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Schenker Is Betting on Desktop CPUs in Their XMG Laptops

/ 2 years ago


Where most manufacturers tend to go ever smaller and compact when it comes to portable devices, one company is daring to go in the other direction. The german newspaper Leipziger Volkszeitung is reporting that the notebook manufacturer Schenker is betting on desktop CPUs in their gaming laptops.

Just cause you want to have a mobile gaming system doesn’t mean you want to compromise on the power you have available. Schenker seems to know that and on top of the added performance potential from desktop CPUs, the use of them also allows for future upgrades with new or better processors.

Having a desktop processor in a laptop will increase the size and weight, that’s a given. A better and bigger battery is required and so is the amount of copper to cool the desktop processor. This results in a system that weighs about 3.4KG and has a height of 35mm. While this might be much today, it isn’t that long time since a normal laptop had those measurements.

The Ultimate Series of XMG gaming laptops with desktop processors is said to hit the market before the end of this year, so this might be just the right Christmas present for yourself.

Thanks to LVZ for providing us with this information

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  • ZomBie

    very very interesting

  • Maysin

    Does their warranty also come with a fire extinguisher?

  • Shane Edwards

    Should have also put more ram slots in :/

  • Curtis Corse

    30 minutes of battery life while running a 12000 amp/hour battery. Are they going to be miniaturizing that new fusion reactor?