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Intel 5th Gen Broadwell 1

Intel Broadwell Core i7-5775C Price Tag Revealed

We are nearing the start of Computex and retailers are already eager to list what they have to offer once products get launched. This is the case of Intel’s Broadwell ...

1 week ago

Microsoft Study Shows Intensive Tech Usage Can Mentally Affect us

We’ve been hearing stories like this for years, ‘don’t sit to close to the screen, you’ll get square eyes’, ‘if the wind changes, ...

1 week ago
Transcend flash drives

Transcend Releases Its Own USB 3.0 Flash Drives

Transcend has recently released a series of USB 3.0 flash drives that offer storage capacities of 128GB and 256GB as well as incredible transfer speeds. The models in question ...

1 week ago

Apple Stopping Support for Some Ageing Products

Companies need to find ways to save time and we all know that time is money. This can be in such ways like moving some services to online, or getting automated call services ...

1 week ago

Nvidia’s GeForce Drivers for DirectX 12 Receive WHQL Certification

We are all excited about the new Windows 10 and DirectX 12 features and it looks like Nvidia wants us to experience only the best once Windows 10 is officially launched. The ...

1 week ago

A Grand Theft Auto V Mod Allows Seamless Access to Building Interiors

If you are like me and you think that the players should enjoy access to more building interiors in Grand Theft Auto V, then you’ll definitely want to download and install ...

1 week ago

Xiaomi Enters Europe and US Markets

Xiaomi, world’s third largest smart phone distributor which also sells mobile apps, and consumer electronics is entering a non-Asian market space. It is very popular ...

1 week ago

Blade-less Turbines Could Be The Future!

17 We’ve all seen them. The giant fans that spin (on occasion) and are said to help power the world without needing to worry about the pollution that may be generated. ...

1 week ago

Intel Broadwell Processors Available Very Soon

We’ve been waiting for a new processor for a while, AMD recently released the A8-7850K, but no mainstream processor options. Well Intel have finally announced the ...

1 week ago

Fractal Design Core 2300 Mid-Tower Chassis Review

Introduction Fractal Design is well-known for their high-end chassis products. They’ve won many awards for their clean designs, exceptional build quality, water cooling ...

1 week ago

PC And Console Gamers Will Be Mobile Gamers According To New Report

A market Research company in California, Grand View Research, has claimed that by 2020, a majority of gamers will have ditched their PC’s and Consoles and switched to ...

1 week ago

FBI Claims Security Researcher Was Able to Issue Commands to Engines

Security on planes has always been an issue, be it from people leaving their electronic devices on during flights or people making threats via social media. So when the FBI ...

1 week ago

Xbox One Users May See Some GPU Optimizations Heading to Their Consoles Soon

There has been a lot of debate between PS4 and Xbox One users and which is best powerhouse console in terms of performance. The truth is that it all comes down to ...

1 week ago

Windows 10 Mobile Phones Will Received Updates Exclusively from Microsoft

Well, this is new. We all know how frustrating it is to wait for carriers to get the latest phone updates and then roll them out in each country. This leads to some people ...

1 week ago
silent hills

Guillermo del Toro Laments Konami’s “Scorched Earth” Approach to Silent Hills

With the cancellation of Silent Hills, and the imminent end of both the Metal Gear Solid series and creator Hideo Kojima’s time at the company, Konami is trashing its most ...

1 week ago

Google’s ‘Buy Buttons’ Coming Soon on Smartphones

Search Giant will soon introduce ‘Buy Buttons’ on smartphones that will live inside an advertisement which generally lives above normal results in a search ...

1 week ago

Pirated Windows 10 to be Watermarked

Though Microsoft has decided to make the much-publicised move to upgrade even non-genuine versions of Windows to Windows 10 when the operating system is released this Summer ...

1 week ago

Enduro FM1 Gold Series Power Supplies by SilentiumPC

Most PC building guides out there will tell you not to cheap out on the PSU, and that’s very good advice in my opinion. Choosing the right PSU can be a bit confusing for ...

1 week ago

Why Use Online Stores When You Can Buy Directly Through Google!

Earlier this month I wrote about a new project Google is going to try testing out in which you will be able to quickly order food through Google and a list of authorised fast ...

1 week ago
oculus rift

The Recommended System Requirements for the Oculus Rift Have Been Revealed

Virtual reality is indeed at our doorstep, as the Oculus Rift headset is scheduled for a release at the beginning of 2016. However, it looks like only a few gamers will ...

2 weeks ago

Modding Your GTA? It May be Time To Change Your Passwords!

Grand Theft Auto 5 was one of the biggest games of 2014. With both a storyline covering three different people, an online world (eventually) and even the ability to load in ...

2 weeks ago

Luxa2 Lavi S Wired & Wireless Headphones with External Speaker Review

Introduction Luxa2 are well-known for their premium grade mobile products, but today, we’ve got something a little more unique from them, a set of headphones that also ...

2 weeks ago

Corsair Announces World’s First Available 128GB DDR4 Unbuffered Memory Kits

One thing is to create and demonstrate a lot of new memory kits, it is another to actually and finally bring them to the market. Corsair just announced the world’s first ...

2 weeks ago

Panasonic Firefox-Powered Smart TVs Debuted in Europe

Panasonic is finally back from a long sleep. After they stopped selling those awesome Plasma TVs, they pretty much lost the market share. But finally they are back and are ...

2 weeks ago
Jet go-kart1

Tooltime Meets Mario Cart: Jet Powerted Go-Kart Can Do 60MPH

Most boys have dreamed of a jet-powered go-kart at some point, I know I have. But where most of just dream, others have to make it a reality. YouTuber, plumber, and ex-BMX ...

2 weeks ago