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Panda Antivirus Flags Itself as Malware, Bricks Computers

/ 2 years ago


A warning to Panda Security antivirus users: do not reboot your PC. In a baffling show of incompetence, the latest Panda antivirus update has the program flagging itself as malware, putting core files in quarantine, and leaving computers unable to connect to the internet, unstable, or, at worst, completely unusable.

Though Panda insists that the problem was “repaired immediately”, it warns that is certain instances could cause the “incident to persist”. The company reassured customers that “only a small part” of its install base were affected.

Despite Panda’s reassurances, there seems to be a small chance that the problem could still affect some computers. Rather than play Russian roulette with your system, it may be wiser to jettison Panda’s software entirely.

Source: ZDNet

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