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SPECTRE Final Trailer Has Arrived!

Daniel Craig's modern portrayal of James Bond has reinvigorated the classic series providing you forget the atrocious film, Quantum of Solace. Casino Royale was ...

3 days ago

Russian Anti-Virus Company Firebombed by Angry VXers

Malware creators have firebombed the offices of an anti-virus company after it refused to delist its reverse engineered analysis of an ATM skimmer. A group calling itself ...

3 days ago
Tony Hawk's 5

Activision Acknowledges Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 Problems

  Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5's release has been shambolic, with absurd glitches and visually ancient texture quality. To put this train wreck into perspective, the ...

3 days ago
don't be evil

Alphabet Ditches Google’s “Don’t be Evil” Mantra

While some may question whether the company ever really adhered to it, Google’s corporate motto since 2004 has been “don’t be evil”. The bold statement was ...

3 days ago
moon landing flickr collection (1)

All Photos Shot by Apollo Astronauts on the Moon Can Be Seen on Flickr

Most of us have already seen some of the most famous videos and pictures captured during the Moon landing, but we never really got a chance to browse through the entire ...

3 days ago

Disney Is Devising a 3D Augmented Reality Colouring Book

I don’t know, children today in developed countries have it all in terms of tech, where tablet computers and Smartphone’s are the norm and internet access is available ...

3 days ago

Scientists Will Move an Asteroid off Course as Part of a Test

It's happened before and it will definitely happen again sometime in the planet's future. I'm talking about an asteroid impact, of course, the like of which could ...

3 days ago

October Is Back – Let the Halloween Inspired Events Begin!

October is well-known for one thing these days. Halloween. With it comes all kinds of spooky sales and events so this year we've decided to give you an outline about some ...

3 days ago

Micron to start selling TLC SSDs this quarter

Micron Technologies is finally moving into the TLC (Triple-Level Cell) NAND market, with shipments of consumer SDDs starting in Q4 this year. TLC is generally cheaper than ...

3 days ago
Microsoft Havok Physics

Microsoft Buys Havok Physics From Intel

Microsoft today is announcing their acquisition of Havok Physics from long time owner Intel. Used in a large number of AAA games as middleware and psysics engine, Havok is ...

3 days ago

Millions of T-Mobile Customer Records Stolen In Data Hack

If I had a £1/$1 every time a company was hacked and private details of consumers were leaked to a third-party, I would be now looking at a brochure for mansions. The ...

3 days ago

Reports of iPhone 6S & Plus Randomly Powering Down

Smartphones have moved on leaps and bounds over the last decade, the processing power which is confined within a portable device is quite mind-blowing. But, these devices ...

3 days ago

Wifatch: The Vigilante Malware

Malware. That one word which seems to inspire fear and dread in everybody who hears it, even more so when you've experienced it first hand on one of your many devices. ...

3 days ago

XFX Pro850W Black Edition Fully Modular Power Supply Review

Introduction & Packaging Today we'll be taking a look at one of the latest power supplies from XFX, a PRO850W Black Editon unit designed for high-end gaming ...

3 days ago

Japan Display Conveys Prototype 8K Screen Within a 17-inch LCD

Recent years have seen a substantial improvement of resolution within screens at a price point which has dropped significantly, from average consumer availability of 1080p ...

4 days ago
iphone 6s tear 2

Is The iPhone 6s And 6s Plus Waterproof?

Apple's launch presentation of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus concentrated on 3D Touch, enhanced camera optics and other minor tweaks. While these are interesting additions, ...

4 days ago

Batman: Arkham Knight is Returning to Steam

Batman: Arkham Knight launched in a horrific state on PC and marred by terrible optimization, buggy textures and instability issues. The technical bumbling forced Warner ...

4 days ago

Has the PlayStation 4 Update 3.0 Made Some Games Unplayable?

Sony released its new firmware update for the PlayStation 4 this week, version 3.0, which introduced user enhancements, Twitter video sharing capabilities, YouTube ...

4 days ago
minecraft cybersecurity

Minecraft Being Used to Recruit Cybersecurity Talent

The UK Government has teamed up with Cyber Security Challenge UK to find fresh talent for the cybersecurity industry, using sandbox building game Minecraft as its ...

4 days ago

AdBlock Has a New Owner and No One Knows Who

Popular Chrome and Safari browser extension AdBlock has been quietly sold, and no one seems to know who the new owner is. Yesterday, users of AdBlock – rebranded from ...

4 days ago

Win One of Ten Netis AV500 Powerline Adapter Kits (UK Only)

Are you ready to win yourself another awesome prize? Of course you are! We've joined forces with our friends at Netis and Target Components to bring you ten Netis PL7500 ...

4 days ago
worms eat plastic waste

Mealworms Could Help Us Get Rid of Plastic Waste

It's no big secret that we're slowly poisoning the earth with the millions of tons of plastic waste that we're dumping into landfills each year. And even though we have ...

4 days ago
Dead or Alive 5

Dead or Alive 5: Last Round Finally Gets Online Support on PC

Dead or Alive 5: Last Round's PC port is absolutely atrocious and plagued by a lack of keyboard bindings, omitted stages and no sign of the "Soft Engine" seen on ...

4 days ago

Edward Snowden Twitter Notifications Resulted in 47GB of E-mails

NSA whistleblower and US exile Edward Snowden recently joined Twitter – his first act as a new member was to establish himself as the greatest troll of the 21st Century ...

4 days ago
star wars battlefront 1

AMD Releases Catalyst 15.9.1 Beta Driver With Memory Leak Fix

AMD has released the latest Catalyst 15.9.1 Beta driver which offers enhanced optimization for the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront Beta and Fable Legends preview. The ...

4 days ago