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Camera Attached To A Utility Poll Used To Spy On Suspects

While they work to enforce the law, recently they have come into conflicts with it when technology was used in new ways. From the use of mobile interception technologies, ...

1 day ago

ViaSat Plans Terabit Cabable Internet Satellites

High-speed internet is becoming more and more accessible to the world, from brand new fibre networks to expanding coverage of mobile data network. Some places on the ...

1 day ago

Oculus Confirms Rift Compatible PC Bundles

  The range of potential possibilities concerning the forthcoming Oculus Rift headset promises to be both exciting and also worth the wait, in theory, the problem ...

1 day ago

Fractal Design Integra M 550W 80Plus Bronze Power Supply Review

Introduction & Packaging Fractal Design has been making high-end PC components for years, having already made a respectable name for themselves in the chassis ...

1 day ago
immerist  (1)

Immersit Adds Gaming & Movie Motion Effects to Your Furniture

For me, immersion is one of the most important factors when it comes to gaming, and while VR headsets will definitely help out with this quite a bit, I think that there is ...

1 day ago
Gigabyte EL-20-3700-32GB (1)

Gigabyte Unveils EL-20-3700-32GB IoT Gateway Solution

Internet of Things, or IoT for short, is the next big thing in the digital revolution. To say it as simple as possible, IoT basically connects devices with each other and ...

1 day ago
Top Gear

Top Gear Full Presenter Line-Up Confirmed

Top Gear is one of the most successful programmes worldwide and its success relies on the camaraderie between Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson and James May. Originally, ...

1 day ago
EVGA 980Ti-VR-Header

EVGA Introduces GeForce GTX 980 Ti VR Edition

Virtual Reality is the new thing for 2016 as there is more than one VR device on its way. To pull this kind of hardware you need the rest of your hardware to play ball ...

1 day ago

Unity Vision Summit Attendees Receive Free HTC Vive

Virtual Reality is commonly perceived as the next step in entertainment and could revolutionize the way we all watch films, and play video games. Not only that, VR devices ...

1 day ago

Leaked Slides Confirm 32 Core AMD Zen Opteron CPUs

For those are hoping for "MOAR COARS", it looks like AMD will be delivering later this year. First alluded to in a Linux patch last week, AMD's upcoming Zen Opteron CPUs ...

1 day ago

XCOM 2 Sales Exceed 500,000 During First Week

XCOM is one of the most iconic strategy series ever devised and provides a huge challenge on the IronMan mode. Initially, I was really concerned about the franchise being ...

2 days ago

HITMAN PC Requirements Have Been Revealed

The newest entry in the Hitman franchise, namely HITMAN, is set to be released on March 11 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. This is definitely ...

2 days ago
The Division

Tom Clancy’s The Division Will Enter Open Beta Soon

There's been a lot of talk about Tom Clancy's The Division lately, especially since the game's Closed Beta phase has revealed some disappointing details regarding ...

2 days ago

Gigabyte Announces F2A88X-D3HP FM2+ Motherboard

AMD's upcoming Zen architecture is predicted to offer a very competitive alternative to enthusiast Intel CPUs and could instigate a pricing war. This is great news for the ...

2 days ago

Cybersecurity Experts Urge Parents to Boycott VTech Toys After Hack

VTech is a company which specializes in electronics devices, baby monitors, toys and other equipment aimed at children. During my youth, I remember VTech being the main ...

2 days ago

Amazon Japan Offers Free Wine Advice with Sommelier

Amazon sells all manner of products, from books to furniture and even food and alcohol can be delivered directly to your door. When you don't know what to choose, many ...

2 days ago
dying light complete editio

Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition Now Available on PC

Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition is finally available for the PC platform, as announced by Techland not too long ago. Accompanying the announcement, ...

2 days ago
google self-driving car 2

US Regulators Consider AI Could “Be a Driver”

People love the idea of technology making their lives easier, be it a new gadget or an old one remade. Some of the bigger gadgets that people are looking forward are ...

2 days ago

Amazon to Remove Lumberyard Restrictions in Event of a Zombie Outbreak

Amazon recently announced their powerful Lumberyard game engine yesterday. Packing a number of powerful features building on the CryEngine, it is also completely free for ...

2 days ago
lego aeroplane

LEGO Assembly Line Folds Perfect Paper Aeroplanes

LEGO creator extraordinaire Arthur Sacek has built an amazingly intricate assembly line for making paper aeroplanes from the humble toy brick. Sacek, based in Sao Paulo, ...

2 days ago

ASUS Announces RP-AC68U Wireless Repeater

Even with the best of routers, you can run into trouble with insufficient coverage on your wireless networks and that is where repeaters come into play. Mostly we see ...

2 days ago
windows 10

Microsoft Will Start Releasing Windows 10 Update Notes

While there are undoubtedly many issues and concerns users have with Windows 10, one of them is finally being addressed. After announcing last year that there will be ...

2 days ago

Micron Declares GDDR5X Right on Track

Engineers at the Micron Development Center in Munich have announced that they have gotten their first samples of GDDR5X back from their fab before schedule and have ...

2 days ago
dunecase 0

‘Dune Case’ Brings Mac Pro Styling to Mini-ITX PCs

When it comes to technology, we have a tendency to want to make everything smaller and 2016 seems like one of those years where this is the case for PC systems. The ...

2 days ago
16 - eteknix.com_1

Best Microgaming Video Slot Machines Released in 2015

2015 was a long and fruitful year for game developers. Some well known, major franchises have made comebacks on the market, like a new Mortal Kombat title or Rise of the ...

2 days ago