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Watch Tony Hawk Ride the World’s First Hoverboard

In March, Tony Hawk pranked us all by riding the fake ‘HUVr‘ hoverboard. But now, he’s released a video of him riding another board, except this one is real. ...

1 week ago
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World Record Broken With Fleksy Keyboard – Twice

Brazilian Teenager, Marcel Fernandes has broken the Guinness world record for the fastest typing of a text message on a touch-screen mobile phone. Twice. Fernandes typed ...

1 week ago
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Ad-Less Social Network Ello Selling T-Shirts to Pay the Bills

Ello, the currently invite-only (I’m still waiting for mine) social network, has decided it needs to sell t-shirts to cover its costs. The site has always insisted it ...

1 week ago
Assassins-Creed-Unity-21 pixelz

France Unhappy with Assassin’s Creed: Unity’s Storyline

Ubisoft has been copping quite a lot of flack recently. If I were to link to you all of the articles that only just eTeknix has written over the last two months, it would take ...

1 week ago

Facebook, Google, and Apple Support USA Freedom Act

A coalition of nine tech groups – comprised of Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Aol, Evernote, Dropbox, Linkedin, and Twitter – under the banner Reform Government ...

1 week ago
netflix logo

Netflix Launching in Australia, New Zealand in March 2015

Australians are going ballistic over social media right now – Netflix has just announced via their media center that they will be launching their services in Australia ...

1 week ago

The Still-Not-Released Razer Nabu Receives Android Apps

The Razer Nabu smartband still isn’t out, but that hasn’t stopped the peripherals, and now wearables maker from releasing mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows ...

1 week ago

New Google Technology Can Automatically Describe Images

Google has unveiled an interesting new technology that can automatically analyse images and provide in some cases, accurate descriptions of what appears in those images. The ...

1 week ago

Eat Secret Drugs in GTA V, Trip Out and Think You’ve Transformed Into a Chicken

Grand Theft Auto V launched for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 today, but there are things being found in the remastered game that weren’t seen before, such as some ...

1 week ago
Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 10.35.29

Apple’s Eddy Cue Makes Rare Appearance on Local TV

In a bizarre move for the usually private Apple Senior Vice Presidents, the company’s SVP for Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue, was seen in a local news report ...

1 week ago
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Nokia Unveils First New Device Since Microsoft Sale, Looks Like an iPad

What is now left of the original Nokia, after the Finnish company’s sale of its former devices and services business to Microsoft, has unveiled its first major ...

1 week ago

Northern Ireland Government Website Displayed Users’ Information in Public Searches

In an example of truly terrible website design, a site set up by the government of Northern Ireland to encourage people to learn the Irish language, has been temporarily ...

1 week ago
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New Report Suggests Google Glass is Losing Support

Reuters reports that Google Glass, Google’s foray into wearables, is apparently losing the interest of developers, customers and even Google itself. Google revealed its ...

1 week ago

Synology Unveils New 5-Bay and 8-Bay SMB NAS’

We’ve been expecting the launch for some time and some information about the two new NAS server could already be found on the official website. But now we got the final ...

1 week ago
Ios 8

iOS 8.1.1 Brings Fixes For iPhone 4s and iPad 2

Apple released updates to both of its operating systems yesterday (Monday). The updates bring a number of bug fixes and tweaks that should solve a few of the usual teething ...

1 week ago
dell 5k

Dell UP2715K Expected in December for Less than $2K

Dell is full of good display news today, this time regarding the world’s first 5K monitor that is about to hit the market. Sources now say that the Dell UP2715K will ...

1 week ago

AMD Outs Catalyst 14.11.2 Beta Drivers Now Available

The latest AMD Catalyst Beta drivers are here at last! The new update brings the graphics drivers up to version 14.11.2 Beta and brings important updates for some of this ...

1 week ago

Dell U3415W Appears on Dell Website with Full Specifications

We had to be patient since we saw the gorgeous Dell U3415W unveiled about 3 months ago considering there weren’t that many details given at that time. The monitor has ...

1 week ago
shield-android-5.0 (1)

Nvidia Shield Tablet Android 5.0 Lollipop Review

Introduction The Nvidia Shield Tablet has already landed many awards for being a great gaming tablet, I myself reviewed it just a few weeks ago and absolutely loved it! ...

1 week ago
imessage chiphell

Apple Finally Letting Users De-Register iMessage Account

Apple has just announced their new website, enabling users to de-register their iMessage service – helping users unbind their telephone numbers from the Apple-only ...

1 week ago

Corsair Readies Neutron XT Line of Solid State Drives

Corsair is getting ready to launch their next line of solid state drives called the Neutron XT. This new line of high-performance SSDs is set to a release as early as January ...

1 week ago

be quiet! Silent Base 800 Chassis and Straight Power 10 PSU Competition

The new be quiet! chassis is finally here and while I’m sure many of you are already drooling over our review of this beast, how about taking a shot at winning one of ...

1 week ago

be quiet! Silent Base 800 Mid-Tower Chassis Review

Introduction be quiet! are an industry leader when it comes to creating high-end components. They’ve won countless awards from technology publications around the world ...

1 week ago

Ubisoft’s Day One Update to Far Cry 4 is Already Here

Far Cry 4 is out, depending on where you live, and it’ll be met with a meaty update for both consoles, and PC. The PlayStation 4 version of the game includes a 600MB day ...

1 week ago

Survey: 53% of UK Companies Willing to Hire Hackers, Experts With Criminal Records

A new survey conducted by the professional services company KPMG found that an overwhelming number of IT and HR managers of UK companies are more willing to keep their data ...

1 week ago