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Cooltek 2

Cooltek Reveal Gorgeous UMX1 plus mITX Case

Cooltek have revealed the in my opinion absolutely gorgeous UMX1 Plus premium mini-ITX case, available in both a standard and windowed version as well as both in black and ...

7 days ago

LiteOn Introduces ZETA Line of Consumer SSDs

Lite-On Group mainly creates products for the OEM sector, but not exclusively. We recently saw the release of M.2 SATA OEM Modules and now Lite-On also wants to enter the ...

7 days ago

Google Ceases Production of the Nexus 5

Google has reportedly ceased production of its Nexus 5 smartphone, which is being replaced by the bigger and better Nexus 6 which was released just a couple of months ago now, ...

7 days ago

Reaction Engines Limited’s New Engine Could Fly Anywhere on Earth in 4 Hours

Short of calling Superman or Iron Man to come and help you, air travel is slow. Sure, it’s faster than swimming or a boat, but you try spending 20-30 hours in the air ...

1 week ago

Ed Sheeran Says He Owes His Career to Spotify

Music superstar Ed Sheeran has come out saying that he owes his entire career to music streaming service, Spotify. He said backstage at the BBC Music Awards “My music ...

1 week ago
Lamboghini phone

Lamborghini Launches $6,000 Smartphone

What’s that? You can’t afford to buy that Lamborghini Aventador you’ve been pining for? Well, now supercar fans can have the next best thing: Lamborghini is releasing ...

1 week ago

Sony Hackers “Christmas Gift” Will be an Information Dump

It looks like Sony is headed into the perfect storm of holidays, with the hackers that have been all up in their internal systems promising a “Christmas gift” in ...

1 week ago

Torrent Traffic Remains the Same, Despite The Pirate Bay Closure

The Pirate Bay has been offline for four days after Swedish police raided its servers, but that doesn’t seem to have made any kind of dent in the number of illegal ...

1 week ago

The Evil Within’s First DLC ‘The Assignment’ Will Haunt You Early 2015

Bethesda has announced the first DLC pack to The Evil Within, which will launch early next year. “The Assignment” is one part of a two-piece DLC pack that will ...

1 week ago
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Thermaltake Core V1 mini-ITX Chassis Review

Introduction Thermaltake are easily one of the best chassis manufacturers around. This is especially true for those who want to utilize the latest and greatest technology in ...

1 week ago

Apple’s First A9 Chips Roll off the Production Line – in the US?

The Korean Electronic Times reports that Apple’s first A9 chips have rolled off the production line – in the United States. Apparently Samsung is producing the ...

1 week ago

Amazon Glitch Caused Hundreds of Items to Sell for a Penny

We all thought prices were low on Black Friday, but it seems that last Friday (12th) brought even lower prices to customers on Amazon. The Independent reports on the news that ...

1 week ago
Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 12.39.39

Sony Sold 94 Anniversary PS4s for £19.94

Remember those special limited edition 20th anniversary PS4s? Well Sony has started selling some in Europe, after they all sold out online in the US and Canada. They set ...

1 week ago
Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 14.26.38

New Xbox App and Cortana Shown in Windows 10 Leak

A new build of Windows 10 has leaked onto the internet today, showing a number of new tweaks and additions, most notably with Cortana and a new Xbox app. The Verge reports ...

1 week ago
Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 17.54.13 DRM-Free Games Big Winter Sale Ends Tomorrow, a website famous for its DRM-Free content, has its big winter sale on at the moment, with only 20 hours before it’s over. There are some massive savings on ...

1 week ago

New Wii U Gamepad Design Spotted In Mario Kart 8 Commercial

The Wii U may not be the biggest selling console of the current generation, but recent AAA titles such as the new Mario Kart and of course, Smash Bros, are certainly giving ...

1 week ago

Windows 10 Coming to Xbox One in January?

It’s no secret that Windows 10 is Microsoft’s attempt at a unified OS. Of course, you could argue that they tried something similar with Windows 8, but we’re ...

1 week ago

Grand Theft Auto IV iCEnhancer C Screenshots Revealed

Legendary modder Hayssam ‘icelaglace’ Keilany is at it again! Through hard work and no doubt many long hours modding, the latest GTA IV iCEnhancer C is almost ...

1 week ago

Halo is Being Remade on PC, and Boy Does it Looks Good

When Halo launched on the Xbox back in the day, it punched far beyond its weight when it came to the graphics department. But fast-forwarding to today, the graphics of the ...

1 week ago

DirectX 11 vs DirectX 12 Performance Slides Revealed

DirectX 12 is on its way and it promises to bring massive performance improvements for PC gaming. The new API will achieve improved performance and efficiency by using ...

1 week ago

Xbox One Sales Reportedly 400,000 Higher than PS4 in the US for November

According to leaked information from the NPD Group, the Xbox One outsold the PlayStation 4 in the US by over 400,000 units in November alone. If this trend continues, ...

1 week ago

The FBI Warns Businesses about Iranian Cyber Attack Against Energy, Defense, Education

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation has warned businesses, energy companies, and educational institutions that they should be made aware of a possible organised cyber ...

1 week ago

NASA is ‘All About That Space’ and it’s Hilarious

Meghan Trainor’s massive hit “All About That Bass” has been transformed into something just as incredible, with NASA posting a new video made by its Pathways ...

1 week ago

Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition Receives its Lollipop Update

Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition owners might want to get excited, as it seems the Android 5.0 Lollipop update is currently rolling out to all S4 GPE smartphones. This is ...

1 week ago

Microsoft to Detail Windows 10 Update for Xbox One in January

Microsoft is preparing itself to unleash a massive update to the Xbox One come January 2015, where the company will detail the Windows 10 update for Xbox One in January, ...

1 week ago