Valve Starts Teasing People with New Half-Life 3 Rumor

/ 2 years ago


Valve has been ridiculously trolling people with various hints of a new equal to its Half-Life title, either through memes or other forms of hilarious trolls. In its latest attempt, the signs might be more obvious than ever before.

RagnarRox has recently added a Facebook post stating that Valve has scheduled a public press-conference on the 3rd of March, at 3pm. Let us stop and think for a second on that. March, which is the 3rd month of the year, the 3rd day of the month and at 3pm. Is it a coincidence?

We can even go deeper into the “conspiracy” here and take into account the place of the conference, which is San Francisco. The word “San” can also be interpreted as “three” in Japanese, further adding to the craze of the 3’s. Could it be that this is the real deal?

Thank you TweakTown for providing us with this information

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  • [ATC]BloodyL

    Pointman is happy. 🙂

  • Jordan Kytyn Benns

    article contains six instances of the number 3 as an integer
    is two days until press conference
    eteknix confirmed for itanimulli

  • Šimon Leška

    If nothing happens, someone will probably grab a crowbar and will storm Valve offices.

  • Chris

    Portal 3 confirmed.