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UK site “SurfTheChannel” has its admin sentenced to 4 years in jail

The problem with legal disputes about the internet is that judges generally do not have a clue about how things work. UK site SurfTheChannel is a prime example of this. ...

5 years ago

WikiLeaks back online after DDoS assault

WikiLeaks is back online after being hit by a massive DDoS attack which saw the site kept offline for well over a week. The attack was claimed by a new-on-the-scene group ...

5 years ago

Corsair acquire Raptor Gaming

Corsair's push into the peripheral market continues after the acquisition of Raptor Gaming. The European based gaming peripheral company gives Corsair a boost in terms of ...

5 years ago

Gigabyte’s Hidden Gems competition unearths decades-old boards

We're always hearing about the unreliability of computer components and the trend of changing your PC every couple of years or so to keep up with new technology. But for a ...

5 years ago

Nvidia releases drive update for Linux

Nvidia and Linux haven't always been the most friendly and cooperative bunch but its nice to see Nvidia recognise that it does need non-Windows/Mac users. Nvidia 304.37 ...

5 years ago

TRIM now possible on RAID SSD set ups

It is something that has plagued enthusiasts for a long time - the fact TRIM just doesn't function in a RAID set up, meaning RAID set ups because sluggish after a year's ...

5 years ago

HDD manufacturers to capture Ultrabook market with 5mm drives

With the growing popularity of Ultrabooks or ultra thin laptops, it has become of the utmost importance to be able to provide mass storage in a small form factor. ...

5 years ago

Origin adds social challenges and achievement sharing

At a GamesCom press conference EA's chief operations officer spoke about his long term vision for the Origin service. The company has not offered any specifics on a large ...

5 years ago

AMD gives HD 7950 BIOS update to compete with GTX 660Ti

AMD is slightly worried about the release of the GTX 660Ti. The castrated version of the GTX 670 still poses a significant threat to the HD 7950 at the same price point. As ...

5 years ago

Xbox 720 development kit sells for $20,100

An Xbox 720 codename "durango" developer kit was recently listed on eBay. After being listed on eBay for quite a few days the owner eventually agreed to sell the Xbox 720 ...

5 years ago

Steam given “GameHub” feature

Valve always update and change the Steam platform to keep things "fresh" and respond to consumer feedback. The latest move by the team at Valve sees a new "GameHub" ...

5 years ago

YouTube not given special treatment in Pirate Algorithm update

Following on from the news that Google would include the number of valid DMCA takedown notices in its search algorithm, Google has commented stating that YouTube ...

5 years ago

Kim Dotcom vows to come back with Megabox

  Kim Dotcom has announced to the world that his music service, Megabox (a mash up of Megaupload and Jukebox we think), will still be launched this year as planned ...

5 years ago

Faster Ivy Bridge and SB-E processors on the way

According to industry sources we can expect to see a faster Ivy Bridge flagship CPU in the near future. Meaning something that is better than the i7 3770K. This paves the ...

5 years ago

Win A Silverstone Fortress FT03-MINI Chassis

As we start looking at more and more SilverStone products, we thought that it only be right if one lucky reader gets the chance to experience the quality and finesse of a ...

5 years ago

17 year old develops artificial brain to diagnose cancer

Although it is not the typical subject that makes the news here at eTeknix, we thought it was well worth the mention as its nothing short of inspiring. A 17 year old ...

5 years ago

uTorrent to get in-program adverts

uTorrent, perhaps the world's most popular BitTorrent client, have announced there is a new uTorrent client coming up which will feature "in-client offers" within the ...

5 years ago

AMD Trinity for Desktop due October 1st

Currently AMD's Trinity APU can only be bought inside systems sold by big manufacturer such as HP, DELL, Lenovo and others. AMD plans to make the Trinity based second ...

5 years ago

Haswell to be 10% faster than Ivy Bridge

Intel's next generation of processors, Haswell, will be up to 10% faster according to sources. Following Intel's tick-tock development strategy, Haswell is a Tock which ...

5 years ago

Demonoid domains up for sale

If anyone had a shred of hope that Demonoid might be coming back, then now is probably the time to lose it. All Demonoid-owned domain names are now up for sale, suggesting ...

5 years ago

“Social TV” revolution on the way?

Everything these days is becoming more social, and we can't seem to get through the average day without being connected to some form of networking service. Social ...

5 years ago

Xigmatek Midgard II Mid-Tower PC Chassis Review

Today we’re taking a look at the Xigmatek Midgard II Mid-Tower PC Chassis, which is a low to mid budget gaming chassis that currently clocks in at around ...

5 years ago

Windows 9, codename Windows Blue, already in development

Windows 8 still won't hit the consumer shelves until the 26th of October, yet early reports suggest Microsoft has been working on the next in the series of Windows ...

5 years ago

Haswell to get 3 times better graphics than Ivy Bridge

According to industry sources, Intel's next generation of Core processors will have three times the performance of current HD 3000 based Ivy Bridge processors. This is ...

5 years ago

eTeknix Insider Edition #26

So to the end of another great week with a lovely selection of reviews for you, and sure we may not have anything quite as special as the GTX 680 SOC Review from last ...

5 years ago