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Unreal Engine 4.6 With NVIDIA VXGI Integration Looks Spectacular

/ 2 years ago


3D artist Byzantos has been experimenting with NVIDIA’s new dynamic GI, VXGI, integrated in a separate branch of Unreal Engine 4.6 and the results are stunning.






According to Byzantos, VXGI, though still in beta, is the best lighting engine out there. He said, “Currently the most accurate [GI] solution available, nothing comes close if you’re talking about quality versus performance,” and judging by the astonishing results, it’s hard to disagree.

Source: Dark Side of Gaming

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  • Nabalazs

    While this is all good ‘n stuff, I’m pretty sure, it could only be used to make animations, or pictures. I mean, is there any hardware, that can render this real time? In a game? no….
    But I cant wait to see animation makers like DreamWorks, or Pixar using it!

    • Ryan Airth

      Id imagine a Titan X or two could.
      Nvidia released a demo showcasing this tech, and it runs relatively ok on my GTX980, also, the UE4 version may be more optimized than the demo.!/apollo-11

      • Nabalazs


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  • LeiteNeto

    It is simply AMAZING !! But…it will only work properly on powerful new generation cards (9 series, Titans, etc), and if we talk about VR, even way more powerful ones than those, to get a jitter free experience. Eventually we’ll get there though. For now, I keep baking my light with V-ray and sending them to the engines. Pretty much the same output (except for the fact it is not dynamic, of course…but we get our tricks).