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BlackBerry Tweet Promoting Twitter for BlackBerry Sent Via iPhone

BlackBerry has been involved in a now common social media faux pas. The company sent out a tweet promoting Twitter for BlackBerry… on an iPhone. Yes, the company has ...

2 weeks ago
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Apple Patent Causes GoPro Shares to Fall 15%

Apple applies for a lot of patents. There’s an endless list of patents associated with the company, with a significant number of them never really representing a future ...

2 weeks ago

Asus STRIX DSP Gaming Headset Review

Introduction ASUS have done a lot of good for the PC gaming community, not only have they created some of the best looking and performing graphics cards and motherboards on ...

2 weeks ago

Corsair Debuts Hydro Series H110i GT CPU Cooler and HG10 N780 Edition GPU Bracket

Corsair announced the newest all-in-one liquid CPU cooler in their Hydro Series, the H110i GT as well as the new N780 Edition of their Hydro Series HG10 GPU cooling bracket ...

2 weeks ago

PNY Announced New Solid State Drive Line-Up

PNY Technologies announced a new line-up of high-performance Solid State Drives for enterprise, client, and consumer storage solutions. The EP7000 Series is designed for ...

2 weeks ago
Trendnet TWE-817DTR

TRENDnet Announced AC750 Wireless Travel Router

The days where one only used a single device while on the go are long gone, even though every device keeps getting smarter and more functions. Bringing along a normal router ...

2 weeks ago

Razer Forge Brings a New Level of Gaming to the Living Room

Razer announced the Razer Forge TV earlier last year but didn’t really reveal too many details other than it being an Android-based system designed for the living room. ...

2 weeks ago
windows 7

Mainstream Support for Windows 7 Reaches its End

As of 13th January, 2014, Microsoft’s Windows 7 is no longer under mainstream support, so will no longer receive any new product updates or features. The operating system ...

2 weeks ago

Apple Granted Patent for Hands-Free Gesture Control

Apple has filed a patent for a type of gesture control system that it is calling a “3D user interface”. The technology would allow users to control a computing device with ...

2 weeks ago

Tenda AV1000 Gigabit Powerline Adapter Review

Introduction Setting up your home network can be a real hassle at times. You have the option of wireless signals, but that includes configurations as well as possible ...

2 weeks ago
Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 18.17.30

Watch 6 Minutes of A Clockwork Orange Recreated in GTA V

We’ve seen a number of movie parodies created with GTA. Most recently we shared that clever recreation of the new Star Wars movie trailer. Now ‘GTA Series ...

2 weeks ago

939 Million Android Devices Vulnerable to Hacks

Android devices not running either the KitKat or Lollipop versions of the operating system – of which there are approximately 939 million devices – have been found to have ...

2 weeks ago

Facebook to Introduce Missing Child AMBER Alerts

Facebook has announced that it will begin including alerts regarding missing children into American Facebook news feeds. The company announced a partnership with the National ...

2 weeks ago

Choose Your Own Adventure, Now Playable on Twitter

The Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA) and Fighting Fantasy books were childhood staples during the Eighties, an early yet gripping example of interactive fiction in which the ...

2 weeks ago
Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron gestures as he delivers a speech on the economy, in Nottingham

Twitter Reacts to David Cameron’s Encryption Ban Plan

On Monday, UK Prime Minister David Cameron announced plans to essentially ban end-to-end internet encryption and to grant British intelligence access to any part of the web ...

2 weeks ago
synology ds115

Synology DiskStation DS115 Launched

Synology’s DiskStation DS115, the latest in its series of network storage devices, was released on Tuesday. The DS115 1-bay network-attached server (NAS) sports a dual-core ...

2 weeks ago
apple watch

New iOS 8.2 Beta Includes Apple Watch References

Apple recently released a new beta of iOS 8.2, the next major release of iOS 8. Already people have been delving deep into the OS to see if they can find anything interesting, ...

2 weeks ago
Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 16.03.41

Rockstar Announce Delayed Release Date For GTA V PC

Another delay? Yes indeed, Rockstar Games has just announced that GTA V for PC will now be released 2 months later than planned on March 24, 2015. In return for delivering ...

2 weeks ago

Crayola Facebook Page Hacked – Flooded With NSFW Content

When you think of Crayola, you think of youthfulness and innocence, a child scribbling with his or her favourite colour crayons perhaps. What you don’t think of is ...

2 weeks ago
Belfie stick

It Doesn’t Get Much More Ridiculous than the Belfie Stick

Just when you thought that it couldn’t get much more ridiculous, someone went ahead and invented the Belfie Stick. We all know, and most of hate, the Selfies and all ...

2 weeks ago

Acer Revealed the H7550ST Short Throw Projector

Acer has revealed their newest short-throw projector with wireless versatility and 20W integrated audio, the H7550ST. It is also the world’s first projector to provide ...

2 weeks ago

Toshiba Showcased World’s First PCI-E Single Package SSD

Toshiba showcased a reference display of the world’s first PCI Express (PCIe) single package SSD at CES that integrates up to 256 GB in a single BGA package and the ...

2 weeks ago

Nintendo Pulls Out of Brazil Over High Taxes

Nintendo has pulled all its products from the Brazilian market. The console manufacturer made the decision due to the country’s rising import fees and high taxes for ...

2 weeks ago
chrome remote

Chrome Remote Desktop App Lets iOS Devices Control a PC Desktop

Google has released a new app for iOS that allows users to remotely control your PC. With Chrome Remote Desktop installed on your computer, you can access your desktop from ...

2 weeks ago

Thieves Attempted to Use An iPod nano to Take Credit Card Information

We’ve all been warned of the many ways thieves can take our card information from ATMs. There’s all the elaborate card readers, cameras and other devices that ...

2 weeks ago