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Innovative Roccat ISKU+ Force FX Revealed at CES 2017

Roccat has had great success with their ISKU series of keyboards, and now it looks like they're about to make it even better with the latest upgrade to the series. The ...

2 weeks ago

Roccat Reveal Their Flagship LEADR Gaming Mouse at CES 2017

Roccat have a lot of great products to show off at CES 2017, but the one that really caught my attention is their LEADR gaming mouse, their latest flagship gaming mouse ...

2 weeks ago

NZXT Aer RGB 140 Triple Pack Fan Review

Introduction "RGB ALL THE THINGS!" has certainly been the unofficial motto of the tech industry this year, and while some may be getting tired of the lack of new ...

2 weeks ago

AMD Ryzen CPUs All Unlocked and Overclockable

With Ryzen well on its way after last year's announcement, AMD is continuing to lay the groundwork to ensure its successful launch. Earlier during CES, AMD revealed some ...

2 weeks ago

ADT Add Alexa Support With Latest Home Security Systems at CES 2017

CES 2017 has been a big deal for smart home and IoT devices this year, so we're not surprised to see the long-established ADT alarm company going with the market and ...

2 weeks ago

MSI Workstation Notebooks at CES 2017

Mobile gaming systems are a big hit for MSI, but what if you need something more serious? Their new workstations are designed to deliver the best performance for CAM/CAD ...

2 weeks ago

MSI GT73VR Titan and GE62ER at CES 2017

  MSI are no stranger when it comes to making epic laptops, and their latest GT73VR Titan is certainly one of our favourites so far. Equipped with the latest Intel ...

2 weeks ago

Muskin Reveal Carbon: KB-001 Mechanical Keyboard at CES 2017

Mushkin may be better known for their memory products, but at CES 2017 we got to see the prototype for their upcoming mechanical keyboard! It features an aluminium brushed ...

2 weeks ago

MSI VR ONE Backpack Gaming PC at CES 2017

MSI take their VR seriously, but that doesn't mean that can't also have a lot of fun with it. Their latest version of their VR backpack was on show at CES 2017, sporting ...

2 weeks ago
Sonic the Hedgehog

Fan-Made Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 Remake Receives Public Demo

For quite some time now, a team of Sonic fans named Gistix has been hard at work on their own PC remake of Sonic the Hedgehog 2006, and it looks like their long hours ...

2 weeks ago

Epic Gear Melodiouz Headset Revealed at CES 2017

Epic Gear rolled out their new compact gaming headset, the Melodiouz in-ear headset. It comes equipped with 13.5mm drivers, which promise a big sound from a nice compact ...

2 weeks ago

Synaptics CES 2017

  Synaptics are one of the leading innovators in the world of input devices and connectivity, and that was very much true at CES 2017, where they showed off a ...

2 weeks ago

Epic Gear Reveal the 50 Cal Gaming Set at CES 2017

  Epic Gear are focusing on a very impressive gaming peripherals bundle at CES 2017. The Epic Gear 50 Cal Gaming Set comes with a huge range of hardware in one ...

2 weeks ago

Epic Gear Unveil Incredible MorphaX Gaming Mouse at CES 2017

We've been impressed by Epic Gear peripherals mice in the past, but their latest is by far their greatest yet! The Morpha X comes with a completely modular design, ...

2 weeks ago

MSI Press Conference at CES 2017

MSI are one of the biggest manufacturers of GPUs, motherboards, notebooks and more, so we couldn't wait to see what new products they had to show at CES 2017! The MSI team ...

2 weeks ago

Sengled SNAP LED + IP Security Camera Review

Introduction We've been playing around with a lot of IoT and smart home devices, but one of the ones we've been most eager to test is the Sengled Snap, as it ...

2 weeks ago

Intel Introduces Compute Card Wallet Sized PC

With the advances in technology, our computing devices have become smaller and smaller. Intel has been at the forefront with their CPUs shrinking every 2 and now every 3 ...

2 weeks ago

AMD Vega 10 and Vega 20 Slides Leaked

AMD has been on a roll lately with both Ryzen/Zen and Vega being revealed and launching shortly. With Vega, we got to see both a working demo as well as an engineering ...

2 weeks ago

AMD Demo Systems and More at Ryzen Event at CES 2017

While there wasn't a lot of information on display for what was here, we had a lot of fun at Bar AMD, where they setup a bunch of cool demo systems showing the latest and ...

2 weeks ago

New Epic Gear Headset and Keyboards Displayed at CES 2017

Epic Gear has brought their latest gaming peripherals to CES 2017, starting with their brand new Sonorouz Virtual 7.1 USB Gaming Headset. It delivers a powerful sound ...

2 weeks ago

Rumour Suggests EVGA Considering Defection to AMD Radeon

For over the past half decade, the AIB partners for Nvidia and AMD have largely remained static. Some, like MSI, ASUS, and Gigabyte work with both GPU firms to design ...

2 weeks ago
Mass Effect: Andromeda

Mass Effect: Andromeda Will Support Nvidia Ansel at Launch

It looks like BioWare's upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda game will represent the next big title to support Nvidia's Ansel technology. According to Nvidia, Ansel is a ...

2 weeks ago

Leaked Screenshots Show New “Neon” Windows 10 Design

Since Windows 10 launched, Microsoft has been running their Windows ecosystem more as a service. This has meant continual updates for not just the usual security and bug ...

2 weeks ago
MSI Unveils New 7th Generation Series Gaming Laptops

MSI Unveils New 7th Generation Series Gaming Laptops

Now that Kahy Lake's higher-end mobile processor segment has been released, manufacturers are beginning to outline their updated specifications which utilise the latest ...

2 weeks ago
ECS Announces The Z270H4-I Motherboard at CES 2017

ECS Announces The Z270H4-I Motherboard at CES 2017

In addition to the ECS Z270-LIGHTSABER, the company discussed another motherboard which adopts the Mini-ITX form factor. The Z270H4-I can utilise up to 32GB RAM and ...

2 weeks ago