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dead rising

Dead Rising Coming to PC After 10 Years!

The first game in the Dead Rising series of survival horror beat 'em up video games came out in 2006 and was originally developed by Capcom. It became available on Xbox ...

2 weeks ago
xbox one S

Xbox One S 2TB Release Date Revealed

As expected, quite a few retailers such as Amazon Spain unveiled a potential release date for Microsoft's Xbox One S console before the company's official announcement, ...

2 weeks ago

Overclockers UK Has the Largest Range of GTX 1060s Worldwide

The embargo has just lifted for NVIDIA's more affordable Pascal graphics card, the GTX 1060 which outperforms the GTX 980 while being significantly cheaper. Not only that, ...

2 weeks ago

MSI GTX 1060 Gaming X Graphics Card Review

Introduction NVIDIA's Pascal architecture marks a major shift in performance per watt and revolves around the highly efficient 16nm FinFet manufacturing ...

2 weeks ago

Cooler Master MasterPulse Bass FX Headphones Review

Introduction Cooler Master has reimagined their entire product catalogue over the last year or so, starting virtually from scratch with the design of every ...

2 weeks ago

Cooler Master Masterkeys Lite L Review

Introduction Competition in the gaming market is fierce, with seemingly every brand pushing their own gaming peripherals for every budget imaginable. Mechanical ...

2 weeks ago

Trials on Tatooine Star Wars VR Game Released Free on Vive

Ever since the classic movies oh so long ago, Star Wars fans around the world have wanted to know what it's like to be in the shoes of a Jedi knight. Motion controls came ...

2 weeks ago

SpaceX First Rocket Re-Launch To Take Place in Fall

For a while now SpaceX have been landing rockets, in the last year alone transforming the unprecedented act into a routine they perform on every launch they do with an ...

2 weeks ago

Star Trek Show Will Launch Globally Thanks to Netflix and CBS Agreement

Star Trek fans, also known as Trekkies, are probably some of the most hardcore show fans around and they are in for a treat with the new Star Trek series. Not so much ...

2 weeks ago
windows 10

Microsoft Admits Windows 10 Will Miss Adoption Target

Before Microsoft launched Windows 10 last year, it announced a self-imposed deadline for the new operating system to be installed on 1 billion devices by Summer 2018. As ...

2 weeks ago
dolby atmos vr

Jaunt Launches Dolby Atmos VR Portal

Dolby and Jaunt have partnered to launch a dedicated virtual reality portal. The Dolby Atmos portal is available via the Jaunt VR app for iOS, Android, Oculus Rift, and ...

2 weeks ago

US Police Use Pokémon Go to Lure Fugitives

A US police force has invited a select number of people to its local station in order to catch a rare pocket monster in Pokémon Go, the catch being that those named on ...

2 weeks ago
batman telltale game (1)

Batman: The Telltale Series Release Date Revealed

We told you about four months ago that Telltale was working on its own Batman game, and it appears that the wait will soon be over as the developers have recently ...

2 weeks ago
google VR

Google Is Still Working on Its Own VR Headset

Even though Google's original plan to create a high-end VR headset that would compete with the likes of Oculus has been scrapped, it looks like the company has not given ...

2 weeks ago
Clone Wines to enjoy a bottle every single over and over again

Clone Wine and Enjoy it Over and Over Again

When it comes to science, it does amazing things. From giving us the ability to walk around catching our favourite Pokémon from your mobile phone to the ability to ...

2 weeks ago
facebook hatebook

German Police Raid Hate Content Posters

The internet has many sides. The light side, where people post pictures requesting that people use Pokémon Go lures at hospitals to help those unable to walk around and ...

2 weeks ago
Seagate Logo New

Seagate to Cull 8,000 Staff in Upcoming Cuts

With the rise of SSDs, it's no surprise that HDD manufacturers have been suffering. In a double whammy, PC market which has generally been the biggest hard drive consumer ...

2 weeks ago

AMD Vega 10 & 11 Spotted in Drivers

One of the signs that AMD and Nvidia are working on new unreleased GPUs is when references to these cards pop up in their drivers. Historically, these leaks have proven ...

2 weeks ago

Turtle Beach Elite Pro Gaming Headset Review

Introduction Today is a very special day here at eTeknix, not just for us, but also for our friends at Turtle Beach, as they've sent us something pretty special. ...

2 weeks ago
pokemon hololens

Pokémon Go for HoloLens Previewed

While the wildly en vogue Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game only in the loosest sense – limited by the mapping capacity of current-gen smartphone cameras – ...

2 weeks ago
pokemon go

How Niantic Plotted the Pokémon Go Phenomenon

Pokémon Go has sent a swathe of humanity Pokécrazy. But is this mania a Pokéomenon or Pokégeddon? Either way, with around 10 million daily users in the US alone and ...

2 weeks ago
GTX 1060

Mobile GTX 1060 as Fast as the Desktop Version?

Following a number of benchmark leaks for the mobile version of NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card recently, similar details have emerged regarding its mid-range ...

2 weeks ago

Manchester Students Robbed Playing Pokémon Go

Three students in Manchester were mugged at knifepoint while playing Pokémon Go. The incident took place in Hulme Park at around 8pm on Friday night (15th July), less ...

2 weeks ago
5G white house

White House Offers $400 Million For 5G Research

When it comes to mobile technology, we have moved from sending simple texts and voice signals to streaming entire movies and playing games while walking around. With all ...

2 weeks ago
Smart Pistol

The US Releases Proposed Guidelines For Smart Guns

When it comes to technology, its a side effect that everyday devices get smarter. As more and more technology gets smarter, as do the risks that come with them. One piece ...

2 weeks ago