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GTX 1080M Might be Faster than Titan X!

Even as mobile GPUs slowly gained traction, they never really came close to their desktop counterparts. In addition to power constraints, laptops generally lacked a robust ...

1 week ago

Chillblast Fusion Hitman Gaming PC Review

Introduction Chillblast has received various accolades from respected media outlets and won more awards than any other system integrator on the market. This ...

1 week ago
AMD RTG Polaris GPU 6

AMD Radeon R9 470X Specs Leaked

While much of the focus has been on Polaris 10 and high-end market, the majority of sales come from the lower end of the market. To address this segment, AMD has Polaris ...

1 week ago
gelid cooler

GELID Reveals Tranquillo Rev. 4 CPU Cooler

GELID Solutions has just unveiled a brand new version of its award winner Tranquillo CPU cooler, namely Rev. 4 Tranquillo. As the official successor of the Rev. 3, this ...

1 week ago
nvidia gtx 1060

Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1060 Is Likely to Have a 256-Bit Bus

Slowly but surely, we're getting more and more information regarding Nvidia's new Pascal lineup, and while we already know quite a few things about the 1080 and 1070 GPUs, ...

1 week ago

Google Wants You to Name Android N

Since the first named Android version over half a decade ago, Google has stuck to naming their mobile OS for sweets. Going down the alphabet, we've gone from Cupcakes to ...

1 week ago
AMD RTG Logo Radeon Technologies Group GPU

AMD Announces Polaris and APU Event

Earlier in the month, Nvidia took the first show in the latest round of the GPU wars. Launching the GTX 1080, the green team started off the new generation with their ...

1 week ago

Halo 5 Coming To Windows 10 For Free

When it comes to system exclusives, the idea of a £40 game helping increase sales of a £400 console often seems ridiculous with them very few giving in to the temptation ...

1 week ago
pokemon apex

Fan-Made Pokémon Game Designed for Adults

Pokémon – like Doctor Who, LEGO, and blanket forts – is not just for kids, though it has to be acknowledged that it does not explicitly cater to its current adult ...

1 week ago
trump sl 1

Bernie Sanders’ HQ in Second Life Attacked by Trump Swastika Cannons

The political war being fought between the supporters of two old white men over the presidency of the United States of America has spread to cyberspace, where advocates of ...

1 week ago

Daydream is Google’s Serious Foray into VR

While Google was one of the first companies to enter the new home virtual reality market with its entry-level Google Cardboard headset – which utilised existing ...

1 week ago

Don’t Expect a New Witcher Game Any Time Soon

The Witcher 3 is undoubtedly the greatest game I've had to pleasure of playing for well over a decade. More specifically, the game's stunning environments, captivating ...

1 week ago

Chromebook Sales Surpass Apple Macs For The First Time!

The Google Chromebook project is an interesting endeavour which revolves around the concept of cloud storage and low power devices. This means you can offer really ...

1 week ago
Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo Sport is Only 50% Complete

The Gran Turismo franchise is notorious for its lengthy development cycle and struggled to release games at a similar pace to Forza Motorsport. As a result, many argue ...

1 week ago

Verizon’s Bad Data Responsible For Recent Outagaes

When you sign up for your internet, you expect that the company you've signed up and pay for monthly to provide you with the service you've paid for. Verizon recently ...

1 week ago

How To Hack Drones With The Dronebuster

When it comes to drones, there's only one thing people want more than a drone, and that is a way to stop other peoples drones. After a close scare in the UK, governments ...

1 week ago
Inno3D iChill 2

Inno3D Introduces iChill x4 Ultra GPU Cooling

Right off the bat, Inno3D one of the first to reveal their Founders Edition GeForce GTX 1080. Now that reviews are out, we know all there is know about  the full GP104 ...

1 week ago

Spend Too Much and Pavlok Gives You a Nasty Shock!

You know when you are out shopping, knowing that you can only really grab one or two more things but suddenly your hands wander and you are grabbing everything your eyes ...

1 week ago

Google still Battling Over Right to be Forgotten

One of the first thing you are taught about the internet these days is that once something goes up, you will never truly be able to take it down. For those things which ...

1 week ago

TeslaCrypt’s Developers Are Giving The Keys To Their Ransomware Away

In recent years, a new spread of malicious software has emerged, ransomware. Designed to not only cause issues like viruses in the past but also force users to decide ...

1 week ago

Anidees A17 ATX Mid-Tower Dual-Chamber Chassis Review

Introduction Anidees aren't the biggest name in the chassis world, but time and time again we've seen them deliver feature packed products with very competitive ...

1 week ago
dallas buyers club

Filmmakers Pressure Alleged Pirate to Take Lie Detector in Court

Movie studio Voltage, the makers of the Oscar-winning Dallas Buyers Club – starring Matthew McConaughey as an AIDS sufferer who illegally sells medication to those ...

1 week ago
mgs prosthetic

BBC Documentary Reveals Metal Gear-Inspired Prosthetic Arm

Last November, Konami announced that it was developing a prosthetic arm – inspired by Venom Snake’s Bionic Arm, as featured in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – ...

1 week ago

The Pilot Translates In Real Time Straight To Your Ear

With everything from Star Trek to the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, the idea of breaking down the language barrier has already been the first step to bringing together ...

1 week ago
drone cuts off power

The FAA Just Tested a New Drone Finding System

With increasing numbers of drones straying into commercial airspace, it is only a matter of time until one of the many near misses turns into a collision and causes some ...

1 week ago