Zalman FG1000 FPS Gun

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For many years it has been the case that if you were a gamer you would have purchased a specialised gaming mouse, or at least you would own a high-calibre mouse. However now, there are a few alternatives on the market designed specifically to try and change this and today we are going to look at one of those. In fact, we can’t call this a mouse, it is an input device for sure and yes it does control the cursor but it’s not a mouse.

What’s wrong with a mouse? Well, this may sound like a stupid question but in the mice evolution of design, it was created to be used as an input device for all aspects of computing. Unfortunately the mouse wasn’t created specifically for gaming. You could argue that there are many mice out there that have been created just for gaming but lets be frank, they’ve taken a standard mouse design and tweaked it to make it perform better in the gaming category. It’s like taking a Ford Fiesta, improving the engine and aerodynamics by adding a spoiler but then trying to call it an F1 car. To be a true gaming device it has to be built as such from the ground up.

Zalman are a Korean company that develop and produce aftermarket desktop computer products with a primary focus on cooling enhancement and like many companies are trying to expand their range into peripherals.


  • Resolution: Up to 2000 DPI
  • Image Processing: 6400 frames per second
  • Max Speed: 40 ips
  • Max Acceleration: 15 g
  • Data Channel: 16 bit
  • Polling Rate: 1000 Hz, 1 ms Response
  • Trigger Buttons: OMRON Switches
  • Feet: Teflon


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  • cgs

    Andy did you get one of these to write a review on ?I'd be interested on how you got on with it

  • Chris

    cgs;15536 wrote: Andy did you get one of these to write a review on ?I'd be interested on how you got on with it

    The review that Simon has done, is on the review sample that Andy sent to him.