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Samsung Offers 30-Day Trial on Flagship Phones to Tempt Apple Fans

Samsung has recently launched an incentive designed to wean long-term Apple loyalists from their normal upgrade path and seriously consider a number of alternatives. The ...

5 days ago

Glass 3D Printing Technique Is Stunning

Recent years have seen the technique of 3D printing evolve from a niche concept to a mainstream phenomenon, which in turn has opened up a whole new horizon for product ...

5 days ago

Microsoft Nukes Most Patch Notes For Windows 10

When your computer begins to behave in an odd manner, one of the first trouble shooting places is to see if Microsoft has installed a patch which conflicts with a piece of ...

5 days ago
Seagate HAMR HDD heat-assisted-magnetic-recording-vs perpendicular

First Prototype Seagate HAMR HDDs limited to 4TB

Even as we transition more and more to speedy SSDs, developments are still occurring in HDD land. Having explored the limits of what is practical with Helium filled ...

5 days ago
AMD Radeon R9 Fury Nano Fiji GPU

Report Suggests AMD to Launch R9 Nano on August 27th

Small form factor fans should block off some time on August 27th because AMD is set to launch their R9 Nano on that day. We've long known that the R9 Nano would arrive ...

5 days ago

AMD Prepping Post-GCN Greenland, Baffin and Ellesmere GPUs

According to multiple sources, AMD is working on 3 new GPUs as part of their 2016 lineup. Likely part of the Arctic Islands release, the 3 chips all fit the theme being ...

5 days ago

John McAfee Calls McAfee Antivirus “One of the Worst Products on the ****** Planet”

WARNING: This article references materials that contain explicit Language We all have (or should be using) an antivirus program (or several for some people). For some ...

6 days ago
Samsung HBM HBM2 2016 Memory Cache

Samsung to Start Mass Production of HBM2 in 2016

While SKHynix was the first to produce HBM for AMD, things may change next year. Samsung is leveraging their massive production base and getting into the HBM market with ...

6 days ago

Spotify’s CEO Clarifies New Privacy Policy After Controversy

Spotify's updated terms and conditions page has caused outrage amongst users and resulted in a number of high profile individuals to cancel their membership. To access ...

6 days ago

Firefox Set to Become More Like Chrome

Mozilla is set to implement a number of changes to its Firefox internet browser that will make it more like Google Chrome. Though the revisions will make Firefox more ...

6 days ago
wormhole 1

Artificial Wormhole Creates Invisible Magnetic Field

A team of physicists from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain have created an artificial wormhole in a laboratory that makes an invisible electromagnetic tunnel ...

6 days ago

Cougar Iron Grey Edition 550M Gaming Mouse Review

Introduction Cougar is back on eTeknix once again, following the review of their new 300M gaming mouse, which was a fantastic product for a very reasonable price. ...

6 days ago

Half-Line Miami is a Magical Blend of Half Life and Hotline Miami

Half-Line Miami is a free standalone mod, created by Thomas Kole and combines Half Life 2 and Hotline Miami in a spectacular way. The project was designed to hone Kole's ...

6 days ago
Portrait Session with MEGA Limited Executives

Kim Dotcom’s Music Streaming Service to Give 95% of Proceeds to Artists

As divisive as the German entrepreneur may be, few can accuse Kim Dotcom about not giving a damn. All of his endeavours – from two failed attempts at secure cloud ...

6 days ago
aquanox deep descent

Developers Launch a Kickstarter Campaign for a New AquaNox Game

Those of you who are familiar with the AquaNox series will definitely be glad to know that developers Digital Arrow and Nordic Games have launched a Kickstarter campaign ...

6 days ago

TP-Link Announces VR900 AC1900 WiFi VDSL2 Modem Router

TP-Link were recently in the news as the company behind Google's fancy new OnHub router, but they're also working on their own products. The latest which just has been ...

6 days ago
directx 12 tech demo metroid sun temple

Check out This DirectX 12 Tech Demo Made in Unreal Engine 4.9!

I'm sure that many of you are excited about DirectX 12 and that you can't wait to test it on your own rigs, which is why you're probably going to want to check out this ...

6 days ago
drone on a leash (1)

Drone Maker Launches a Crowdfunding Campaign for a Quadcopter on a Leash

Piloting an ordinary drone might look easy enough but it actually requires a bit of skill and know-how, especially since these small gadgets can easily cause accidents if ...

6 days ago
google right to be forgotten

Google Ordered by the UK to Remove Links To “Right to Be Forgotten” News

Google's "Right to be Forgotten" initiative is definitely a noble one as it removes all irrelevant or outdated links pointing to certain individuals. However, as you can ...

6 days ago

SilverStone SX600-G SFX Series Power Supply Review

Introduction & Packaging Silverstone is well-known for their high-end products, having created some very impressive power supplies, coolers, chassis products ...

6 days ago
Apple Watch Hack

Has a 14-Year-Old Hacker Enabled iOS 4.2.1 on an Apple Watch?

Billy Ellis is a 14-year-old designer and iOS developer with a keen interest in hacking. His latest project shows an Apple Watch booting into iOS 4.2.1 and displays the ...

6 days ago
Intel Skylake iGPU Gen9 GPU Overview 3

Intel Skylake Gen9 iGPU Graphics Examined

While much of the focus for Skylake has been on the CPU side, Intel has also invested heavily in improving the iGPU side of things as well. As part of IDF 2015, Intel ...

6 days ago
fps chatroulette

This Happens When You Mix Real Life With FPS Games and Take It to Chatroulette

We all love our video games, whatever type they might be. They are fun to play while they relax or challenge us. But what happens if you take that game into real life? The ...

6 days ago

CD Projekt RED Co-Founder Wants Free DLC to Become the Standard

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an amazing game all-around and it definitely managed to deliver on its hype, unlike many other titles. However, even though the game was ...

6 days ago
amazon gaming

Amazon Bans Flash Adverts on Its Own Domains

Amazon has updated the terms of its Technical Guidelines to prohibit any advert on Amazon-branded sites using Adobe's Flash protocol. The change will commence on the 1st ...

7 days ago