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Samsung Launch Business Service – Samsung 360

Unfortunately for Samsung, their earnings forecast has seen better days – reportedly putting up a disastrous third-quarter result with the remaining 4th to be lower than ...

3 weeks ago
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Belkin Firmware Update Crashing Routers

A firmware update pushed last night from Belkin through to customers using older routers has sent router connections into a spiral of crashes and disconnects.  The firmware ...

3 weeks ago

Sapphire R9 270X Toxic Vs NZXT Kraken Cooling Review

Introduction Managing the thermal performance of a graphics card is no easy task, manufacturers extensively research their cooling solutions in a bid to offer the best ...

3 weeks ago
Chieftec_A80_series_650W ftd

Chieftec A-80 Series 650W Non-Modular Power Supply Review

Introduction & Packaging A little while ago we ran a story about how the brand “Chieftec” were making a return to the UK market: Chieftec had previously been a ...

3 weeks ago

Latest Nvidia Maxwell Mobile GPUs Now Available

Nvidia recently released their new flagship GPUs in form of the GeForce GTX 970 and 980 and they’ve taken the gamers and reviewers by storm. Everyone has been impressed ...

3 weeks ago

AMD Will Enter the Tablet Market in 2015

While Intel is getting their Cherry Trail SoC ready, AMD is hot on their tails and ready to enter the tablet market next year, and they’ll be doing so with a duality of ...

3 weeks ago

Biostar Announce Latest Quad-Core Powered Mini-ITX Motherboard

As the name suggest, this is the second motherboard from Biostar using the J1900 Celeron CPU. We’ve seen the low profile version a little while ago, and now Biostar has ...

3 weeks ago
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Tesoro Lobera Supreme Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Introduction Tesoro are one of the fastest growing names in the gaming market, they have already impressed me with their Kuven 7.1 gaming headset, and now they’re back ...

3 weeks ago

iPad Air 2 Specifications Leaked

The waiting time is almost over for those of you that have been waiting to hear the next news from Apple. At first it was rumoured that Apple would hold its next event on the ...

3 weeks ago

CM Storm Octane Keyboard & Mouse Combo Unveiled

The Cooler Master CM Storm Devastator launched with great success earlier this year; a budget friendly gaming mouse and keyboard combo for little over £20. Following on from ...

3 weeks ago

Adobe Collecting Mass Amounts of User Data from eBook Software!

In a digital world that is (rightly) obsessed with online security and privacy, Adobe seem have have taken the risky and rather silly move of spying on users of their Adobe ...

3 weeks ago

Gigabyte Reveal New Z97-HD3P Motherboard

Flagship, extreme performance and overclocking motherboards steal a lot of the spotlight, which is understandable, but the reality is that we often purchase our consumer based ...

3 weeks ago

Windows 7 Upgradable to Windows 10?

The Windows 10 Technical Preview is already out in the wild and so far we’ve been hearing nothing but good things about Microsoft’s latest operating system; apart ...

3 weeks ago

Apacer Launches Dual-mode SATA and USB3 SSD

I am one of those people who gets exited every time something new that hasn’t been seen before is launched, especially if it’s storage technology. It’s not ...

4 weeks ago
intel14nm 1

Latest Intel 14nm CPU Slides Leaked

According to the latest reports, Intel is getting ready to launch their new 14 nm processors during next years CES show in January. It is of course the new Broadwell-U series ...

4 weeks ago

AMD Has Silently Launched the FX-8310 as OEM Model

First we had the rumours about the three new AMD FX CPUs and they were also released shortly thereafter, but at the same time there were more rumours about a fourth new FX ...

4 weeks ago
gaming5competition (1)

Gigabyte GA-X99 Gaming 5 Motherboard Winner!

The new X99 range of motherboards have proven a great choice for those wanting to make the leap to the new range of Intel CPUs and DDR4 technology, but what better way to kick ...

4 weeks ago

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeros PC Release Date Revealed?

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes has been available on console for a little while and it really is a fantastic, if somewhat short stealth action game. Of course the games ...

4 weeks ago
$_57 (3)

Customer Sent Rare iPhone 6 Prototype by Mistake

Love it or hate it, the iPhone 6 has been a big success for Apple. Sure there have been a few interesting (and somewhat amusing) hickups along the way, such as Bend Gate, but ...

4 weeks ago

Raijintek Morpheus GPU Cooler Review

Introduction Raijintek are still fairly new to the consumer market, but over the last couple of years they’ve come back again and again with products that offer ...

4 weeks ago

Palit GeForce GTX 980 Super-JetStream Revealed

The new Nvidia graphics card series has been with us a couple of weeks now, but there’s still a great selection of new cards on their way. The latest card to be ...

4 weeks ago
Crucial_Ballistix_XT_DDR3 ftd

Crucial Ballistix Sport XT 32GB 1866MHz Quad Channel DDR3 Memory Kit Review

Introduction With the arrival of DDR4 it might be easy to forget that DDR3 is still the most popular memory choice for desktop PC platforms of mainstream and high-end ...

4 weeks ago

New Botnet Composed out of Mac Systems Discovered

The times where Mac users were relatively safe from malicious attacks is long gone. As we all know, no system is secure and everything can be broken, it’s just a matter ...

4 weeks ago

Windows 10 Will Have DirectX 12 and Probably Cortana

It has previously been confirmed by official sources that DirectX 12 will come together with the next generation of Windows. Now that lose confirmation has been nailed to the ...

4 weeks ago

SanDisk Introduces X300 Client SSD up to 1TB

SanDisk has introduced their newest line of high performing client solid state drives, the SanDisk X300 SSD. The drive uses the latest advancements in X3 technology to deliver ...

4 weeks ago