This Drop Test for the Nintendo Switch May Be Hard to Watch

/ 3 weeks ago

Nintendo Switch Bricked After Blue Screen of Death

Drop tests always give me the shivers, especially when they concern brand new and somewhat expensive devices such as the Nintendo Switch. Speaking of which, a YouTube user named GizmoSlip has decided to show us all how many times you can drop a Nintendo Switch before it becomes unusable, and it looks like the answer to that question is 11 times. That’s pretty impressive considering that the drop tests involved five-foot drops onto concrete pavement, not to mention that the console was dropped multiple ways such as vertically, face up and face down. Interestingly enough, even though the screen was definitely scratched, it never actually broke altogether, so that’s a big plus for the Switch’s build quality.

The screen did separate slightly from the console after being dropped repeatedly, but even after it hit the pavement a few times, the Switch still played The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild like a real trooper. After the eleventh and final drop, GizmoSlip stated that the Switch’s performance is “very impressive,” and he went on to add that “if you drop your device 11 times from five feet on concrete, you are very clumsy.”

The Nintendo Switch is currently available for $299, and if build quality and durability are important to you, now you know exactly what to expect from this portable gaming system.

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  • Eric Chen

    Ouch hurts to watch xD. Did pretty good on the drop test in my opinion.