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Team group shows off new Xtreem RAM modules

/ 6 years ago

The Team group have unveiled a new line of RAM modules that will be known as “Xtreem”. These modules are focussed on achieving high frequencies (up to 2400MHz) on voltages between 1.35 and 1.5. The high end range includes the DDR3 2000MHz and the DDR3 2400MHz modules, these run at 1.5v, have heat sinks, come in dual and triple channel kits and are available in 2 and 4GB modules. These modules are designed to be highly overclockable.

The mid range modules are the “Xtreem Dark” series which run on a low Voltage of 1.35v and have a frequency of 1600mhz. This have slightly lower heat sink designs than the high end modules since they operate at lower voltages and frequencies, again these will be available in 2 or 4 GB capacities for dual or triple channel memory. There is a reasonable margin for overclocking if voltage is increased to 1.5v levels.

Lastly is the “Green” modules which are DDR3 1600MHz and DDR3 1333MHz at 1.35v without heat sinks. These modules will be offered cheaply in 2 or 4GB kits for dual or triple channel memory. The latency timings on these will be slightly slower than the Xtreem and Xtreem Dark series because of the need for these to generate less heat. There are also SODIMM modules in this range which run at DDR3 1333MHz and DDR3 1066MHz.

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  • lucas4

    oooooo some awesome looking RAM there :D!

  • omegadoom13

    I'm still wondering about quad channel memory :p Nice bit of news! Thanks Ryan!