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Tim Cook – Apple Watch to be Released in April

/ 2 years ago

apple watch

One tiny note nestled in with Apple’s Q1 earnings announcement on Tuesday, was the news that the Apple Watch will now ship in April. While many of the rumours suggested a March launch, Cook said that it will indeed be coming in April.

Was this the plan all along, or has the watch been delayed? Well many of the rumours have pointed towards exactly that. While the device was usable at their event in September, Apple only showed working units to a select few journalists, suggesting even then that things were still under development.

The biggest issue now though is battery life. Apparently the company has been working hard to get the battery life as high as possible, aiming to get at least nightly charges out of it, something which has apparently been achieved by a margin.

We’ll have to see for ourselves when it does finally arrive in April.

Source: MacRumors

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