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Quantum Break

Quantum Break Update to Include Variable Refresh Support

Quantum Break received relatively positive reviews on launch and was the first example of Microsoft's new cross-platform policy to bring PC and Xbox One players together. ...

7 days ago
google art camera

Google Unveils Gigapixel Art Camera

Google has unveiled a new super-high resolution, digital stills camera, but not one designed to fit on the end of a selfie stick. The gigapixel Art Camera, developed by ...

7 days ago

AMD Radeon Crimson Edition Boosts DOOM Performance

AMD has released a driver update for its Radeon graphics cards, bringing with it a 35% performance boost when running DOOM on a Radeon R9 390, compared to the last driver ...

7 days ago
dark souls 3 requirements

First-Person Mod Hits Dark Souls 3

Some of you would argue that Dark Souls 3 is difficult enough as it is from a third-person perspective, but have you ever wondered how it would be like to actually play ...

7 days ago

NVIDIA Reaffirms Their Plans to Only Support G-Sync

G-Sync is an absolutely fantastic invention which synchronises your display's refresh rate with the graphics card's current frame-rate. This eliminates stutter and forms ...

7 days ago

Here is the Full GTX 1080 Specification!

Even though NVIDIA disclosed key details about the GTX 1080 during their initial press conference, they didn't really divulge technical information until now! During the ...

7 days ago

The GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 Support up to 4-Way SLI

There's been a lot of conflicting reports suggesting the GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 can only support 2-way SLI configurations due to the new bridge design. Thankfully, NVIDIA ...

7 days ago

Pascal Founder’s Edition Cards Are Not a Limited Run

During the initial reveal of NVIDIA's latest enthusiast graphics line-up, there was some confusion regarding the Founder's Edition cards which come with a significant price ...

7 days ago

NVIDIA Confirms Pascal Natively Supports Asynchronous Compute

NVIDIA's latest architecture codenamed Pascal is built on the 16nm FinFet manufacturing process and apparently offers huge performance improvements compared to the current ...

7 days ago
BIOSTAR Launches Compact yet Powerful J3160MD System Board (1)

BIOSTAR Launches Compact and Powerful J3160MD System Board

BIOSTAR has announced its new J3160MD motherboard featuring one of Intel's Braswell Refresh SoC processors. We're talking about the Celeron J3160 quad-core processor ...

7 days ago
Call of Duty

Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare to Feature Magboots and Dog Fights

With the latest revelation in the Call of Duty series showing that war will exist even in space, players have been dubious about what the next Call of Duty game will ...

7 days ago

Refuse to Unlock Your Hard Drive? Get An Indefinite Life Sentence!

In recent years, encryption has taken a bad light in the press as people use it to hide malicious or illegal activity while others use it to just protect and keep their ...

7 days ago

Nintendo NX ARM SoC May Offer Xbox One Performance

Last week, we heard that the Nintendo NX might be powered by a Tegra SoC from Nvidia. This ran contrary to previous rumours that suggested that Nintendo would choose to go ...

7 days ago

AMD Readying New R7 and R9 SSDs

Last month, we reported that AMD had launched their new R3 SSDs quietly and without much fanfare. As we noted the new R3 drives were budget oriented, which was interesting ...

7 days ago

eSports Gets an Official Oversight Body

If you're into gaming these days, you can't avoid the growth of eSports. Whether you like League of Legends, are dedicated to DotA or are stunned by Starcraft, the eSports ...

7 days ago

Steams Sale Dates Leaked

Every year gamers await the summer sales, from the stores or online sites to the competitions, summer welcomes us and our wallets to an onslaught of issues as we decide ...

7 days ago

Cooler Master Maker 5 Chassis Review

Introduction Today is a very special day here at eTeknix, not only for us but also for Cooler Master, who just revealed their new flagship chassis, the Cooler ...

7 days ago

Microsoft to End Project Spark Game Creator

When Project Spark was released back in 2014, it was envisioned that the game creation game would allow players to effectively create their own worlds and games from ...

1 week ago

Britflix Could be the BBC’s Alternative to Netflix

Following the new White Paper on the future of the BBC, overseen by Culture Secretary John Whittingdale, which lent its support to the British broadcaster to monetise its ...

1 week ago

Cherry MW 2110 & MW 2310 Wireless Mouse Review

Introduction Cherry may be best known for their keyboards, or more specifically their extremely popular mechanical keyboards and the MX switch series. So imagine ...

1 week ago
john mcafee 1

Has John McAfee Been Caught Lying About Hacking Again?

Yesterday, reports emerged that attention-seeking billionaire John McAfee had hacked the end-to-end encryption of popular messaging app WhatsApp. According to ...

1 week ago
hyundai exo 1

Hyundai Bringing the Iron Man Suit to Life

Korean automotive manufacturer Hyundai has revealed plans to create its own mechanical exoskeletons to help workers to lift heavy objects. Part Iron Man suit, part Power ...

1 week ago

Windows 10 Will Feature Twice As Many Ads After Anniversary Update

When it comes to Windows 10, the operating system itself can hold its own but business decisions are letting users come at the operating system with all guns blazing ...

1 week ago
super mario bros

Nintendo Plans to Release Feature-Length Films in the Near Future

Some if you might not remember this, but Nintendo used to dabble in filmmaking back in the 90s. To be more specific, the company released a movie named Super Mario Bros. ...

1 week ago
fallout 4 nuka world1

Data Mining Reveals Possible Name for Next Fallout 4 DLC

The Far Harbor DLC for Fallout 4 will be released this month, and while we're pretty sure that this expansion will be quite impressive, it's not too early to have a look ...

1 week ago