Win The New Apple iPhone 5 with Scancom

/ 2 years ago
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As you may know, the iPhone 5 is due to be released on 21st September 2012 and is one of the most talked devices of the year with 4G connectivity that will actually work globally, unlike the iPad that graced us not so long ago. If you wasn’t aware of this new device, then where have you been?

Among the new features and design, we see LTE connectivity, a larger, yet slimmer design among other software enhancements through ios6.

Orange and their parent company Everything Everywhere are going to be at the heart of the launch in the UK and we’ve teamed up with to give one lucky reader the chance to win this fantastic device, and entering couldn’t be simpler.

  • You can find more information on Scancom here.
  • You can find more information on the iPhone 5 here.

I’d love to win this prize, but how do I enter for my chance to win?

This competition has now ended!

Winner: Rachel Clark

Rules and regulations:

  • The competition is open WORLDWIDE!
  • The competition ends at midnight GMT on 30th September 2012
  • In the event of a dispute, eTeknix staff hold the final say and no discussions will be entered into
  • Delivery is not in the hands of eTeknix and can take some time to arrive
  • In the rare occurrence that the prize is unavailable, eTeknix reserve the right to offer an alternative of equal or greater value
  • By entering this competition, you adhere to the above rules and regulations
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484 Responses to “Win The New Apple iPhone 5 with Scancom”
  1. Bruce Epper says:

    Likin”em both. Would really be likin’ a notification that I won!

  2. Dave says:

    What a great prize for a giveaway never had one of these phones so wouls really like to try and win one so count me in for this and thanks. Already like both.

  3. Jatin Jha says:

    A Prize worth of and i would love this with my i mac

  4. crunzaty says:

    I wantZ xD

  5. fabulous prize, all liked superb thank you ; )

  6. Jake Hyytiä says:

    Both liked, my 3GS broke last Sunday I need this. :)

  7. all done! all I need to do is wait for my prize!yeah duude!

  8. Pretty nice giveaway!
    So, we only need to like both page?

  9. Hendry Nugroho says:

    Done, liked both pages :)

  10. both liked. I need a new smartphone. My old is dead.

  11. Bật Lửa says:

    Cool giveaway man :D !!!

  12. Bật Lửa says:

    Cool giveaway man :D !!!

  13. SAMSAMHA says:

    simple and I hope I win

  14. SAMSAMHA says:

    simple and I hope I win

  15. Tony Beswick says:

    liked and liked ( but not licked!)

  16. Daniel Telea says:

    All done, thanks Andy, eteknix and the rest of the crew!

  17. Laimute says:

    I’m here!!!

  18. Val Hartley says:

    liked both – fingers crossed

  19. Claudio says:

    Liked & shared!

  20. Luan Spark says:

    Cool & simple. Thanks for the opportunity…. 8-)

  21. I have done everything stated above :D

  22. Susan D Law says:

    I’ve liked both your pages – fingers crossed xxx

  23. Leonardo Lacchini says:

    done! good look to everyone

  24. Ludapex says:

    Now the hard part….the waiting

  25. simone lee says:

    done fantastic competition good luck to all

  26. Thanks for the contest! Entered!

  27. Ionut Baciu says:

    all done! fingers crossed!

  28. Hilda Wright says:

    Thanks for the competition!

  29. Apoorv says:

    Great giveaway… liked both the pages :)

  30. Roel van Mil says:


  31. Tracey Belcher says:

    Done – Thanks for the Chance

  32. Ben Pham says:

    I liked both and ofc I liked eteknix first and then scancom ;D

    such awesome prize indeed !

  33. Austin Seeley says:

    Liked both sites

  34. wow, that’s awesome. thanks, guys. liked both pages.

  35. Ronald Smith says:

    Both steps completed, thank you for this nice opportunity :D

  36. Oh my gosh!!!! what an amazing competition, I have completed both steps. Good luck everyone :)

  37. DJpahan says:

    I’d love to win this prize, but i never win.

  38. Larry Darren says:

    Good luck to all. Thanks for this great giveaway.
    eTeknix and Scancom are fantastic.

  39. slugbug55 says:

    Would make a great Christmas gift.

  40. Pleaseletmewin says:

    My iPhone 4S cracked two days ago and I was going to buy a new one but it’s really expensive i really hope I win thank you

  41. done …good luck , always wanted an iphone :)

  42. I’d love to win, best of luck everyone!

  43. Done. Would love to win this! (:

  44. Ant Loader says:

    Nice, entered…love it

  45. Jo Carroll says:

    Cool prize! :)

  46. AndyC says:

    Brilliant prize, liked both, would love to win!

  47. Katie Skeoch says:

    Great! have liked both pages

  48. Pablo Garcia says:

    Liked and shared cut my fingers and crossed them XD jk

  49. francis lee says:

    liked both

  50. I like both, and maybe I’ll get a shiny birthday present that may be useful to me when I move to Japan sometime next year.

  51. Liked & Shared both pages! Thanks for the Great giveaway!

  52. rosspro says:

    great prize

  53. Liked & Shared both pages! meg findlay

  54. angallen65 says:

    liked both

  55. James Semaj says:

    Liked both pages.

  56. Done today by fan of APPLE.

  57. robbeattie says:

    done both

  58. Kimmie says:

    Yay! All done :) Fingers crossed x

  59. Done! Thanks for the chance.

  60. Omid Alam says:

    yah like it

  61. gurvinder says:

    i’m waiting

  62. thanks for this great opportinty :)

  63. Overkill PC says:

    In 4 da win . good luck all.

  64. AM says:

    Done! Please let it be me, my 3s is giving up!

  65. David C says:

    Liked both pages :) Hope this will be my first smartphone :o

  66. liked both pages :) fingers crossed!

  67. sushrukh says:

    Hell Yah.After 5 years , a competition I really wanted to enter.Thanks for the opportunity Andy. :)

  68. anda tatani says:

    liked both

  69. Simon Butler says:

    Done and Done :-) Good luck everyone

  70. Dan Valentin says:

    Good luck to all!

  71. zieddj800 says:

    done, good luck ;)

  72. oli says:

    done!thank u and good luck!

  73. sait kotorri says:

    like like

  74. FARHAT SOUILMI says:


  75. farhat says:

    good luck

  76. Shajib says:

    It’s my dream to have a iPhone on my hand.

  77. Aya Ayouyi pretty says:

    i want to win i phon because i can’t believe that i can have iphone ohhh!!! my godness but i wish and i know that i deserve it :)

  78. orranno rock says:

    Its my dream. that i can use a iphone 5

  79. Attaullah says:

    I am prying to win this competition

  80. Tanvir wadud says:

    i like to win this….

  81. zahra ch says:

    i mpraying 4 that

  82. Tonmoy says:


  83. Joanne Mapp says:

    All liked thanks. I would love this!

  84. AJMAL says:

    I’LL BE W8

  85. IDham Khallid says:

    I’d Love this Prize,it’s a dream all people arround the world….I wish I’ve One

  86. stuartcricket1 says:

    All Done :)

  87. Janet Dixon says:

    all done, thanks for the great comp

  88. Iain Maciver says:

    all done this would be a dream

  89. disqus_lRUMUQAxlc says:

    i like this chance but haw we will know the winner ??

  90. lediaa says:

    Please tell us how we will know the winner…

  91. Muyeed Khan says:

    I have liked both the pages
    wht more do i need to do?
    and how shall i know who is the winner??

  92. Albi Tba says:

    i like to win this phone

  93. dipanker nath says:

    this my dream that i will be iphone winner

  94. trut_bar says:

    am in!!!

  95. saif says:

    I whant to win

  96. sajib says:

    thanks for this great opportunity

  97. I’m in, thanks for chance to win!

  98. Thanks for the contest ;) I hope to be the winner!

  99. Sakib Rahman says:

    pray and hope for the best….thanks a lot eTeknix…..God help me..

  100. amine says:

    very nice

  101. Obayed Hizi says:

    i want to win iphone 5

  102. i like to win this phone

  103. Fares says:

    i deserve this iPhone

  104. hope i win ^_^, i cant afford buying apple because im poor >.<

  105. khalil fatnassi says:

    i hope to win this magnificent appel <3

  106. karym says:

    i hope win i phone 5 help me pls

  107. el juampex says:

    Quiero ganar el iPhone 5

  108. What can I do to win iPhone 5

  109. Soyeb says:

    I am very great-full to eteknix for arranging such an easy and quite honest contest. I hope all your success etek team. Thanks .. Soyeb
    … by the way… I crossed my finger for the prize…. :D

  110. Bruno Oliveira says:

    Alguém me explica isso? Somebody explain that to me?

  111. Owen says:

    Please let me win this!..This will be the best gift I could give to my wife on hour first anniversary.:’)

  112. Iddres says:

    What is the system to win the competition……

  113. Iddres says:

    iPhone 5 is most credible one at present world…

  114. What to do for the price? is it just like the facebook pages!

  115. Liked both FB fan page… I am in…

  116. Liked both FB fan page… I’m in…

  117. Beaux Arts says:

    I never use an iphone, it looks good and strong phone, an expensive phone, i wish to have one, one day

  118. ormed says:

    i whish i have an iphone 5

  119. Salim Fradi says:

    biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii mala
    iPhone 5

  120. Mandy Jacobs says:

    Excellent prize, crossing my fingers and everything else!!

  121. I really like iPhone 5 :)

  122. ibalazs says:

    The samsung galaxy s3 is better than iphone 5!!!!

  123. Arif Ariff says:

    iPhone 5 :) still dreaming one day i hold my iApple ^_^ Best of luck everyone . and lot of thx to eTeknix & Scancom for this nice Contest.

  124. Radu Humă says:

    That simple? Liked and liked!

  125. Esme Mccrubb says:


  126. Saulo Dantas says:

    In today’s world, you can not just be an android, you need to evolve, grow, and be an apple one.

  127. Saif Uddin Shohag says:

    really i need iPhone5

  128. jarjice yousuf says:

    what can i do to win i phone

  129. Okba Unkut says:

    i do for you big pub please send to me the i phone a like i phone

    • Ilir Sukaj says:

      i leave in albania my name is ilir in my dream i have IPHONE 5 i like to be real my dream i am 13 years old from 2 october i have the birthday i like you take me for present one IPHONE 5 thanky you so much

  130. liked both, what an awesome prize, thanks for the chance to win :)

  131. amazing prize, thanks for the chance to win!

  132. Ferdous says:

    It should be great to have such awesome prize, honestly

  133. Pervez Suman says:

    The very first day when I saw the photo of “the” “the” I Phone 5 it became my dream…

  134. Kris Iliriani says:

    iPhone 5 wait for me :)

  135. alvin says:

    What can I do to win iPhone 5

  136. I can win this prize ;))))) but I would not put it where I live?? Where can i put it?

  137. RobbieCFF says:

    Followed and liked on both pages :)

  138. notyoutoo says:

    Ok, I’ve liked both pages, now what? Comment here? Hrm.

  139. j’adoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  140. Mohammad Ghalib says:

    I have liked both the pages. What else do I need to do to win the i-Phone5?

  141. teguh says:

    what’s exactly different apple iphone 5 by the apple iphone before..

  142. teguh says:

    i’m really want to try and have this apple iphone…

  143. MD.ABU MUSA says:

    awesome !!!!!!!! i phone 5 is great !!!!!!

  144. Abir Hossain says:

    iPhone 5……The Most Amazing iPhone Yet..!!!!!!!!

  145. John Webster says:

    quality prize from a quality website

  146. Ryan Fixapc says:

    love to get my hands on the iphone 5 to compair it to my S3

  147. HannahBarrett says:

    Liked :)

  148. rupert summerton says:

    great competiton

  149. Nye Osborne says:

    here’s hoping…

  150. Kitten476 says:

    Would so L-O-V-E an iPhone 5! Aside from the fact that it’s the best phone in the world right now, my current mobile isn’t even a smartphone! It’s a basic Nokia – in fact,so basic that it doesn’t even have a camera! Please bring me into the 21st century, I beg you!

  151. janette birch says:

    i would love this phone i would treasure it.

  152. janette birch says:

    i would love a mini cooper for my husband he has always wanted a new one as he had an old one years ago and now we cant afford one.

  153. Spitfire says:

    Would love this

  154. Thanks for the great prize – have liked both pages

  155. Lesley W says:

    Liked both pages – and ever hopeful :) x

  156. Ma Hé says:

    It’s amaziing <3

  157. How i can live without an Iphone and espacialy in his last edition IPHONE5

  158. tipu says:

    The Most Amazing iPhone Yet
    Awesome .. Hope I Win I Cant Afford Buying Apple Because I Am Student . Is My Dream. That I Can Use a I’phone 5

  159. fayssal says:

    iphone 5 is a state of the art

  160. Hamdi Triki says:

    iphone 5 is the best phone for ever <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  161. lacemaker says:

    I have liked both pages. I would really love to have a new phone

  162. i love iphone 5 becouse is the best phon for my

  163. Nader Ghanem says:

    thx for this prize …..eteknix

  164. sajed alvee says:

    i love ip 4 & 5 .and i like very much

  165. Kenny says:

    Liked Both

  166. shoeb ahmed says:

    i love iphone-5

  167. Guest says:

    amaziing giveaway i Liked :) both pages

  168. Guest says:

    amaziing giveaway i Liked :) both pages

  169. I liked both pages already,such hard tsks to win an iphone 5 ,!

  170. What a fab prize! Nice and easy to enter too – just my kind of comp, thanks.

  171. Peter Jones says:

    liked both pages,am i now entered???

  172. I have liked the eTeknix Facebook pageI have liked the Scancom Facebook page

  173. Rachel Marr says:

    This would make a good replacement for my iphone4 which I dropped down the toilet :-0

  174. jaa says:

    Liked eTeknix and Scancom. Cheers to the iphone.

  175. edi says:

    I’m in need of a new phone ;)

  176. already like both pages so what to do

  177. gfhfghfgh says:


  178. gfhfghfgh says:

    what the fuk ?

  179. I phone 5 is the most valuable phone and most stylish phone.

  180. Faiz Ahmmed says:

    any rules to win iphone5

  181. Faiz Ahmmed says:

    iphone5 its dream for me

  182. Yes please I would like to win an iPhone 5

  183. yala says:

    ah my god i will kille some one to have a iphone hhh lol :)

  184. sam says:

    entered gl ev1

  185. Roel van Mil says:

    Liked Both

  186. I just knew this competition, hope i can win. I will be the first in my country to have iPhone5! Thanks to my boyfriend who told me this. Go bigger eTeknix and Scancom!

  187. samir says:

    What can I do to win iPhone 5

  188. janette birch says:

    i need a nnew phone and would be delighted to have this one

  189. Russ Scott says:

    Thanx …great prize… :)

  190. meccharef says:

    what can i do ?

  191. Corinne Faulkner says:

    WOW WOW WOW that would be amazing!!!!!

  192. Everest Laçi says:

    I love apple!!
    I LOVE iPhone 5

  193. Fritz says:

    mission acomplished

  194. Like it so much! It;s my dream :)

  195. best phone…for my personality….

  196. tanvir says:

    wanna i phone 5 anyhow.

  197. คอยอยู่ยังไม่เข้าไทยเลย

  198. Imir Hoxha says:

    iPhone 5 is the best

  199. Tauhid Miltoln says:

    If I win iPhone 5, well, i’ll win the ultimate phone!

  200. nice comp!! ty! liked both webpages…

  201. elgert cinarja says:

    ifon 5 is more famous now

  202. hello is the truth to win a phone 5 ?

  203. chicko says:

    good luck everyone!

  204. idbaghera says:

    Thanks for opportunity !

  205. Dave says:

    Great prize so count me in please & thanks…

  206. I want to win the iPhone 5!!!

  207. PIDRO says:


  208. waht can i do to win iphone 5 UHUUUUU

  209. konokboron says:

    I Much Much Love. Please Give Me 1 Pich. ple

  210. Subhan Allah Fekri says:

    iPhone 5 is the best!

  211. i liked the both pages, next ?

  212. I want to win the iPhone 5!!!

  213. paolo says:

    I LOVE iPhone 5

  214. monica says:

    BELLISSIMO …mi piacerebbe vincerlo

  215. maddy says:

    è un vero must

  216. giorgia B. says:

    CHE BEL REGALO!!!!!!

  217. lulzim meniku says:

    like iPhone 5

  218. What can I do to win iPhone 5 ?

  219. adem smile says:

    what Ican do to win??!

  220. Jeannie says:

    I want to win too :) hahhaha

  221. nourdine says:

    It’s a good chance for us

  222. chloe ayre says:

    would love to win the iphone 5, fed up of my blackberry now and have always wanted an iphone

  223. Golam Mostafa says:

    iPhone 5 Looking Sexy Smart Phone.

  224. What can I do to win iPhone 5

  225. Ratan karmokar says:

    hope 2 win

  226. iphone 5 the best of all

  227. Rajib says:

    I think I will become winner .

  228. Bernadeta says:

    I hope to win!

  229. omar says:

    iPhone 5 is the best!
    hope to win!

  230. Hasib Ahmmed says:

    my dream iPhone 5 in my hand. pl z i want .

  231. Marco Nat says:

    Che bello vincerlo!!!

  232. karim kaci says:

    j loré 1jour je loré

  233. houda sfacene says:


  234. Processeur A6 1.5Ghz, 2 fois plus rapide que l’actuel iPhone 4SAPN de 8 mégapixels avec panoramaEnregistrement vidéo Full HD en 1080p 30/s avec stabilisateurDétecteur de visage photo et vidéoMultiréseau GSM, LTE (4G), CDMA, UMTS, etc.GPS assisté et GLONASSWiFi 802.11n et Bluetooth 4.03 micros pour un son toujours parfaitGyroscope, Accéléromètre, détecteur de proximité et capteur de lumièreAutonomie, 8H voix/3G et 8H navigation/3G, 10H en vidéo et 40H pour l’audioDimensions : H 123,8 mm, L 58,6 mm, Profondeur 7,6 mm, Poids: 112g.Capacité 16, 32 et 64 GoCouleurs : noir ou blancÉcouteurs EarPods avec télécommande et microModèle 16 Go, 32 Go et 64 Go

  235. no yantz says:

    i like iPhone 5…!!!

  236. mathlouthi mohamed foued says:

    iPhone 5 is most credible one at present world…

  237. mathlouthi mohamed foued says:

    iPhone 5 is the best!

  238. mathlouthi mohamed foued says:

    what can i do to win one IPHONE 5 for me????

  239. Ryan Fixapc says:

    love to win this and put it directly up agaisnt the s3

  240. I think no one would be happier than me if win :)

  241. Miloš Miki says:

    maybe the luck shall be on my side :)

  242. DragonRapide says:

    Liked both, Samuel Thagesson

  243. Jim Lipscomb says:

    Thanks Eteknix! Go Scancom!

  244. Thanks for the amazing opportunity!

  245. I’ve liked both Scancom and eTeknix on facebook, I assume I’m entered now. =D

  246. the iPhone 5 is beautiful, I dream about it

  247. Ho Edward says:

    Thanks for giving away iPhone 5!!!

  248. liked both pages, would love to win this!

  249. Vitali Batyrev says:

    Let’s go fun with iPhone5))

  250. Jackson says:

    This is gonna be sweet :) good luck to everyone.

  251. i would love the iphone 5 :-D

  252. Saurav Garg says:

    I would like to win this and get rid of my old 5 year pc . thanks

  253. Vishal Gaud says:

    this is awesome …. please give it to me

  254. Björn says:

    I liked them both, good luck to everybody! =)

  255. I love the iPhone and all the apple products.

  256. Costin says:

    give it to me !!! now !

  257. Jordan Philip says:

    Fingers crossed ladies and gents!

  258. Abbe B says:

    Would love to win!

  259. I Love this :) I’ll hope I win :)

  260. Denis says:

    I wish you all good luck

  261. Rayan Ral says:


  262. would love to have a smartphone and what better than the Apple iPhone 5

  263. thanks for the chance liked and shared too

  264. kellypass33 says:

    Liked! So hope I win… cant even text on my bb anymore :(

  265. Liked this 2 facebook pages with name Rusu Alexandru.I hope is register at this contest correct.I hope to win! :)

  266. Giuseppe says:


  267. Justin Kersey says:

    This would make for a nice treat, I’m in!

  268. Alex Syslov says:

    it’s my dream =(

  269. Liked eTeknix and Liked Scancom on Facebook, please enter me into the competition. Thank you

  270. j4ck86 says:

    All done! :D

    Facebook: Francesco Fiorino


    Thanks a lot!

  271. gzaou mohamed says:

    iphone 5 is the nomber 1 in the world

  272. gaurav says:

    its awesome! never seen a site like this

  273. Vit Mur says:

    done=) I hope to win!

  274. Vitaly says:


  275. Great prize!
    Liked eTeknix & Scancom on Facebook.
    Please include me in the draw.

  276. Ray Gi says:

    Great prize!
    Liked eTeknix & Scancom on Facebook.
    Please include me in the draw.

  277. iphone 5 the best <3 i love it

  278. Hamdi Triki says:

    the best phones in the world <3<3<3 i love apple

  279. Mandy Waller says:

    Liked both pages, thankyou for a fantastic giveaway :) x

  280. Time to get a grown up phone. Id love to win one of these…although they scare me!

  281. Jo Kelly says:

    Like both on Facebook :) x

  282. the best phones in the world

  283. med says:

    i love the I phone

  284. AYOUB ESLEM says:


  285. mohamed says:

    it s agreat thing to have this device

  286. eTeknix is at it again!

  287. cool boy says:

    iPhone rocks !!!!!!!!!!!

  288. Liked both. Thanks for the chance :-)

  289. hazel rigazio says:

    shared on facbook and twitter

  290. great prize.thanx for giving us the chance to try and win it

  291. мне тоже надо IPhone

  292. i love iPhone 5 & wants to win this

  293. Debbie M says:

    I love it!

  294. Elvin says:

    simply the best….:)))

  295. wow, lets hope i can win this new iphone

  296. Рада Березнева says:

    i want an iphone 5 :(

  297. anes apple says:

    yeeah iphone 5 the best in the world ,,,<3

  298. becky fahy says:

    Fab prize, liked both pages

  299. Looking forward :D nice contest :)

  300. Larry Darren says:

    Great giveaway.
    Thank you eTeknix and Scancom!

  301. Lotfi Mentalist says:

    i want to have won….i love i phone 5 so match

  302. I’d love to win this prize

  303. Aziz says:

    Mann..Jus love this thing
    gotta win it all..

  304. Andrew Russol says:

    iPhone 5 is the best and more smarte!

  305. Iphone Maniacs says:

    Man.. Who Is The Winner?

  306. May I know who won this? is is me?

  307. AMINE says:


  308. margo says:

    i am 12 years old and i live in Ukraine my mother don*t has money to New Apple i Phone 5 but i very won*t him!

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