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Valve Facing Australian Federal Court

Valve’s STEAM service has by now certainly become a household name in the gaming platform genre, similar to other products such as Ubisoft’s iPlay and EA ...

3 days ago

Microsoft Has Removed 1500 Fake Apps from Their Windows Store

Microsoft has modified their Windows Store app certification requirements with some new changes and as a result removed over 1500 fake apps from the store. The three new ...

4 days ago
Screenshot 2014-08-28 17.56.19

Jimmy Kimmel Got Bored Waiting for a Friends Reunion, Awesome Ensues

As a big fan of Friends I’ve always wanted to see just one more episode of the show (and nope, the Joey show didn’t count). It seems that for better or for worse ...

4 days ago

Examining Nvidia’s Driver Progress Since Launch Drivers: GTX 780 Ti & GTX 680

Introduction Just over a month ago we published our AMD driver analysis article looking at the progress two generations of AMD flagship GPUs, the HD 7970 and R9 290X, had made ...

4 days ago

Windows 8 Market Share Finally Bigger than XP’s

Windows 8 hasn’t had it easy since it launched and is far from as bad an OS as Vista. It can actually have many benefits, but in the end it’s a matter of choice ...

4 days ago

LG G Watch R Images and Specifications Leaked Ahead of Launch

LG is planning to unveil their new smart watch during next week’s IFA 2014 in Berlin, but the specifications and product images have already leaked onto the web. This ...

4 days ago

Chinese Supplier of Samsung and Lenovo Denies Child Worker Allegations

Once again accusation of child labour has hit the headlines in the tech industry, and this time it’s a supplier of Samsung and Lenovo. The Huizhou-based factory of ...

4 days ago
gog-movies Redesigned, Starts Distributing DRM Free Movies or Good Old Games as it used to be known has long been one of my favorite gaming websites, not only do they have a completely DRM free policy for all the titles the ...

4 days ago
oculus rift dk2

Developer Takes Oculus DK2 to NYC Salon for Public Demos

Oculus DK2 is now dropping into the hands of developers around the world and while a lot of people have tried it out at gaming events and trade shows, these are people who are ...

4 days ago

George Takei Helps Raise $650K for Fan Made Star Trek Film

A new Star Trek film has been hitting the big screen every few years for quite some time now, but now it looks like we’re going to be treated to the ultimate Star Trek ...

4 days ago
Picture illustration of Apple's iPhone 5 and Samsung Electronics' Galaxy S4 taken in Seoul

U.S Judge rejects Apple’s injunction against Samsung

In the latest fight of the ongoing patent war between Apple and Samsung, a U.S. judge has rejected Apple’s latest bid for a permanent injunction against Samsung, and it ...

4 days ago

Everybody Can NAS, a Beginners Guide to OpenMediaVault

Introduction What is a NAS? NAS is the acronym for ‘Network Attached Storage’ and that is just what it is. Storage that is directly attached to your network, ...

4 days ago

HP Recalls over 6 Million AC Power Cords

Hewlett-Packard is recalling about 6 million notebook and laptop AC power because of possible overheating, which again can pose a burn and fire risk. HP has received 29 ...

5 days ago

Intel Reveals Worlds Smallest Modem for the Internet of Things

Intel has revealed what it calls “the world’s smallest standalone wireless modem for connecting the Internet of things”. This could be any everyday thing that ...

5 days ago

Homer Simpson Takes The Ice Bucket Challenge

It has been a busy few weeks for the ALS Association, they’ve gained over $30 million in donations and we’ve seen hundreds of videos from celebrities, video game ...

5 days ago

XFX PRO 650W XXX Edition Semi-Modular Power Supply Review

Introduction & Packaging XFX’s PRO series of power supplies are well renowned among the enthusiast community for their great performance and fantastic value for ...

5 days ago

3D Printed Skeleton Keys Can Pick High Security Locks in Seconds

Lock picking is something of an art form, while the basics can be learnt relatively quickly, there are locks out there that even the experts will struggle with, until now. ...

5 days ago

Lizard Squad Take Down Twitch and League of Legends

Game streaming service and online game League of Legends have been hit by notorious hacking group “Lizard Squad”, leaving both services offline for ...

5 days ago

Interview: AMD’s Richard Huddy Responds To Criticisms of Mantle

AMD’s Mantle API is an interesting development in the PC Gaming industry, it allows developers to leverage low-overhead designs to improve the performance of their games ...

5 days ago
gigabyte_x99_ud5_wifi - Copy

Exclusive: Gigabyte GA-X99-UD5 WiFi Motherboard Revealed

We have managed to get our hands on an exclusive picture of Gigabyte’s upcoming GA-X99-UD5 WiFi motherboard, pictured above. This motherboard will be part of ...

5 days ago

NSA Uses Google Like Internal Search Engine

It’s no secret that the NSA has been spying on millions of citizens, both in and out of the United States and since the whole Snowden whistle blowing incident (and many ...

5 days ago

PlayStation 4 Now Dominates PC For Most Registered Battlefield 4 Players

While the Battlefield series may still be considered a PC title, given that it was on the PC where the series started, the games audience has definitely started to shift over ...

5 days ago

Windows 9 To Allow Cloud-Based System Image Back-Ups

Remembering to backup your operating system is something 90% of us probably forget to do, with Windows 9 that could change. Famous Windows leaker WZOR has explained that ...

5 days ago
The Windows 8 Concept Start Menu

Windows 9 Start Menu To Have Full-Screen Option

We’ve heard that Microsoft’s Windows 9 OS will have two different versions: the first is centered around the desktop with no modern UI and the second is centered ...

5 days ago

EA To Rake In Over $1 Billion From DLC and Add-Ons This Year

The story with EA and DLC is one familiar to gamers on all platforms: 1) EA make and release a game 2) They add new content and features, that probably should have been in ...

5 days ago