sn100 1

HGST Ships NVMe Ultrastar SN100 Series SSDs

HGST, that is a part of Western Digital, announced that they’re now shipping their newest and the industry’s highest-performing NVMe compliant SSDs, the Ultrastar ...

2 weeks ago

LEGO Dimensions: LEGO’s Answer to Skylanders and Amiibo

Lego, probably the best toy franchise in the world, has finally jumped on board the interactive console gaming bandwagon. LEGO Dimensions aims to bring full customisation to ...

2 weeks ago

Samsung Rumoured to Start Making Chips for Nvidia

A week ago, Samsung reportedly won a contract to make chips for Apple’s upcoming iPhones using their latest 14nm FinFET technology. However, it seems that the South ...

2 weeks ago

Intel Drops Power Connector in New Skylake Based Star Brook Notebook

Intel demonstrated their newest prototype Star Brook notebook at the IDF spring session and the differences over the current generations stand out right away. The most ...

2 weeks ago