Silverstone Releasing New NightJar Platinum Power Supply

/ 3 years ago


Silverstone have unveiled their latest power supply product which will be joining their NightJar series. The new PSU packs 520W of power, which may not sound a lot, but this power supply has a few tricks up its sleeve that helps it stand out from the crowd. The NightJar 520W is fully modular, so cable management should be fantastic and runs a single +12V rail with a single 43A +12V rail.

The SST-NJ520 is fully passive cooled, its fanless design means that it operates completely silent. Not having to hear a single whisper from the PSU fan can provide big advantages for some systems, especially those involved in scientific areas, music / studio production, HTPC builds and other noise sensitive environments.


The latest NightJar power supply is also rated at 80 Plus Platinum, meaning it is incredible efficient, which should help you save a little money over time, something you’ll need given that this isn’t going to be a cheap product to begin with.

Silverstone haven’t released pricing information just yet, but given that the bronze rated SST-ST40NF is still £99.95 and the silver rated SST-ST50NF is £109.95, I wouldn’t expect their new Platinum rated one to be cheap, so expect to see prices in the region of £150.

Thank you TechPowerUp for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of TechPowerUp.

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