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NVIDIA Tease Pascal GTX 1070 and 1080 With Puzzle

When it comes to revealing technology and games these days, people often have to find new ways to build up anticipation and NVIDIA are known for their ability to tease ...

1 day ago
windows 10

Windows 10 Adoption Rate Tanks

One of the most critical figures for any new OS is adoption rate. If a new OS fails to be taken up, developers will shun it, leading to a vicious cycle. After ...

1 day ago
msi 1

MSI GS72 6QE Stealth Pro Gaming Laptop Review

Introduction MSI has already forged an exceptional gaming laptop range characterised by impressive build quality and a stunning aesthetic design. This makes each ...

1 day ago
gene therapy

Woman Made Biologically Younger by Gene Therapy

The CEO of gene therapy company BioViva Sciences USA claims to have become the first person to have been successfully made biologically younger following an experimental ...

2 days ago

Intel Scraps Broxton SoC

Following lower-than-projected earnings last quarter, which marked a huge drop from its record 2015 Q4 revenues, Intel has announced that it is pulling the plug on its ...

2 days ago

Car Hackers Could be Sentenced to Life in Prison

With drive-by-wire functions becoming more commonplace in road cars – utilising computerised systems which control steering, brakes, and acceleration – lawmakers, as ...

2 days ago

European Police Get New Cyber Powers

When it comes to cyber security there is a big problem, it's not that it's an underdeveloped and underappreciated area for law enforcement, those areas are being worked on ...

2 days ago

ASRock Unveils The H110M-HDVP Motherboard

ASRock manufacturers a huge range of motherboards sporting various chipsets and platforms which cater towards users with contrasting budgets. Whether you're looking for an ...

2 days ago

Antec Announces The P9 Window Chassis

Antec has a long-standing pedigree when it comes to cases but they have struggled in recent years to compete with the likes of Corsair, Phanteks and other popular brands. ...

2 days ago
Sapphire 390

Sapphire Announces The R9 390 TOXIC Graphics card

Even though AMD's new Polaris architecture is arriving relatively soon, it hasn't stopped leading vendors like Sapphire from producing new models based on the current ...

2 days ago

Verizon’s Network Damaged During Strike Action

Verizon is currently in a bad place, with recent news that they were going to stop supporting and repairing people on copper cables in favour of upgrading to fiber ...

2 days ago

$100k Fine For Man Who Fired Laser At A Ferry

When it comes to dangerous technology, lasers are often mistaken as something that can't be used to cause harm. Anyone who has ever operated a large vehicle may disagree, ...

2 days ago
Intel Core i7 6950X Broadwell-E eBay 1

Guess How Much The 10 Core i7-6950X Engineering Sample Sold For on eBay?

Everytime there is a major product launch, samples inevitably get leaked. Sometimes, these engineering samples are from disreputable sources but a large portion come ...

2 days ago
AMD Polaris

AMD Polaris Die Shots Reconstructed

One of the quirks of the internet is the ability to take something tiny and build up an empire around it. This is readily apparent when it comes to hardware launches, ...

2 days ago

SpaceX Releases 360-Degree Video of Falcon 9 Landing

SpaceX has always been keen to publicise their rocket landing attempts, with space fans being able to watch them live, in high-resolution and after the event peruse ...

2 days ago

Sony Files Patent for Contact Lens Camera

Sony Computer Entertainment has been revealed to have filed a patent with the USPTO recently, which outlines the integration of a camera into a contact lens. This includes ...

2 days ago

CS:GO Cheaters Now Banned by Their Linked Phone Numbers

When it comes to cheating, there is always someone willing to push their luck hoping they won't get caught. Valve is looking to help narrow down the number of ways you can ...

2 days ago
AMD Polaris Webiste Portal Page

AMD Launches Polaris Architecture Website

With both Pascal and Polaris coming out so close to each other, we've been bombarded by many leaks over the past few weeks. Despite a few vague hints, most of our ...

2 days ago

Intel Kaby Lake i7-7700K Specifications Leaked

Even though Intel is trying to look beyond the PC market, the firm is undoubtedly still a PC company. Its CPUs continue to be the best in the x86 world and their process ...

2 days ago

Creative SoundBlasterX G5 7.1 Headphone Amplifier Review

Introduction Creative has a long-running history in the PC audio world, having created some of the most popular audio hardware of several generations, such as ...

2 days ago
dark souls 3

Dark Souls III Players Are Being Banned Thanks To Hacked Items

For those who have picked up and started playing Dark Souls 3, you've no doubt had some difficulty with the constant barrage of enemies trying to get to you, either as the ...

3 days ago

Guess How Much The UK Government Spent on Snapchat Filters?

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps which allows users to capture the moment and automatically erase photographs once opened. This ingenious formula has ...

3 days ago
Quantum Break

Quantum Break Receives Mammoth 27GB Patch

Microsoft's shock announcement that Quantum Break would launch simultaneously on Windows 10 and Xbox One demonstrated their new attitude towards the PC platform. Since ...

3 days ago

EVGA Teases New X99 FTW K Motherboard

EVGA is one of the respected brands in the computer industry and upholds a superb level of customer service. The company offers a huge range of products including graphics ...

3 days ago
Intel Cycle of Growth

Intel Sheds PC Company Definition

With the decline in the PC market over the last couple of years, it's no surprise that some companies have decided to bail out. Even for those staying the market, the ...

3 days ago