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Cars Could Soon Feature Golf Ball-esque Dimples To Improve Efficiency

As many of you may know, golf balls are not smooth, they’re full of tiny dimples that change the aerodynamics of the ball. The lumps and bumps on a golf ball help hold ...

1 week ago

Print Circuit Boards Fast and Cheap With Squink

3D printing has proven a smash hit, with people using it to create prototype products and a multitude of cool and innovative things. However, they’re not well suited to ...

1 week ago

Germany May Switch to Using Typewriters in a Bid to Stop US Spys

It seems like German and US relations are being stretched even further recently, with the NSA scandal showing no signs of dissipating any time soon, German politicians are now ...

1 week ago

Ex-Infinity Ward Devs Form VR-Focused ‘Reload Studios’

Infinity Ward is no stranger to their staff breaking off and forming new studios, first we had Respawn Entertainment, now we have Reload Studios. Reload Studios is an LA based ...

1 week ago

GTA V Strip Club DLC Leaked?

Sneaky gamers claim to have found two upcoming strip clubs hidden in GTA Online based on code that was discovered within the game. This code has given up details of the ...

1 week ago

Check Out This Incredible Oculus Rift Lightsaber Demo

Oculus Rift has already proven to be a great tool for developers, especially when it comes to creating impressive and innovative experiences. One user has not only taken the ...

1 week ago

Tesla Release a Sporty Model 3

Tesla has recently announced they are planning a BMW Series 3 rival named the model 3. We had heard rumors that their next release would be called the model E, but ...

1 week ago

Microsoft Swiftly and Silently Removes ‘Hints’ of Next Generation Xbox from Job Ad

Microsoft has published an ad, searching for a “super creator” industrial engineer, a few days back. The company stated that it was looking for someone who would ...

1 week ago

Seagate Announce Five New Business NAS Systems With Up To 30TB Storage On Offer

Aside from desktop and enterprise hard drives and SSDs, not many people are aware that Seagate also have a NAS product line that covers every market sector including the SMB ...

1 week ago

Timberman Becomes The Latest Alternative To Flappy Bird

We all know how popular Flappy Bird was when it hit the App store and Google Play earlier in the year and since its creator pulled it from both stores, users have been begging ...

1 week ago

New Alien Vs Predator Game Could Be On The Cards

In an interview with DSOGaming the Head of Programming at Rebellion, Kevin Floyer-Lea revealed something interesting. Kevin was previously the lead programmer on the ...

1 week ago

Microsoft Planning New Sub $250 Notebooks – Wants To Beat Chromebooks

It isn’t a secret that Microsoft is not fond of Google’s Chromebooks. They are one of the things Microsoft has attacked Google for in its scroogled campaign. ...

1 week ago

Darksiders Game Coming To Linux Platform

Darksiders was an action game produce by Vigil Games and published by the now-extinct THQ. When THQ was sold off and Vigil Games disbanded the rights to the game were ...

1 week ago

Nokia Lumia 520 Is Best Selling Windows Phone Of All Time – 12 Million Units

We’ve already heard from Microsoft that Windows Phone has grown a staggering 91% year on year. This explosive growth has been fuelled largely by budget Windows Phones ...

1 week ago

Crytek Explains How Xbox One Can Benefit From Cloud Computing

The value of cloud computing for video games is an interesting thing. Given the latency of sending and receiving tasks to a cloud server it cannot be used for time sensitive ...

1 week ago

Rival: DOTA 2 Edition Gaming Mouse Revealed By SteelSeries

SteelSeries have just revealed their new DOTA 2 branded gaming mouse, the Rival. The mouse is based on their massively popular Rival Optical Mouse, but not only has it been ...

1 week ago

Windows 9 To Get Cortana and New Taskbar Functionality

Windows Threshold will be the next major update to the Windows platform. So far we anticipate that it will be called Windows 9 but this is not confirmed and so anything could ...

1 week ago

Palit GeForce GTX 750Ti and GTX 750 KalmX Series Silent Graphics Cards Now Available

Palit already make some of the best looking graphics cards on the market, but their latest effort is just so simple and stylish that I already want one! The new cards fall ...

1 week ago

Windows Phone Grows A Staggering 91% Year-On-Year

While the smartphone market has long been dominated by Android and iOS Windows Phone has been making strides in recent years. Between July 2014 and June 2014 Microsoft’s ...

1 week ago

Star Citizen Game Is PC Exclusive Because Consoles Can’t Handle It

The crowd-funded video game Star Citizen is going to be one of the biggest game titles of 2015. The exciting new title is being developed as a PC exclusive game but its ...

1 week ago

Google Tells You When Web Pages May Not Work on Your Device

From Monday the 14th of July, Google will now indicate pages that may not work with your device when using their search engine. This will save mobile users countless ...

1 week ago

Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth Out For Premium Members Today

Are you a Battlefield Premium member? Well if you are as of today you will be able to access the new Dragon’s Teeth DLC for Battlefield 4. The new DLC pack is available ...

1 week ago
Screenshot 2014-07-15 10.58.13

Someone Actually Found A Good Use For “Yo” App

For an app that was created as a joke, even going as far as to be launched on the 1st of April, “Yo” has proven to be quite the sensation, albeit a rather random ...

1 week ago

Possible GTA V For PC Launch Date Revealed By Online Retailer

We already know that Grand Theft Auto V is coming to the PC platform after Rockstar Games announced the good news a month back. However, when the game will actually arrive for ...

1 week ago

Are Nvidia Working on an Ouya Like Console?

Just what are Nvidia working on right now? We’ve long suspected that the Shield 2 is on the way, with various rumours and fillings pointing us towards a slightly ...

1 week ago