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Get Friends to Use Google Wallet – Get Up To $100

Got an Android device? Got 20 friends with Android devices that currently don’t have a Google Wallet balance? Well send each of them a penny (20 cents) and you could ...

4 days ago
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Got a Lawsuit you Want to Fund? Crowdfund it!

Want to sue someone but can’t afford it? Well no longer, as a new website called LexShares thinks it has the answer, with its Kickstarter for lawsuits. LexShares allows ...

4 days ago

GIGABYTE Launches X99M-Gaming 5 mATX Motherboard

Good things come in small packages, as they say. In that regard, Gigabyte just announced the new X99M-Gaming 5 micro ATX motherboard to their already impressive Intel X99 ...

4 days ago
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Microsoft Azure and Xbox Live Suffer Major Outage

Yesterday Microsoft encountered quite a significant outage across many of its online and cloud-based products. Even its own website partially went down. The outage mainly ...

4 days ago
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Swiftpoint GT – Slide Gesture Mouse Announced

Interactive change has come to peripherals – the Swiftpoint GT has been reportedly constructed in a bid to change the way we look at mice design which has followed ...

4 days ago
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The Best Looking System Giveaway Winner!

It’s time to reveal another lucky winner! For the last few weeks we’ve been running a wide range of awesome competitions and one of the most interesting is our ...

4 days ago
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Apple’s iPhone 6 TLC and MLC Put to the Test

We recently reported on Apple disabling TLC Memory in their iPhone 6 Plus models due to a high failure rate in their devices – further slowing down people’s phones ...

4 days ago
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Samsung Ranked Second in 1,000 in R&D Spendings

As according to Fortune magazine, Samsung has been ranked in consultancy firm ‘Strategy & Global Innovation’s’ top 1,000 list of 2013 in expenditure in ...

4 days ago
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Intel Announce 10nm Chips Capabilities and Release Plans

We reported early in 2014 of Intel’s 14nm “Fab 42″ plant remaining closed and the rumors surrounding 10nm chip manufacturing that came with it – from ...

4 days ago
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Study: Android Fans are More Dateable Among Other Findings

Are iOS and Android users really that different? Well, according to British market research firm YouGov’s latest report – they claim that Apple users are ...

4 days ago

Lian Li PC-V359 M-ATX Chassis Review

Introduction Lian-Li have one of the best reputations in the chassis industry, it’s as if this company finds it impossible to make a product that is anything less than ...

4 days ago
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Razer CEO Warns of Fake Nabu eBay offerings

As announced on his Public Facebook page yesterday, Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan warns of fake Razer Nabu smart bands becoming available on eBay. His official statement reads: ...

4 days ago
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Android 5.0 is Basically Useless in China

Android 5.0 has been released to a massive reception in Western nations, promising and delivering a handy new user interface amongst other spectacular features. Unfortunately ...

4 days ago
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Google Chrome Version 39 Releases with 64-bit OS X Support

We hope you Mac users are ready for some 64-bit software computations from Google! Google Chrome version 39 has released today, with the new update including a number of large ...

4 days ago
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World’s First Mac Pro Data Centre Opens for Business

Apple’s 2013 Mac Pro isn’t the sort of thing you’d expect to find packed up in a server rack, but one hosting company, aptly named MacStadium, has built an ...

4 days ago

Microsoft Office for Android Now Features Dropbox Integration

Microsoft has updated Office for Android, providing Dropbox integration. The new feature was revealed a few weeks ago now, but the update to the application itself brings ...

4 days ago

Playmute, the Dongle that Bypasses TV Commercials

Commercials and adverts help fund content creation. It’s a practical business model, one that has endured since the advent of television – unless your name is the BBC – ...

4 days ago
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Nokia’s Z Launcher Now Available

Alongside its new Nokia N1 tablet, Nokia also introduced its ‘Z Launcher’ for Android. The launcher, which is also being released for other Android users, features ...

4 days ago
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USA Intends to Provide Internet to Villages via Laser

According to US technology news website, TechnologyReview, several US communications carriers are going to pilot a technology which will see a laser beam internet up to speeds ...

4 days ago

Apple Pay and In-Store Deals Helping Drive Consumer Interest in Mobile Payments

The mobile payment market is still in its infancy, but will generate an estimated $52 billion in 2014 alone, according to the Forrester Research analyst group. Consumers seem ...

4 days ago

Details of Huawei’s New Smartphones Leak, 64-Bit Processor and More

Chinese tech company Huawei is the new upstart in the mobile device market, with its Ascend P7 smartphone and Ascend Mate 7 phablet garnering rave reviews this year. A leak, ...

4 days ago

WhatsApp Introduces End-to-End Encryption

In a move applauded by privacy advocates, instant messaging service WhatsApp is introducing end-to-end encryption of user data on Android devices, meaning that any messages ...

4 days ago
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Samsung Scales Back Smartphone Output, New Focus on Flexible Displays

Samsung is to scale back its smartphone range by up to 30% according to Robert Yi, Samsung’s Head of Investor Relations. The move will be followed by a shift in emphasis in ...

4 days ago

Watch Tony Hawk Ride the World’s First Hoverboard

In March, Tony Hawk pranked us all by riding the fake ‘HUVr‘ hoverboard. But now, he’s released a video of him riding another board, except this one is real. ...

4 days ago
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World Record Broken With Fleksy Keyboard – Twice

Brazilian Teenager, Marcel Fernandes has broken the Guinness world record for the fastest typing of a text message on a touch-screen mobile phone. Twice. Fernandes typed ...

4 days ago