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Rockstar Games Pointing Hints Towards Upcoming Grand Theft Auto PC Release

/ 3 years ago


Rockstar Games had kept it quite when referring to “GTA V” on PC by not answering any queries and refusing to even acknowledge the fact that a decision about GTA V PC might be in the works. Now however they have suddenly started replying to everyone with the following message “Keep an eye out for info on that on our newswire page: “. This is not a confirmation but its a major improvement over their no-comment motto so far. It also means that the probability of an announcement coming has skyrocketed in a split second.

Also take the news with a grain of salt, because there is always the chance that Rockstar finally decides not to go ahead with that. Given the news that the Next Gen consoles’ architecture is strikingly similar to the PC architecture, and that Rockstar, like every other gaming company, strives to make a lot of money, then it would only be logical for the PC version to come out at the same time or later after the Next Gen release.


As a conclusion, an exclusivity agreement to Next Gen consoles will be the only thing stopping the Grand Theft Auto V to be released on PC, and the probability of that ever happening is next to nothing.

Thank you WCCF for providing us with this information
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  • Skidmarks

    So maybe, with a bit of luck I’ll finally get to see what GTA V is all about, not on any crappy console but on a proper platform.

    • Jehanzeb Naveed

      it would have been out on pc if it was a proper platform u ignorant . go kill urself now



  • Ryan Vier

    Pretty sure this was the announcement of GTA:SA on mobile… that tweet is 9 days old.