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Australian Radio Telescope Captures Strange Signals From Space

Scientists from Melbourne’s Swinburne University have detected alien radio signals from space in real time. The signals were captured by the Parkes radio telescope in New ...

6 days ago
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Watch: Vladmir Putin Gets Bored Over Quad Bike Riding Robot

Watching the video bellow, you might find yourself actually agreeing with Vladimir Putin for once. He’s far from excited – and so will you be when you see this ...

6 days ago
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Sky Now Blocking Porn By Default

Sky Broadband has announced that it will be automatically blocking pornography and all material deemed unsafe for children aged bellow 13. The company’s “Sky ...

6 days ago
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New Apple Store in Hangzhou, China, Covered With Amazing Mural

Apple’s store openings aren’t always like your regular store openings. They tend to plaster the building in some zany pattern, often featuring something of local ...

6 days ago

Steam for Linux Bug Could Nuke Your Hard Drive

A bug within Steam for Linux has been discovered that could potentially wipe personal data and files stored on both the PC’s internal hard drive any connected external ...

6 days ago

New LastPass Mac App Announced

The people behind LastPass, the popular and free password generation software, have announced their new standalone Mac app. The app offers significantly more functionality ...

6 days ago
netflix screen

Marriott Hotel to Offer Netflix, Hulu, and Pandora to Guests

The Marriott hotel chain is trialling a new in-room entertainment package in eight of its hotels that includes access to video streaming platforms Netflix and Hulu, plus ...

6 days ago

HitchBOT, the Hitchhiking Robot, to Travel Across Germany

HitchBOT, the Canadian hitchhiking robot, is set for a road trip across Germany. Last year, HitchBOT thumbed its way around Canada, from Halifax to Victoria, talking and ...

6 days ago
steam stream

Steam Adds Game Broadcast Streaming

Valve is going head-to-head with Amazon-owned game streaming platform Twitch by launching its own equivalent through its digital distribution system Steam. From today, users ...

6 days ago

Synology Releases BeyondCloud Pre-Setup NAS Units

It isn’t everyone that is equally skilled when it comes to configuring devices, and there also are the people that just don’t want to bother with it. For just ...

6 days ago
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Snowden: GCHQ Hacked Journalist Emails

New information is continually being leaked by Edward Snowden and today is no exception. It appears that the British GCHQ hacked over 70,000 emails belonging to journalists. ...

6 days ago

Worried About Online Security? Then Here’s the Top 25 Passwords to Avoid

The easiest way for a hacker to gain access to another person’s online account is to crack a weak passwords, so users have to work hard to make sure their accounts are as ...

6 days ago

Razer Launches Entry-Level Smartband with Notification Features

Razer announced the launch of Razer Nabu X, a wearable that delivers notifications from smartphones, tracks fitness data, and has social band-to-band capabilities. The Nabu X ...

6 days ago
Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 10.58.35

Club Nintendo Rewards Scheme to be Discontinued

Nintendo has announced that it will be closing its Club Nintendo rewards programme this September. The company said that it will close the scheme in stages, and that a new ...

6 days ago
cougar 200K details

COUGAR 200 Series Mouse and Keyboard Now Available in UK Market

COUGAR is entering the UK market in a rapid pace and you can now find their products at Ebuyer, CCL online and Aria PC. Adding to the already available products, COUGAR ...

6 days ago

QNAP Partners with AMD for TVS-x63 Golden Cloud Turbo vNAS Series

This one almost slipped through my net with all the news going around after CES in Vegas, but it is a big one. QNAP has partnered with AMD to create the TVS-x63 Golden Cloud ...

6 days ago
Mad Catz RAT PROX 3

MAD CATZ Announced the R.A.T. PROX Gaming Mouse

Mad Catz announced the R.A.T. PRO X mouse, the next generation of the company’s popular R.A.T. gaming mouse series. The new mouse is built with a magnesium alloy ...

6 days ago

Moog to Revive Three of it 1970 Synthesisers

Moog, the lauded manufacturer of analogue synthesisers, favoured by such popular electronic artists as Kraftwerk and Gary Numan, is to resurrect three of its massive modular ...

6 days ago

Google’s iOS Calendar App Leaked

It appears that Google’s snazzy new calendar app will be soon be making its way to iOS. The app launched on Android last year with the company promising to bring it to ...

6 days ago
wii u pad

Wii U Had Record Sales Over December

After an early stutter after its 2012 release, the Wii U had its highest-ever sales over December last year, capping off a strong showing over 2014 as a whole. Nintendo sold ...

6 days ago

Unglued-Gate? Complaints of Nexus 6 Back Covers Becoming Unglued

It has been noted that there have been a rise in Nexus 6 owners complaining about the back covers of their phones becoming unglued. A number of publications have written ...

6 days ago

Google Could Team Up With SpaceX For Satellite Internet

According to reports, Google is considering injecting money in to Elon Musk’s astronautics company SpaceX, to take advantage of its plan to launch hundreds of satellites ...

7 days ago
selfie stick

London Venues Ban Selfie Sticks

Popular concert venues across London have taken the decision to ban selfie sticks for reasons of safety and concerns over obscured views. Any convert-goer attending gigs at ...

7 days ago
amazon studios

Amazon Studios to Make Films for Cinema Release

After making great strides with its original series, Amazon Studios is set to move into the movie business, making 12 films a year for cinema release before they’re made ...

7 days ago

Civilization Creator Heads For Space With Sid Meier’s Starships

Sid Meier, video game author and creator of famed strategy series Civilization, is setting course for outer space with new sci-fi strategy game Sid Meier’s Starships. Taking ...

7 days ago