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AMD Teases Vega Launch Venue

After launching Polaris this summer, AMD is expected to follow-up with a new set of GPU releases called Vega. Alternatively rumoured for either a late 2016 or early 2017 ...

1 week ago
intel pentium celeron

Intel Opens Up 10nm Fabs to ARM SoCs

One of the big headline problems for Intel is the increasing cost of reaching new nodes. As we get ever closer to the limitations of silicon, it is taking longer and ...

1 week ago

Rumor Suggests Faster Charging Speeds for the iPhone 7

Everyone's talking about the iPhone 7 these days, specifically about what kind of innovations it will bring to the table, and even though nothing has been confirmed at the ...

1 week ago

Project Alloy – A Mixed Reality Headset From Intel

The big thing currently is realities, be that either a virtual reality or an augmented reality. Either by immersing yourself completely in a fantasy world or enjoying your ...

1 week ago

ASUSTOR AS3102T Mainstream 2-Bay NAS Review

Introduction Lately, I have been reviewing quite a few high-end NAS devices, but today it has become time for a more mainstream unit. I'm taking ASUSTOR's AS3102T ...

1 week ago
battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 Open Beta Will Kick off at the End of the Month

One of this year's most anticipated games is undoubtedly Battlefield 1, and while we've already seen what this game is capable of through a series of gameplay trailers, ...

2 weeks ago

Windows 7 and 8.1 to get Windows 10-Style Monthly Updates

Since Microsoft’s strategy of issuing fixes and patches for Windows 10 in one monthly bulk update has been so staggeringly unpopular, it is rolling out the same strategy ...

2 weeks ago
nvidia geforce

NVIDIA GeForce 372.54 WHQL Driver – Game Ready for No Man’s Sky

NVIDIA has released the GeForce 372.54 WHQL driver for its graphics cards, bringing with it Game Ready optimisation for No Man’s Sky, Deus Ex: Mankind ...

2 weeks ago

Snowden Blames Russia for NSA Hack

Shock news broke last night that the US National Security Agency (NSA) was hacked, and that the group responsible was selling the US-funded malware that it stole for one ...

2 weeks ago
Half Life 3

Devious Half-Life 3 Poster Displayed at Gamescom Entrance

Fans have been asking for Half Life 3 for many years now, and after plenty of rumors and "Half-Life 3 confirmed" theories, many gamers have given up hope completely, and ...

2 weeks ago

Introducing the MasterPulse: The Over-ear Headset for all Your Listening Needs

Cooler Master are one of the biggest names in the PC component market, as well as the peripherals market. Today is a big day for them, as they launch the first over-ear ...

2 weeks ago

Cooler Master MasterPulse Over-Ear With Bass FX Review

Introduction Today is a great day in the eTeknix office, as the latest Cooler Master headset is here at last! The new MasterPulse takes what we know and love ...

2 weeks ago
online abuse

Police Looking to Help Support Victims of Online Abuse

We've all been online on those late nights, reading our favourite news or finding out the most up to date information about your favourite TV show when someone just ...

2 weeks ago

MSI’s New Laptop Range ‘Shatter Desktop Performance Cliche’

MSI's new gaming laptop range is based on the notion that gaming laptops can compete with larger desktops in the performance department and no longer requires users to ...

2 weeks ago
PlayStation Neo

PS4 System Software 4.00 Overhauls User Interface

The system software 4.00 update for PlayStation 4 has been released by Sony for Beta users, which gives the console’s home screen a long-overdue user interface ...

2 weeks ago
microsoft windows 10

Windows 10 Anniversary Update Causes SSD Freezes

Microsoft has revealed that a number of PC users have experienced freezing issues when installing the Windows 10 Anniversary Update on solid state drives (SSDs), and ...

2 weeks ago

Final Fantasy XV Release Delayed

Square Enix has announced that the release date of Final Fantasy XV has been delayed by two months in order to allow the developers to further polish the highly ...

2 weeks ago
nvidia shield

New NVIDIA Shield Tablet Cancelled

It seems NVIDIA has cancelled development of a proposed revision of its Shield gaming tablet, with a letter to the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) citing ...

2 weeks ago

Group Claims to Have Hacked the NSA

A group of hackers claimed to have compromised the US National Security Agency’s (NSA) cyber-attack department, in possibly the most high-profile online incursion of its ...

2 weeks ago
lenovo freesync monitor

Lenovo Reveals Their First Monitor with AMD FreeSync

Featuring something called "the most extreme curve available today," the brand new Y27f Curved Gaming Monitor by Lenovo represents the company's first product to support ...

2 weeks ago
fuchsia os google

Google Is Working on a New OS Called Fuchsia

Google's operating systems, namely Android and Chrome OS, are quite popular in their own right, but they are each designed to work on specific platforms. Even though ...

2 weeks ago

MSI Release X99A Workstation Motherboard

MSI has just announced the latest addition to its X99 portfolio, the mighty X99A WORKSTATION. Dedicated towards users demanding perfect stability & performance for ...

2 weeks ago

Seagate SkyHawk 10TB NVR and DVR HDD Review

Introduction I've recently had a look at the 10TB IronWolf NAS HDD from Seagate and today it is time to take a closer look at its brother, the brand new SkyHawk ...

2 weeks ago
Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 Trailer Shows Off Vehicular Combat

At the turn of the 20th Century, the world was greeted by a new form of warfare, vehicular warfare. While cannons and siege engines had littered battlefields, tanks and ...

2 weeks ago
iron man suit 1

Real-Life Iron Man Suit Can Lift 150kg

A home-made exoskeleton – built by an engineering student from Kerala, India, inspired by Iron Man’s metal exterior, and costing only £580 (US$750) to build – is ...

2 weeks ago