You’ll Soon Be Able to Take Screenshots on Your Xbox One

/ 2 years ago

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Xbox’s Phil Spencer has personally let it be known that Xbox One users will soon be able to take screenshots of their gameplay.

While this isn’t the first mention of this feature, Spencer shared a picture of him taking his own screenshot via Twitter.

He does make it clear that this is just a beta version of the feature and that the interface will eventually change. Screenshot-taking has been highly requested for quite a while, with many pointing out the Xbox One’s advanced sharing features, such as screen recording, and comparing them to the fact that users are unable to take a simple snapshot of their screen. The fact that the PS4 can take screenshots also didn’t do anything to settle people’s complaints.

While we don’t exactly know when the feature will be available to everyone, with this news today, it seems that it won’t be too long before we can all snap screens from our Xbox One.

Source: Engagdet

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