Weekly Giveaway #11: TWO Xigmatek Thor’s Hammer S126384 CPU Coolers

/ 5 years ago

It’s been a little while since our last competition since I’ve been around the world at Gamescom and Insomnia i43. Whilst at Gamescom, I made sure to meet up with Tony from Xigmatek who was keen to start doing more with eTeknix and this is where it all starts with this fantastic giveaway.

Xigmatek as you may or may not know were the first to set the standard in terms of direct heat-pipe technology and are keen to let you try it out for yourselves with the Xigmatek Thor’s Hammer CPU cooler. If you are unsure or have not heard of this great cooler, we invite you to check out the review that we did here.

The prizes on offer are certainly unique and we are able to offer two very lucky people the chance of winning a Thor’s Hammer for themselves.

To be within a chance of winning one of these fantastic CPU coolers from Xigmatek, all you have to do is complete the following:

Rules and regulations:

  • The winner(s) will be randomly selected by Xigmatek
  • The competition is open WORLDWIDE!
  • Competition ends at midnight GMT on 8th September 2011
  • Prizes will be sent directly by eTeknix
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    If you just go to, it works fine. Then just search for eteknix.

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    Only a few hours left to enter, so those of you that haven't, NOW is the time!!! Good luck to everyone, big thanks to Xigmatek and eTeknix for the giveaway! Any news on the winners of the ThermalTake PSU contest? Weekly Giveaway #10: Thermaltake TR2 700W and TR2 600W Power Supplies – It ended 3 weeks ago and there's been no winners mentioned, or any news at all… ??? weird ???

  • slugbug55

    dlb;24806 wrote: Only a few hours left to enter, so those of you that haven't, NOW is the time!!! Good luck to everyone, big thanks to Xigmatek and eTeknix for the giveaway! Any news on the winners of the ThermalTake PSU contest? Weekly Giveaway #10: Thermaltake TR2 700W and TR2 600W Power Supplies – It ended 3 weeks ago and there's been no winners mentioned, or any news at all… ??? weird ???

    I asked about it on Beyond Technologies Facebook page but they never replied :rolleyes:

  • dlb

    Was a winner chosen for this contest? Or did it evaporate like the ThermalTake PSU giveaway?

  • slugbug55

    Soon hopefully.

  • Kingkong

    It's game over, I guess. But I'm still saying "done" in the hope the giveaway will happen some day. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Kingkong

    It’s game over, I guess. But I’m still saying “done” in the hope the giveaway will happen some day. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  • slugbug55

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    It's just a bit aggravating because we haven't heard a peep from the admins here so we have no idea if any of these giveaways will ever take place, and the August ThermalTake PSU giveaway never had a winner chosen and that ended WAY before any of the site/forum issues.

  • Walidhoque
  • Entering in hope it still exists!

    • slugbug55

      You're too late Cameron. This ended on September 8th. We're just waiting for the winners to be announced.

  • slugbug55

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  • Dav532000

    Give it me, need a new PSU for my rig, Comp closed then. So e-mail me lol.

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    sorry if my comments upset anyone.