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Seagate Unveils 10TB Consumer Drives

Seagate has unveiled their new 10TB drives for consumers, storage, and surveillance alike and they now feature the largest available 10TB drive portfolio. At the same ...

2 days ago

AMD Releases Both 16.7.2 and 16.7.3 WHQL Drivers

As part of the RX 480 launch, AMD released a number of new drivers to support the new Polaris GPU. Ending up at 16.7.2 earlier, AMD is now releasing a new update to their ...

2 days ago

Phanteks Reveals Stunning GTX 1080 Water Block

Phanteks have a reputation for excellent build quality, stylish designs, and overall very desirable products. With their continuing efforts in the custom loop water ...

2 days ago
CSGO Skin Gambling could cost the streamers more than just a little money

Valve Looking to Shutdown CS:GO Gambling Sites

After it was revealed that several high profile YouTubers not only advertised CS:GO gambling sites but also owned the sites, possibly even manipulating the odds so that ...

2 days ago
tesla model s

Tesla Reveals Master Plan

Tesla has revealed their master plan, the plan which will shape their entire business strategy for the company and it's quite ambitious. Tesla's CEO and founder Elon ...

2 days ago
XFX RX 480 Black Edition 1

XFX Details AMD RX 480 Black Edition

Everyone has been jumping in with their custom RX 480 cards over the past week and XFX is now getting in on the action. In addition to their reference model, XFX is set to ...

2 days ago

Boy Shot While Playing Pokemon Go

When it comes to Pokemon Go, we have heard of all sorts of crazy accidents and incidents. There have been people falling off cliffs, falling into harbours, running into ...

2 days ago

AMD Zen CPU ES Specs Leaked

One of the most highly anticipated releases of the year is Zen. Teased several times over the past year by AMD, the new CPU architecture is set to bring about 40% IPC ...

2 days ago

Palit GameRock Premium GTX 1070 Graphics Card Review

Introduction NVIDIA's latest flagship, the GTX 1080 is capable of astounding performance but the current asking price is well beyond what most enthusiasts are ...

2 days ago
Great fire of London

Museum of London Bringing Great Fire of London to Minecraft

When it comes educational games, Minecraft is getting more and more attention as it goes. From the original concept of building the world in blocks to the survival and ...

3 days ago
shattering glass

Watch Incredible Glass Explosion at 343,000 FPS!

We've all been told those tales about what not to do in the kitchen. One I will always remember is not to put glass in a microwave because the second the container cooled ...

3 days ago

New No Man’s Sky Trailer Shows Off Space Combat

There's no denying that No Man's Sky is one of the most anticipated games of 2016, providing players with the ability to travel across a vast universe and explore wild ...

3 days ago

Experience the First Moon Landing From the Comfort of Your Home

47 years ago today, one of the great milestones of space flight took place when Apollo 11 touched down on the surface of the Moon, allowing mankind to take its first steps ...

3 days ago
iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Mock Ups Revealed

Why wait for a company to reveal something these days when people could instead just leak the information? This has become the go-to way for many things from films and ...

3 days ago
zotac black gtx 1070 (2)

Zotac Reveals Black GTX 1070 Reference Edition

What you're admiring right now is the awesome GTX 1070 Reference Edition graphics card by ZOTAC, which features a completely blacked out look that will surely be ...

3 days ago

Why id Software Chose Vulkan over DirectX 12

id Software is one of the best-known game developers in the world, having created smash hit games for many generations. With the latest Doom game being another big hit, ...

3 days ago

Learn Guitar with FourChords Guitar Karaoke on Steam

Want to learn guitar, or even just pick up the tricks to expand your knowledge of many popular songs? Then we've got some great news, as FourChords Guitar Karaoke has ...

3 days ago

New Game From Creators of Myst Delayed!

Are you a fan of the classic adventure game Myst? If you are, then you'll likely be super excited about the latest game from iconic developer Cyan, but it does seem they ...

3 days ago

Enermax Platimax DF PSUs Coming Soon

ENERMAX has just revealed their new 80 PLUS Platinum certified power supply, which offers up to 93% high efficiency. The new Platimax D.F. which made its debut on CeBIT ...

3 days ago

BIOSTAR Announce Latest GTX 1080 Graphics Card

The battle for the high-end GPU market has been pretty exciting this last few weeks, as the 4K gaming monster that is the Nvidia GTX 1080 hit the market. Now BIOSTAR enter ...

3 days ago

ASUS STRIX X99 Gaming Broadwell-E Motherboard Review

Introduction, Specifications and Packaging The X99 platform was recently refreshed with Intel's Broadwell-E range of processors designed to offer content ...

3 days ago

CD Projekt RED Co-Founder Talks Fighting Piracy

When it comes to fighting game piracy, most developers take a hard line by introducing more and more restrictive DRM with some even requiring a consistent internet ...

3 days ago
Pokemon GO in Minefields

Bosnians Warned Not To Play Pokémon GO in Minefields

While you enjoy and play the biggest games, Pokémon GO seems to dwarf even the biggest mobile and console-based games as players as thousands of players are now hunting ...

3 days ago
Atom Based Hard Drive

New Hard Drive Tech Could Significantly Boost Storage Space

When it comes to computers, storage space and speed are becoming more and more of a selling point thanks to the uptake in SSD's. Now researchers in the Netherlands have ...

3 days ago

RimWorld Ditches Free Steam Keys Due to Fraud

With more and more games coming out, it's not hard to see piracy and fraud becoming even bigger problems for small time companies. This has affected RimWorld developer ...

3 days ago