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You Can Now Add Videos in Your Facebook Comments

Facebook has received quite a few changes lately, some of which catered to its private chat emoticons, while others added GIF message functionality. However, the latest ...

2 weeks ago

Lexar Professional 1800x 64GB microSDXC Memory Card Review

Introduction The days where memory cards were small in capacity and slow as a turtle has long gone by, but the card that I will be taking for a spin in my test ...

2 weeks ago
Star Trek

Star Trek VR Game is in Production!

The last Star Trek game can only be described as dreadful and even huge fans of the show couldn't look past its atrocious AI, and weak gameplay. This release was a ...

2 weeks ago

The Nintendo NX Might be Playable During EGX

Nintendo's upcoming console codenamed NX is still a mystery and it's unclear what kind of form factor or performance the device will bring. There have been numerous ...

2 weeks ago

Thieves Disguised as Apple Employees Keep Stealing iPhones

Apple has managed to acquire a cult following among many of its customers who often queue outside stores whenever a new product is released. This kind of brand loyalty is ...

2 weeks ago

ADATA Launches SP580 SSDs

The race to the bottom for PCs has just about run its course but it's just getting started for SSDs. With every new release, the price per GB continues to drop while ...

2 weeks ago
Sapphire RX 480 AMD 1


Revealed at Computex, AMD's new RX 480 GPU is set to offer an unprecedented price/performance value for mainstream gamers. Set to arrive with over 5 TFLOPs of performance, ...

2 weeks ago

Roccat Kulo Virtual Surround Gaming Headset Review

Introduction Roccat is one of the most popular and well-known gaming brands on the market today, and with some of the best headsets on the market, it's easy to ...

2 weeks ago

Hacker Dishes the Dirt on Selling Your Passwords

For the last few months, the internet has been abuzz with news of mass hacks, with notable sites such as MySpace, Tumblr, Twitter, and LinkedIn falling victim to account ...

2 weeks ago
microsoft 1

Microsoft Bans Dumb Passwords

Most people (not you, though – we know you’re smart) chose bad passwords online, and no amount of pleading – or hacking – seems to encourage them to change. So, ...

2 weeks ago
star wars battlefront dlc

Star Wars Battlefront Will Receive a New DLC Soon

Just in case you're already bored with Star Wars Battlefront's maps and heroes you'll be glad to know that the game will receive a brand new DLC very soon, on June 21 to ...

2 weeks ago
holographic display

Researchers Close to Developing Holographic Displays

Researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab and Harvard University have developed a method of immersing glass particles in liquid which could ...

2 weeks ago
nvidia shield tv

Nvidia’s New Shield TV Update Enables Stand-Alone Plex Support

If you want to be able to stream local media to a TV, Plex is definitely a great solution, but the problem with this particular service is that it relies on a PC that ...

2 weeks ago
PlayStation Neo

Sony Confirms PlayStation Neo And Says it Won’t be Shown During E3

The PlayStation Neo is possibly one of the worst kept secrets in video game history, and despite official confirmation, has been widely accepted as being in production. ...

2 weeks ago
Universal Windows Platform

Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform is Struggling

The Universal Windows Platform was created to offer a better synergy between mobile, Xbox and Windows 10 PCs. This makes sense in today's market as consumers own multiple ...

2 weeks ago
Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 to Arrive in 6 Editions

With E3 2016 looming, various game companies are preparing to showcase their latest projects and launch a number of blockbuster titles. Ubisoft's open-world hacking game, ...

2 weeks ago

Rosewill Rise Glow Mid-Tower Chassis Review

Introduction Rosewill may not be a common name in Europe but after great success in the US, the manufacturer is stretching its legs and taking a walk on the ...

2 weeks ago
Corsair Neutron series xti 1

Corsair Reveals Neutron Series XTi SSDs – Storage up to 2TB

Corsair has unveiled its new Neutron Series XTi range of solid state drives which, while offering reasonable read/write speeds, offers storage capacities of up to 2TB. The ...

3 weeks ago
system shock 2

Get System Shock 2 for Free Now

GOG has launched its Summer Sale, with huge price drops on great games, both classic and current. But the best deal the game distribution platform is offering is System ...

3 weeks ago

Humans Shoot a Sci-Fi Movie Written by an AI

Sunspring, a short sci-fi film which echoes the work of surreal auteurs David Lynch and Richard Kelly, has taken the Sci-Fi London film festival by storm. The short ...

3 weeks ago

Geoff Keighley Promises “Big Surprises” During E3 2016

With E3 just around the corner, and various rumours circulating across social media platforms, it's an exciting time for the gaming industry. Rather amusingly, some ...

3 weeks ago
GTX 1080

NVIDIA Not Supporting GTX 1080 3-Way and 4-Way SLI in Games

NVIDIA's latest flagship graphics card, the GTX 1080 has received glowing reviews and offers a great performance boost compared to the Titan X while costing less. Even ...

3 weeks ago
deus ex mankind divided

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Will Include Limited VR Support

Some say that virtual reality represents the future of gaming, but the truth is that we're nowhere near that point right now. Sure, some games feature VR support, and more ...

3 weeks ago
Halo 5

Microsoft Debunks Halo 5 PC Rumour

Since the release of Halo 5: Guardians back in late 2015, there have been numerous calls on Microsoft to port the game to the PC platform and expand the Halo community. ...

3 weeks ago
turtle beach hyperglass

Turtle Beach Reveals Impressive HyperSound Glass

Creating audio using transparent panes of glass sounds quite futuristic, but it looks like Turtle Beach has managed to achieve this in our present days. The company has ...

3 weeks ago