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Samsung S6 Edge at CeBIT 2015

/ 2 years ago


The Samsung S6 Edge is the latest phone from Samsung and this was our first opportunity to get hands-on with the device. The first thing we noticed, of course, is the curved display, with goes around the left and right edges of the phone. If I’m honest, it looks and feels a little weird and at first, doesn’t really feel as responsive or functional from the edges as a normal display would. Of course, it does give you more screenspace vs a standard panel on a comparable size handset, which is nice, but the phone still suffers many of the issues I notice on previous Samsung models.


The phone still has a light trim around the edge, which many Samsung owners will know, scratches off with extended use.


The phone is super light and nice and slim, one benefit of the curve is that it does give the phone a more ergonomic feel.


The glossy back is slightly curved too, but the camera section is slightly raised above the body, which will once again attract scratches and prevent the phone from laying flat, making it more prone to sliding around on your desk.


The phone did feel fast and responsive, but if curvy displays that don’t really make much difference and phones that are too thin to house their camera modules is innovation these days, I don’t really want it; I’ll stick with my Xperia Z3 for a good while longer yet.

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  • Soban Ahmed

    And ill stick with with my OnePlus One