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Sony Made the Rental of ‘The Interview’ Too Easy to Keep

/ 2 years ago

The Interview Website

As you will all know by now, Sony released ‘The Interview’ online on Christmas Eve following the massive hack. They released the movie as a rental and as a download for which you can keep. However, it turns out, some people have found it very easy to download and keep the rental copy.

According to some of those who have rented the movie, a right click and “download video as…” is all it takes to keep the rental version for good, saving people a couple of dollars. This is undoubtedly an embarrassing hiccup for Sony, a company trying to prove its technological competence after the largest cyber attack in history.

It’s not yet clear whether this has been fixed, but for those in the US and Canada who have access to the movie, I think it’s safe to say you should go for the rental if you want to see the movie North Korea didn’t want you to see.

Source: The Verge

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  • Matthew Beckett

    It was going to end up on TPB anyway.